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First Look at Pixar’s Next Toy Story Toon: ‘Partysaurus Rex’

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In an exclusive to EW, Pixar gave us our first look at its coming Toy Story Toon Partysaurus Rex.

The short continues the story told in the other Toy Story Toons—Hawaiian Vacation and Small Fry—which detail our favorite toys in their post-Andy life. The photos show Rex playing in the tub with his new owner, Bonnie. And it looks like quite the disco party! Director Mark Walsh commented on the party atmosphere of bathtime by saying, “If you’re a bath toy you get really intense playtime. It’s like a party. Then when the water goes down you can’t move. You’re helpless. And that’s pathetic, these guys in bottom of the tub all the time.”

Wallace Shawn, the voice of Rex, explains Rex’s motivations for becoming a “party animal” in the short:

He’s sick of being the angel of goodness and sensibleness and caution and fear. He wants to stand on the side of pleasure and happiness and joy. I live this drama every day of my life!

The pictures look great! What’s great about Partysaurus Rex is that it focuses on a character other than Woody or Buzz. Who doesn’t love the short-armed, frantic (and lovable) Rex? The Toy Story Toons have been a fun way to keep up the Toy Story franchise alive without going overboard. Also, anyone see the easter egg refering to Pixar’s next film Monsters University?

Looks like you won’t have to wait very long to see the short in theatres: Partysaurus Rex will play before Finding Nemo 3D on September 14, 2012.



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