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‘Teen Titans Go!’ Heads for the Big Screen on July 2018

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Teen Titans Go!

[Warner Bros. Television Distribution]

There’s no escaping Robin and his wacky superhero sidekicks at this point. Teen Titans Go! is currently the most popular (and polarizing) show on Cartoon Network, up to the point that it has practically consumed the channel’s schedule. If clogging Cartoon Network isn’t enough of an accomplishment for the show, how about an entire theatrical animated feature of it?

As reported by ScreenRant, Warner Bros. has announced that an animated Teen Titans Go! movie has been fast-tracked to be released in cinemas on July 27, 2018. This news has also been confirmed by Beast Boy’s voice actor Greg Cipes via Twitter.

Very little is known about the project at this point. It has not been stated if the movie will have a limited or wide release, nor if it will be released under the Warner Animation Group banner.

It is also worth noting that this will not be the only big Teen Titans-related project of 2018, as a live-action Titans series will release exclusively on DC’s streaming service that same year.

Teen Titans Go!, which is currently in its fourth season with over 190 episodes since 2013, follows the comedic hijinks of Robin, Beast Boy, Raven, Cyborg, and Starfire while they are not fighting crime. Although the show has been massively popular among children, it has earned a notoriously negative reception from older animation fans (especially those of the 2003 Teen Titans series) and has become a popular target for cartoon reviewers.

While I myself am not among those who hate the show with a burning passion, it’s juvenile approach just isn’t to my taste. However, it remains questionable how the show’s 11-minute gag structure will be expanded into a cohesive feature-length narrative. But considering that it’s now ten months from release, we should get more information about the project shortly.

Are you excited to join the Titans’ big screen adventure, or are you dreading it as the apocalypse of animation? One-two-three-four-go share your thoughts!

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  • Dave 52

    While I may not be a fan of the show, the only way I could see this working is if the movie takes a “LEGO Batman” approach to the film. I mean the show is already like The LEGO Batman Movie in that it is essentially a spoof of the characters but the problem is that the show is not a well written spoof. If the movie is being made under Warner Animation Group, which chances are it probably is, then maybe some of the talent they have there can work with the show’s team and make a movie that is like LEGO Batman: A clever, fun, and genuinely funny spoof. I mean while most of the episodes of Teen Titans Go range from mediocre to insultingly bad there are some episodes here and there that are actually decent. Let’s just hope this movie is the equivalent of a decent episode.

  • Never really hated TTG as much the general internet crowd does. And I grew up with the original show. From what I’ve watched, the show is a straight comedy, without the first series’ action/antic combo. It’s not everyone’s thing, but I think it’s a solid standalone thing.

    As for this movie, I’m totally on board if it’s done in hand drawn animation. Gotta support the medium if I want more, right? Of course, the TV show is done in Toon Boom, so it’s probably more likely that it’ll be in that style.

    • Manuel Orozco

      Well I would see a Foster’s Home reboot but with a less mean spirited tone.

      • Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends? I don’t know. To me, that’s show’s one of a kind. Maybe a reboot could improve the animation style.

        • Manuel Orozco

          What do you mean one of a kind?

          • Oh, I just mean that it’s a special show that probably shouldn’t be remade.

          • Manuel Orozco

            I brought it up because it’s another image that keeps to mind when watching Cartoon Network was awesome. I would want the reboot to have a slightly seriocomic tone allowing to go deep into the themes of friendship bullying ups and downs of childhood and what it’s like to be imaginary.

          • Wow. Never thought of it that way. You might be on to something there!

          • Manuel Orozco

            Thank you. Also because I just don’t want to see some wacky antics. In addition, episodes can have certain beta storylines focusing on characters outside of the main five Bloo Mac Wilt Eduardo and Coco like in a sitcom.

          • So what you want is a balance between the silly and the serious for the show. I feel for you there.

          • Manuel Orozco

            Yes equally and have Bloo also maintain a kindhearted simpleton type of personality. But just not take away the original’s imaginative quality. Besides, unsympathetic comedy protagonists are too old school for my taste and I learned it the hard way from watching the final seasons of the show partially and the first three seasons of Johnny Test (bits and pieces that is) after Foster’s ended eight years ago. I only got into it because of how cool it looked and to fill the empty space in me from missing out on Goodbye to Bloo before finally watching it on YouTube three years later.

          • Manuel Orozco

            One more thing. I thought of Wilt Frankie Mac because of old YouTube videos and fanfics that showed a pairing of Wilt/Frankie so I think a triangle would be interesting.

          • Manuel Orozco

            And an example of what I meant by beta storyline maybe I will give you a made up episode description. Bloo attempts to help Mac get ready for a school dance where he doesn’t know yet to ask out Francine or Frankie as his date. Frankie misunderstands his intentions and comes to the dance disguised as an adult chaperone. Meanwhile, Jackie serves up a variety of sandwiches in the dining area that win the house over.

          • Manuel Orozco

            I meant Louise as in Cheese’s creator because I got mixed up with what her name is. I came up with Jackie’s subplot to give Wilt Eduardo and Coco something to do by helping him.

          • Oh no worries about missing details! I never spotted it myself.

            Have you ever considered going into animation for a career? These are the kinds of ideas that people take the time to pitch to studios.

          • Manuel Orozco

            Not really since I instead plan to do radio. But I do hope you like my ideas. To finish, after Frankie accidently ruins the dance, Mac confronts her believing that it’s best they stay friends for a while and he and Louise are just friends. The episode would end with a cliffhanger of Bloo storming up to his room angered that Mac was not going to tell him his romantic intentions toward Frankie.

            Mac: As much as I enjoy coming here every day, I knew being too attached to everyone in the house would be a mistake.

