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‘Beauty and the Beast’ Remake Pros and Cons

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I am super pumped for the live action Beauty in the Beast, but to the point where I know I am blinded by the movie’s potential flaws. So I thought it was time to make a list to balance out the advantages and disadvantages that we may come across when watching this remake.

Pro: A Spectacle

There’s no doubt that this movie will be something worth watching. It will be a huge cinematic event for animation addicts, movie lovers, Disney fanatics, and anyone who’s ever seen the original movie. So, basically, everyone. Anyone who has seen the trailer (above) knows it barfs up fantasy and magic. There is no doubt this will be the biggest and grandest version of this ‘tale as old as time’ we will ever see.

Con: Ages the Original

This brings me on to my personal biggest downfall with a remake. It ages the animated version before its time. A newer version could mean the original movie will now be referred to as the ‘old version.’ I am not ready for that. Comparisons will be made between the two constantly (I’m making comparisons right now) and people will call us ‘nostalgic’ for loving the original too much. I wonder if the younger generation will prefer the remake to the classic? I will miss the days when the original was the one and only Disney version.

Pro: New Songs

I am very much looking forward to seeing what Alan Menken and Tim Rice will bring to the table (along with Howard Ashman’s original lyrics, of course). If the trailer is anything to go by then we are in for a whirlwind of musical sensations and a revamp of the score. Not to mention Celine Dion will return with a new original song “How Does a Moment Last Forever.” Will this new song become the new preference for weddings?

Con: New Singers

This is a small gripe of mine, but I find it hard to get used to the same songs with different singers. After hearing Emma Watson sing “Belle (Reprise)” on the trailer (above) I once found myself singing the same song but now subconsciously mimicking her voice and tone. Watson has a beautiful singing voice, but the original Belle (Paige O’Hara) had so much warmth and charm. I don’t want the new songs to push away the versions I grew up with.

Pro: Development of Characters and Story

There are more than enough hints that the live action version has fleshed out their characters. Belle’s identity, for example, goes beyond reading. She’s now an inventor (like her father Maurice was in the animated version) and actress Emma Watson refused to wear a corset for the role. She is clearly going to be even more of a strong female role model than ever before, if that’s even possible. We will most likely be given more time to develop the love between Belle and the Beast, too. I’m all for that. I wonder what they will bond over? Reading, perhaps?

Con: Changing Characters We Know and Love

Will they take developing the characters we already know and love too far? Will they give Gaston too much backstory and make him more unnecessarily sympathetic? We’ve all heard Lumière’s new questionable French accent. It takes away a lot of the charisma we have come to expect from the flirtatious candelabra. And how about the Beast himself? We can connect with a traditionally animated Beast in the original, but can we love an obvious CGI Beast? Will we be able to suspend our disbelief enough to understand why Belle falls in love with this hairy goat-man? Maybe if Beast actor Dan Stevens is good enough, it could be possible.

It’s too early to determine the flaws of the new Beauty and the Beast movie, but I’m not worried. Not while Disney are on a roll with all their projects (both animated and live action). It’s easy to compare these two movies when they appear both similar and different at a mere glance. What is not so easy is allowing the two versions to live harmoniously side by side. Could that ever be possible? I guess we’ll have to wait and see for ourselves.

What are your thoughts on the new Beauty and the Beast movie? What pros and cons would you add to the list?

Edited by: Hannah Wilkes

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  • Max

    A big con is probably how bad some of the characters (beast) and costumes (Belle’s gown) look! Really the only things I’ve disliked about the trailers so far.

  • Honestly I’m just enjoying the ride and I know the original is going to be superior no matter what, I just want to enjoy what we have so far and roll with it
    I’m insanely excited even if it’ll probably have some flaws this looks too good from at least a visual standpoint to miss out on

  • Dante Panora

    The biggest con of all would probably just be that it’s (almost) the exact same movie but in live action. It may look beautiful but it would be hard to give credit to the narrative when it’s already been premade.

    • Manuel Orozco

      I don’t blame you especially the fact that the original celebrated it’s 25th anniversary this past holiday season.

  • Jeremiah

    Pro: the experience of seeing the story reinterpreted

    con: Dreadful miscasting .What’s with all the people who can’t sing? Is this a musical or isn’t it?

    • Manuel Orozco

      The only miscasting I can easily tell is Ewen McGregor as Lumiere. When the teaser was shown last May, his French accent didn’t sound believable.

      • I’ve said this from the start! In the trailer at least, his accent doesn’t even come across as French. I told my wife that he sounds like a Hispanic gangster or something. I REALLY hope this line is just a bad example, but I’m fearing the worst.

