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Episode 35: Planes Test Screening Review

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Morgan and Chelsea stumble their way into a test screening of DisneyToon Studio’s upcoming film Planes. Join them as they talk about their thoughts, impressions, likes and dislikes–spoiler free, as always!


  • Impression: it was actually pretty good.
  • Originally direct-to-video.
  • Favorite characters: El Chupacabra, Roper.
  • Lots of planes jokes, fun, and humor.
  • Basically the same story as Cars, but still fresh.
  • What’s the deal with racing? Would have liked to see navy fighter pilots or stunt planes.
  • Music: Chelsea’s theme song, songs are awesome, 80s throwback movie reference.
  • Disney crew in the audience, the “control panel”.
  • Mature humor is appreciated, Top Gun reference.
  • This movie is going to be a hit: August release, merchandise.
  • Turkeys (Free Birds) rant.
  • We rate it!

Runtime: 25:38, 15.4 MB


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