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Ron Clements All But Confirms ‘Moana’ for Disney

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Walt-Disney-Animation-Studios-Logo-Mickey-MouseThe Sioux City Journal quietly broke word last week that Moana, an upcoming film directed by Disney veterans Ron Clements and John Musker, is indeed in development.

The focus of the article was Clements’ storied career with Walt Disney Animation Studios, but part of the narrative included what the famed director is up to now, and thus comes very exciting news for animation fans.

What we now know for certain:

  • Ron Clements and John Musker are directing another film together.
  • That film will be a musical.
  • It is based on an original concept, not adapted from any existing story.

What is still unconfirmed, but likely, based on what we found in July:

  • The film is titled Moana and will have a Polynesian flair.
  • It will release March 9, 2018.

This new movie could be a marvelous blend of the two different styles of films we’ve been seeing lately from Disney: the traditional fairytale musical (like Tangled) and the original comedy (like Wreck-It Ralph). It opens up the floor for exciting possibilities, especially when Clements and Musker’s resume includes The Little Mermaid, AladdinHercules, and The Princess and the Frog.

Pair this news with the details unearthed about Giants last week and you’ve got yourself a very ambitious future for Disney Animation.

Chelsea discusses everything we know about Moana (plus all other upcoming Disney titles!) in this new video, hot off the presses just today:


Thanks to our reader Esteban for the tip!

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