        • Manuel Orozco

          Plus I only saw him in the Star Wars prequel trilogy, The Island and his voice roles in Valiant and Robots (RIP Robin Williams) respectively. I’m aware he’s actually Scottish but I hope he gets a free accordion to go with the accent he’s using (joke intended).

  • Manuel Orozco

    The animated original did scare me as a kid! So no matter how different this new version is, I’m totally not seeing it. I keep thinking to myself why is Disney even doing a remake of BATB when it’s been over 25 years since they first made it? The character designs for the Beast and the enchanted servants are not even convincing.

  • I’m not gonna call the animated version the old one, it will always be the Animated Version to me like all the remakes. (Except for Maleficent and Sleeping Beauty, which I call the later the “Better version”. And the same goes for Alice in Wonderland)

    • Manuel Orozco

      Alice in Wonderland & Maleficent were as good as their classic animated counterparts.

      • No. No they weren’t.

        • Manuel Orozco

          Just my opinion. I didn’t find them that great like Cinderella was anyway.

  • Con:Channing Tatum was not cast as Gaston, you can’t tell me you don’t see it!

    Pro:Gaston is in this movie

    Con:Why not make the movie about Gaston? Maleficent got her movie

    Pro:Gaston still gets a song

    Con:Lack of Gaston footage!

    Pro:Gaston appeared in some snippets of trailers regardless

    Con:Gaston will still die in this version!


  • Rachel Wagner

    I think the biggest con for me is I hate almost all the design choices they’ve made so far especially Mrs Potts looks awful. Also, I thought Emma Watson’s singing sounded auto-tuned and terrible. I also don’t like they are turning Belle into an inventor and trying to make the film ‘smarter, darker and more relevant’. Ugh…

    • Manuel Orozco

      Off topic Rachel but have you seen A Cinderella Story: If the Shoe Fits with Sofia Carson yet?

      • Rachel Wagner

        Yes just watched it last weekend actually and I really liked it! It’s silly but I enjoyed it

        • Manuel Orozco

          I really liked it too. As good as when Hilary Duff was in the original Cinderella Story. A little cheesy but welcome to the 2010’s (no joke intended). Sofia Carson is so hot! Back to topic, I agree I’m not in favor of the design choices either.

          • Rachel Wagner

            Jennifer Tilly was so funny it also!

          • Manuel Orozco

            She was a bit cheesy.

          • Rachel Wagner

            I enioyed her. I mean the whole movie is kind of cheesy but fun

          • Manuel Orozco

            Yeah I mean a little bit of that once in a while won’t ruin your whole life. I only watched for Sofia Carson for crying out loud.

  • Yellow

    I’m looking forward to seeing if the Beast teaches Belle lessons or values just as much as she teaches him.

  • Dean

    The main problem is Disney is going through these films like a checklist, with little thought and reason. Lots of execs going “can we?” instead of “should we?”

    • Manuel Orozco

      As much as I’m enjoying what Disney is giving us, you do have a good point. Executives should start listening to us the fans

  • Bob Smith

    If the movie poster and videos above are anything to go by (I almost never watch trailers and advertisements for movies nowadays), one thing that is both a pro and a con is that the remake is similar to the original with the music and the songs. Since Disney is intentionally remaking one of their animated films, it would make sense to have the remake be similar since the original already resonated with viewers. I’m sure even if Disney wanted the remake to be completely distinct from the 1991 film, there will no doubt be people who will cry foul because they changed something that didn’t need changing.

    Of course, this leads to the obvious con. If this is so similar, why remake it? Obviously, it’s for money, but why on a creative level? The original one wasn’t broken, so there should be more effort toward something else. I don’t remember if it was on this site, but I read or heard about one opinion of remakes, and it stated that remaking bad movies is a better move since those are the ones that need another shot at being good.

    Personally, the familiarity is slightly more of a con than a pro. Emma Watson is a great singer, but hearing her sing the reprise of “Belle” was awkward since I’m so used to hearing the animated version which sounded just fine as it was. In a sense, it sounds like a cheap knockoff even though it clearly wasn’t meant to be. I suppose the only way to make a concrete opinion is to see the new movie.

  • Pro: The production design is beautiful. The cinematography and special effects too.

    Con: This looks too similar to the original. Looks more like an update, not a remake.

  • Alexandria Lynn

    Con: If anyone who has watched Waking Sleeping Beauty, you’ll understand this, but there’s the fear of diluting Howard Ashman’s role in the production of the original animated film. (Not trying to shove politics down your throats, but) You’d think that being a gay man dying of AIDS in the early 1990s, the studio’s ability to go out of its’ way to work with him would be noted. I mean, BAtB was Howard’s way of explaining what being different meant to a mostly straight audience brought the heart out and made it nominated for the Oscar for Best Picture. This remake is definitely not going to achieve such a honor, but it makes you wonder.