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Episode 34: Toy Story 2 – British Invasion

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The Rotoscopers are excited to bring on their first official guest host (sorry, Steven)…William Jardine from! Join in for a rip-roaring discussion of Pixar’s first sequel Toy Story 2.


  • What Have You Been Watching (WHYBW) – Animation Edition: Breaking Dawn Part 2 (Does that count as animation?), RioHotel Transylvania.
  • Talking about The Oscars 2013: Winners and nominees.
  • Catch and Fire with William! We ask the hard questions.
  • News: Upon which book will Tintin 2 be based?, new Mickey Mouse shorts, Rumplestilkskin (The Name Game) animated film by Disney?
  • Nerdy Couch Discussion: Pixar sequels.
  • Beyond the trailer, Toy Story 3 filled with holocaust references?
  • Cars 2: the good and the bad.
  • Main Discussion: Toy Story 2
  • A little perspective: other 1999 animated films
  • First thoughts: Happy meal toys, seen 60+ times, fear of growing up.
  • From direct-to-video to theatrical sequel, development woes.
  • Original plot: no Jesse, really pushing the Senorita Cactus character, talking Bullseye.
  • Opening sequence, sci-fi nods, improved visuals, dealing with new and old characters.
  • The angst of the yard sale, Al’s (Hal’s) Toy Barn is the coolest toy store ever, Woody’s conflict, depressing Toy Story themes.
  • Woody’s Roundup Gang, theme of abandonment issues, Jessie’s song “When She Loved Me”, Pixar’s jab to toy makers, hot pink Barbie aisle, very quotable.
  • How much money could all have made from the collection?, toy protocol, Geri from Geri’s Game cameo, world’s fastest toy horse, don’t forget the bloopers!, Stinky Pete returns as villain in Toy Story 3.
  • What made Toy Story 2 better than the original?
  • We rate it 5 stars all around!

Runtime: 1:32:11, 45.9 MB


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