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Brazen Animation Launches with Promise of Telling ‘Inspirational’ Stories

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These last few years have seen an influx of new animation studios attempting to carve out a name for themselves in a field that’s usually dominated by the likes of Pixar, Disney, and Dreamworks. LAIKA, Reel FX, and Illumination are among just a few who have been making waves in animation (with varying degrees of success). Now a new studio joins the fray, one with a clearly defined and rather curious mission statement.

Brazen Animation has recently launched its feature-animation division in Dallas, TX. Comprised of industry veterans from Disney, Blue Sky, Sony, and Reel FX (another Dallas-based company), the primary goal of Brazen is to tell stories that will imbue audiences with purpose. In the ‘About’ section on its website, they lay out its ultimate goal as stated:

“In a world saturated with “throw-away entertainment”, we have only one goal: to tell inspirational stories with meaning and purpose, utilizing cutting-edge technology and bold visuals. Brazen exists to encourage people to greatness.”

Bryan Engram, the studio’s CEO, elaborated on this statement when speaking to Animation World Network:

“Historically in entertainment most people will form a studio just because they like to make ‘stuff’. The tragedy is that more often than not, the ‘stuff’ they think is ‘cool’ is pretty meaningless in the grand scheme,” said Brazen Animation CEO Bryan Engram. “That is the opposite of how we think. We came together because we believe we are here for a very specific reason. We want to elevate the human condition, and contribute something positive to the world through story. At Brazen, we believe story has the power to inspire people to be great.”

Like most animation studios, the studio got its start doing commercials. Typically, the steady work that coms from producing animated commercials is able to give smaller studios enough leverage to then move into feature animation. LAIKA and Reel FX are known for their forays into commercials. Now it looks as though Braven Animation has enough juice to make the jump also.

Currently, it has a diverse four feature-film projects currently in development: Tobe, Captain Ahab, Superkid, and Annie. See visual development pieces for each of the four films below.

Very rarely does a studio emerge with such a clear, specific message. It’s even more rare that it’s an animation studio. It’s certainly one way of differentiating themselves from its competition, but what may elevate them in the future might be their diverse, promising lineup of features.

Once again, a fresh new face jumps into what’s becoming a very crowded pool. Time will tell how much success it will have in ascending up the ladder.

What are your thoughts on Brazen’s message? How well could that translate into its work?





Captain Ahab






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