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Top 10 Quotes from the ‘Frozen’ Trailers

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For more Frozen movie quotes, check out the Frozen quote page on DisneyQuotes.com!


Frozen comes out in just a few weeks. Until then, we have various clips and three trailers to hold us over. And let’s be honest, at this point, you probably have every line in the trailers memorized (at least, we do). So here are our favorite and top 10 quotes from the Frozen trailers!

10) “A real howler in July, ya?” – Oaken



Anna: It is not nice to throw snow, people!
Kristoff: Hey, hey, slow down feisty pants, just let the snow man be!
Anna: I’m calm, I’m calm. [turns around, and then turns back and throws a snow ball]
Kristoff: Oh, come on!



Kristoff: You wanna talk about a problem? I sell ice for a living.
Anna: Oooh, that’s a rough business to be in now. [laughs] Um … I mean … that is really unfortunate.

that's unfortunate frozen

7) “I don’t have a skull. Or bones.” – Olaf


6) Kristoff: Your hair…it’s turning white.
    Anna: Does it look bad?
    Kristoff: ……No.
    Olaf: You hesitated.
    Kristoff: No. I didn’t.


5) “I’m Olaf and I like warm hugs.”


4) “Some people are worth melting for.” – Olaf


3) “Cold. Cold. Cold. Cold. Cold. Cold. Cold. Cold. Cold. Cold.” – Anna


2) “It’s so cute. Like little baby unicorn.” – Olaf


1) “This is awkward. Not you’re awkward, but just ‘cause we’re–I’m awkward. You’re gorgeous. Wait, what?” – Anna


Which quotes from the Frozen trailers are your favorite? Did your favorite make the list?


*** For more Frozen movie quotes, check out the Frozen quote page on DisneyQuotes.com! ***

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  • Fadi Antwan

    Kristoff: “I’m gonna tell him.”
    Anna: “Don’t you dare!”

    • Silver Wolf

      Kristoff: “Somebody’s gotta tell him”

  • Mari

    Olaf: “Who’s the funny lookin’ donkey over there?”
    Anna: “That’s Sven.”
    Olaf: “And who’s the reindeer?”
    Anna “…..Sven…”

    • Josie Kalepp

      Olaf: theyre both…oh well that, that makes things easier for me

  • I love the #1 quote as well as the #4 quote. I never understood the unicorn one and why it’s supposed to be charming and/or funny.

    • Fadi Antwan

      I never figured it out what he was saying at that part until I read it here/on YouTube. I don’t like it either.

      • omnia

        I LOVE THIS QUOTE! they way he said is SO adorable! i mean i like it a lot and has supposed to be funny and cute because it’s a movie for children. Not that older people not can watch it. But don’t react so weird. It’s funny for kids!

    • Yoyo

      Because it’s EXTREMELY CUTE! I love the way he said it!

  • TT

    my fav is #4. sound classy!!

  • Brandon Kelly

    Elsa: “The party is over! Close the gates!”
    Anna: “What?! Elsa! No! No! Wait!”
    Elsa: “Give me my glove!”
    Anna: “Elsa, please! Please! I can’t live like this anymore!”
    Elsa: “…Then leave…”
    Anna: (Gasps quietly as Elsa walks away) “What did I ever do to you?!”
    Elsa: “Enough Anna.”
    Anna: “No! Why? Why do you shut me out? wha-why do you shut the world out? What are you SO AFRAID OF?!”
    Elsa: “I SAID ENOUGH!!!!”
    Everyone: “GASPS!”
    Duke: “Sorcery! I knew there was something dubious going on here.”
    Anna: “Elsa?”

  • Ember Lily

    Anna: Christopher!!!
    Kristoff: Its KRISTOFF

    • EllaCedar13

      Kristoff: You almost set me on fire!
      Anna: But I didn’t.

  • Aliscen Khaw

    Anna:” i’m not leaving without you elsa!”

  • Mike Hammond

    Anna: “I don’t even know what true love is,”
    Olaf: “I do! That’s when you put someone else’s needs before your own.”

  • Silver Wolf

    Olaf: Winter’s a good time to stay in and cuddle, but put me in summer and I’ll be a- *looks at puddle* HAPPY SNOWMAN!”

    • Josie Kalepp

      Kristof: i’m gonna tell him…
      Anna: DON’T YOU DARE

  • White Wolf

    Elsa: Anna go back to sleep.
    Anna: The sun’s awake so I’m awake and I have to play.

    • Elsa

      it’s actually.
      Anna: The sky’s awake, so I’m awake, so we have to play.

  • chocomocha .

    Elsa: the cold never bothered me Anyways

  • Ruby

    My fave quote was #1

  • FireF

    Winter’s a good time to stay in and cuddle, but put me in summer and I’ll be a [looks down and sees a puddle] happy snowman!

  • sc

    Kristoff:I’m going to tell him

    • durin

      dont you dare!

  • Simonida Popovic

    I’ve been impalled.

  • piiop

    I’m gonna tell him dont you dare

  • Laurel

    The brain is easier to change. The heart is not.

  • Love Somebody

    “Some people are worth melting for”
    – Olaf

  • Noxxy

    “The sky is awake,so I’m awake”

  • jj

    “yes, why?””yes, why?””yes, why?””yes, why?””yes, why?””yes, why?”

  • Sharon

    Oaken: You-woo!

  • Karen Claire Horca

    Pabbie/Grandpa: Only true love can thaw a frozen heart.

  • Olaf Girl

    Olaf: My own personal flurry!

  • PizzaaIsAwesome

    Olaf: knock..Just knock..Why isn’t she knocking?….Do you think she knows how to knock?

  • Stephanie Barnes

    Let’s go kiss Hans!! Who is this “Hans”?

  • frozenfan2014

    Oaken- Too-too! Hi family!
    Family- Too-too!

  • cheesepuffs

    first some ppl worth melting for
    2nd olaf ~ whos he funny lookin donkey over there?
    anna ~ that’s sven
    olaf ~ and whos the reindeer?
    anna ~ that’s sven
    olaf ~ there both… oh well that makes it easyer for me

  • USMCMarinedaughter3006


  • Markity

    Kristoff: I bet you don’t even know his shoe size.
    Anna: Shoe size doesn’t matter.

  • isha

    some people are worth melting for…>>> Olaf

  • Nathaniel Dewitt

    Kristoff: What if you don’t even know the way eats and picks he’s nose.
    Anna: Picks he’s nose?
    Kristoff: And eats it.
    Anna: Excuse me sir he’s a Prince!
    Kristoff: All men do it.

  • Rah

    Beware the frozen heart…