            Frankie: What exactly are you trying to say Mac?

            Mac: People who have feelings for each other regardless of age have everything we don’t and never will have. As long as I keep my visits secret from my mom, I don’t feel safe except when I have with Bloo and the others. It’s best we don’t act this way toward each other anymore. At least not for a while. I’m sorry Frankie (Mac walks out the door in tears)

          • Thanks for sharing your ideas!

          • Manuel Orozco

            Your welcome. And one more idea please. I’m thinking of a better ending than Goodbye to Bloo where the Foster’s Five prepare to embark on the next chapter of their lives but not before Bloo plans the best day ever. The series would end with Wilt, Eduardo and Coco being adopted and either Mac or Wilt get the big darn farewell kiss with Frankie.

          • Manuel Orozco

            And I thought of Bloo storming to his room as a dramatic cliffhanger because I thought for once he would have a very good reason for being upset. And that of course is how Mac kept his feelings for Frankie secret from him.

          • Manuel Orozco

            I had another idea in mind I thought a while back of an alternate BlooTube. Instead of sulking about not going to Monson Lagoon, Bloo actually comes with the idea of a Viewtube showcase for everyone in the house to show off. He gives Frankie the headsup of the rain next day and proposes the idea to her as long as he is made master of ceremonies and shows his video last of him parodying Singing in the Rain. But as Bloo frantically puts the show together in 24 hour notice, Wilt and Eduardo argue about who’s video to show first.

          • Manuel Orozco

            Hey I’m back. I just realized the dialogue gave me an idea what if this was a set up for a storyline where Mac’s attachments to everyone in the house goes too far and his romantic attentions towards Frankie being one of them? And on the next episode Bloo confronts Mac about Frankie.
            Bloo: You tell me what’s going on. Maybe because I was fooling around with our lovely house caretaker Frankie. Oh wait, how smart aleck of me. That wasn’t me that was you.
            Mac: Okay okay you got me how did you find out?
            Bloo: I overheard you and Frankie talking last night about each other. I mean were you never going to tell me you were in love with her Mac? I thought we shared everything.
            Mac: We do Bloo it’s just that I didn’t know you would react.
            Bloo: Then that leads me to this rhetorical question. WHAT IN BEYONCE IS WRONG WITH YOU?

          • Manuel Orozco

            And if there was one recurring subplot I would like to see is a Wilt Frankie Mac triangle

          • Manuel Orozco

            You understand all I’m saying right

  • Manuel Orozco

    I was an on and off fan of the original Titans show. This new big screen adaptation may not be something worth my debit card! Besides, I had not been into a Cartoon Network show since Dragons ended its second season three years ago.

  • Jeremiah

    Um. I’ve never given a whup about that show. Who wants to to see the Titans face cliche highschool quandaries? But if little kids chuckle at it, good. The fact there’s going to be a 2D film in theaters does kind of make me happy. But the average person on the street doesn’t necessarily know about the show, so it may do poorly. Which would of course be bad for 2D. Guess we’ll just have to see.

    • Manuel Orozco

      I didn’t get down to watching the reboot either since it looks cheesy.

  • Meghan K Green

    Me myself and my kids and most likely husband will def go see this.. My 5 and 3 year old like this show. I don’t mind it either.. I do think it’s far better than a lot of shows on Cartoon Network…

  • Yellow


  • Trev

    I’ve never understood the rapid hate for this show. It just seems too innocuous to hate on. It’s kinda shooting fish in a barrel.

  • Harith Sami

    A Teen Titans movie. *cool*
    An animated Teen Titans movie. *hmm*
    A Teen Titans Go! movie. *nope*

    • Philip

      Change that last part to this:

      A Teen Titans Go movie. *yay*

      You haters are such losers… 😒

  • Bob Smith

    They seem pretty hasty about putting the movie in theaters since it was announced less than a year before its release, so I’m guessing the movie won’t have a high budget. I’m not saying that low budgets are bad, but this makes me wonder how long the movie was in production.

  • Who knew this was so popular?

    • Manuel Orozco

      Wishful thinking for me. Because it’s been a while since I’ve watched Cartoon Network

    • It is all CN airs these days. If only the kids today watched the original show.

      • Manuel Orozco

        Luckily they are reruns right now

        • Michael Clemente

          I’m not even a fan of Teen Titans, but I am grateful that Cartoon Network is at least rerunning the original show now so today’s kids can get a sense of what it’s really all about.

          • Manuel Orozco

            I don’t blame you since I wasn’t into TT much.

  • Philip

    Jed Johnson, who actually likes TTG, should’ve written this article instead.

  • Don’t watch this show, and don’t really care for this version (my heart only goes for the original animated one!) so I am just going to let the fans have their little movie and have my original series 🙂

  • Out of all the animated shows out there, this had to be the one that will get
    a movie adaptation. It makes sense. The show is popular and considering
    that the animation is dirt cheap, Cartoon Network could make an easy buck
    off of this. I don’t hate TTG, but it doesn’t hold a candle to the original show.

  • Emma Heili

    There is literally an entire episode of this show that’s dedicated to sexualizing Raven’s legs. There’s another one with a scene of Beast Boy twerking in nothing but his underwear. There is going to be a feature length movie based on this show.
    Meanwhile, the original Teen Titans hardly airs anymore, and if you want to see the upcoming live action series, you have to pay for yet another new streaming service (which I don’t have high hopes for because of its limited content).

  • The characters as they’re portrayed in this one are a little too attention-deficit to work for a feature film, in my mind. An 11-minute episode feels right, a 22-minute episode feels a little long… 90 minutes of them? I don’t see how it would work (unless they pull a Spongebob and basically do a movie that’s a bunch of episodes strung together, and in the final scene they all turn CG).