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New iPad App “Disney Animated” Brings the Entire Disney Animated Canon To Your Fingertips

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Disney-Animated-iPad-App-VanellopeDisney has been lacking recently on the bonus features of its new animated Blu-rays, but maybe that’s because it was working on Disney Animated, an all new interactive Disney animation app for the iPad.

Disney Animated app is really cool. It basically combines the bonus features of a DVD with the art and behind-the-scenes look of an art-of book. Except this one does it for all 53 Disney animated classics in one app! (Yes, 53. Frozen‘s in there too. We’re just as excited as you are.) It’s like carrying 53 art books and 53 DVDs in the palm of your hand. *begin the Oooo’s*

Disney worked in conjunction with TouchPress to develop this unprecedented app, which includes…

  • Concept art and storyboards
  • Multiple layers of each scene (think Multiplane Camera)
  • Exclusive content from the Walt Disney Animation Research Library
  • Timeline of all 53 Disney animated features, complete with clips and trailers
  • Color Map: 1 image compiled of every scene from every Disney animated film ever
  • The “Principles of Animation” chapter from the book The Illusion of Life: Disney Animation by Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston
  • Be an animator: This is the really exciting part. With this app, you’ll actually be able to be a Disney animator on the go, anywhere (dream job, right?). Vanellope from Wreck-It Ralph is spotlighted on a feature that allows users to animate her movements into their own unique animation. Elsewhere, Elsa from Frozen (!!!) is the focus of a feature in which users can animate her snow. Maximus from Tangled is even here, offering his face up for grabs for us to contort into whatever mood we so desire.

Disney Animated is available now for $13.99, and for the moment is just on the iPad.

The app’s surprise announcement today comes just before the kick-off of the D23 Expo in Anaheim. Disney could have easily withheld this big reveal for the convention, so why spill the beans now? Maybe there’s some fun demonstration and insight to this app that will have some light shed later this weekend.

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