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Drac Sets Sail in the ‘Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation’ Teaser Trailer

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The Drac Pack has returned for more cartoony hijinks in Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation (internationally titled Hotel Transylvania 3: A Monster Vacation). Sony Pictures Animation will be unleashing its third entry of the hit animated franchise next summer and have given us a first look at the sequel in the new teaser trailer.

Following the 2012 original and the 2015 sequel, Dracula (voiced by Adam Sander), having spent so many years providing vacations, goes on vacation with his pack on a monster cruise ship, which is basically “a hotel… on the water.” All goes smooth sailing until Drac falls in love with Erika, the ship’s captain, who unknowingly to him might be too good to be true.

The film reunites the regular voice cast including Adam Sandler as Dracula, Andy Samberg as Johnny, Selena Gomez as Mavis, and many more. Series director Genndy Tartakovsky, despite initially stepping down from the series, returned once again to direct the third movie. Additionally, Genndy has co-written the script with The Boss Baby screenwriter Michael McCullers and will voice the character Blobby.

After Sony Pictures Animation’s lackluster output of 2017, maybe Hotel Transylvania 3 will help pick up the slack. After all, the teaser gives us exactly what to expect from the franchise, with Sony’s signature cartoony CGI, clever visual gags, and monster mayhem that will probably please the fans. I’m not expecting this to be great by any means, but hey, still better than an Emoji Movie sequel, right?

For those keen to check into Hotel Transylvania 3, then set your calendar for July 13, 2018, for North America!

Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation

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Edited by: Kelly Conley

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  • Dante Panora

    AniMat’s going to be real mad when this comes out! But I have to admit, this kind of story looks like direct-to-dvd type fodder to me. I think I’d actually watch the tv series over this.

    • I got the same “direct to DVD” vibe as you. It does not
      look impressive (in terms of story) whatsoever so far.

    • Ernesto Chacon

      “AniMat’s going to be real mad when this comes out!”

      AniMat (ElectricDragon) is ALWAYS like this whenever he sees and reviews a Sony Pictures Animated film. I respect it’s his opinion, that’s fine, SPA has it’s fair share of problems and flaws when it comes to their movies, but I feel he takes it way too far which leads him to become a critical extremist by simply saying the following thing: “This film sucks”, “The animation is not good and too cartoony” etc.., it’s the same thing he always say to every Sony Pictures Animated review on his channel.

      The ironic/funny thing is that he gradually praises the Despicable Me films, yet the latter two films still have it’s problems/flaws which he gradually ignores to mention when he reviewed them.

      So IMO, I’m not a big fan of AniMat whatsoever, he’s not my cup of tea. :/

      I do however enjoy and prefer LewToons when he reviews Animated movies (especially when he reviews the Sony Pictures animated films). He’s more open, down to earth and gives his opinions on the animated film while giving his praises and criticisms on each film without sounding like a hypocritical extremist like AniMat.

      • To be fair, he did like Surf’s Up, but yeah, he is overly
        harsh on Sony. I still watch him, along with CellSpex
        and Chris Stuckmann.

        • Ernesto Chacon

          Yes I’m well aware he likes Surf’s Up, but still not a huge fan of him. :/

          • Harith Sami

            He gives their cartoony animation a very hard time.

          • Dave 52

            I honestly stopped watching AniMat. His constant complaining about Sony was irritating. I also hated how the complaints he has against Sony are the same complaints that he never makes against Illumination. It’s like he gives them a “Get Out Of Criticism Free” card.

          • Ernesto Chacon

            Agreed, not to mention he acts VERY Pretentious in most of his videos whenever he reviews an animated film, it’s the reason why I prefer Chad Lewis (LewToons) over AniMat since he does a better job at reviewing animated movies and giving his thoughts/opinions on what he liked and didn’t liked in the film without sounding immature or going to the extreme. His video reviews of Zootopia, Despicable Me 3, and especially The Emoji Movie are prime examples of it.

            Of course, his opinions on how he ranks them during his movie reviews and on the Top Ten listings can be divided between some people who watched his videos on YouTube (e.g. Best Swords in Cartoons), but if you can get over the issue he’s one of the best YouTubers in the Animation Community.

  • I am not excited for this. The animation is fine enough,
    but the premise just does not interest me whatsoever.

  • Manuel Orozco

    I liked both previous installments equally. The trailer is funny but who knows if I will like this even more or even less!

  • Angelo Thomas

    “Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation” sounds a lot like something that would be released direct-to-video. It’ll be interesting to see how this one fares as a summer release rather than late September.

    • Manuel Orozco

      Most likely I won’t see this in theatres but will wait until DVD Netflix. Besides I’m particularly Next summer looking forward to Avengers Infinity War, Incredibles 2 Solo A Star Wars Story and Ant Man and the Wasp

      • The teaser for Incredibles 2 came out. I’m so excited.

        • Manuel Orozco

          Me too saw it this morning on YouTube just before seeing Justice League

          • That’s good. Btw, was Justice League a good movie?

          • Manuel Orozco

            Yes suffered minor tone inconsistency and behind the scenes issues weren’t totally noticeable and not too much Avenger deja vu. Still had visually slick action scenes and knew when to have some banter. 4/5 stars

          • Manuel Orozco

            Anyway seeing Jak Jak still as a baby and Dash and Violet not getting any older is going to take some time for me.

          • I think that’s because this takes place right after the
            the ending of the first movie. It doesn’t jump ahead.

          • Manuel Orozco

            I knew that silly

  • Marielle

    The first one was funny, I hope this is as funny.

  • I love these movies soooo much! But man….I could not be less excited for this movie….
    I mean the last movie had DEVELOPMENT at least!! But this….this looks like a short that needed to be longer to me! I haven’t seen the dog short yet but man I wasn’t too pleased seeing the dog in the trailer, knowing how bad the short was received.

  • Sebastian

    I actually really liked the 2nd one and the visuals were so creative. But this does not look like my cup of tea.