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Episode 46: Meet the Robinsons – ‘Blame You’ Wins Hands Down!

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Mason and Chelsea join the Rotoscopers new writer, Alex Parker, as they discuss Disney’s CGI animated film Meet the Robinsons.


  • Chelsea tweets Robert Lopez and Mason meets Don Bluth.
  • Nerdy Couch Discussion: “You can do anything you want” theme in animated films. (*Note some spoilers to other movies).
  • Main Discussion: Meet the Robinsons.
  • The stats, Disney’s 47th animated feature, John Lasseter’s influence.
  • What is “Real D” vs 3D? More stats, commentary on the visuals, and music.
  • Where did the term “Easter Eggs” come from?
  • Based on a book called “A Day with Wilber Robinson” by William Joyce.
  • Insta-buildings, bubble tavel, and segways.
  • Things Mason doesn’t get, Chelsea gets cynical, Tom Selleck.
  • “You lied to me?!” Most overused line in kids’ movies.
  • Lewis chills under a ginormous teapot shaped shrub.
  • Bowler Hat Guy’s ending and the “Disney point”.
  • Keep Moving Forward!, what we’ve learned in our own lives, Chelsea should be a motivational speaker.
  • Twitter questions, cameo by Morgan, and listener voicemail.
  • We rate the film: 4 Stars!
  • Bloopers: Forgot the title and our special ghost host; kivin’ that dorm life, Aggie invasion; Rock-a-Doodle and Titan A.E; “Give her the Thunder Tube, Chelsea!”; Looking forward to Halloween; Saving Mr Banks commentary; what songs should Chelsea put in the podcast?


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