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‘Frozen’ Leading Ladies to Be Official Disney Princesses

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Disney Australia held a Disney Princess Film Festival to coincide with their I AM A Princess campaign this past February. The aim of the campaign is to celebrate the wonderful qualities the princess in every girl has: kindness, compassion, loyalty and bravery.

Not only was this a celebration of past princesses, but an announcement of future princesses as Disney has decided to add Anna and Elsa to the official list. The article states that the sisters will close off the princess celebration by being added to the lineup sometime in 2014.

This seems interesting in that this is the first time that sisters will both be included as part of the Disney Princess lineup. Considering Frozen is a CGI film, this will also be the second and third CGI princess added to the lineup. Hopefully, the conversion of their CGI designs will do the characters justice.

Anna and Elsa will join the ranks of the other official Disney princess pantheon, which currently includes Snow White, Mulan, Aurora, Belle, Tiana, Rapunzel, Ariel, Cinderella, Jasmine, Merida and Pocahontas. To view the current Disney Princess designs, which have been revamped for 2013, go to disneyprincesses.com.


(via Total Licensing Australia)

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  • Dan Siciliano

    Gee…I don’t know. If this movie ends up like “Prince of Egypt” that would be Ok but if it looks like that crappy Tinker Bell sister movie, I would grind my teeth every day.

  • Rose Eclipse

    Disney has said they’ve put a lot of effort into studying Scandinavian landscapes for “Frozen” so I think the visuals for this movie will be worthwhile.

    I’m still a bit skeptical about the new story. I can understand why Disney changed the original ending to H.C. Andersen’s “The Little Mermaid” so that the heroine got her wish; a tragic ending wouldn’t go down well with audiences.

    But the original “Snow Queen” story was a fairy tale from start to finish: a boy falls under the Snow Queen’s spell, his best friend goes on an adventure to save him, she’s tested with trials but emerges pure and courageous, and they live happily ever after. Why they’re altering the story to focus on two sisters I’m not sure; maybe more for a marketing perspective by having two princesses for one film. Or it’ll be more interesting to make the Snow Queen a character that needs saving instead of a classic Disney villain. Definitely sounds more like “Wicked” to me.

    And I’m a bit worried that there will be singing numbers with polar bears.

    • JustA-Guest

      You must be blind if you can’t tell why they changed it…. In every disney princess film there’s a message that makes that princess who they are. If they stuck with the “true loves kiss” thing again, the movie would be simply a pathetic film based off of stuff disney has done a lot of. It’s the same reason tangled isn’t your average princess. If you’ve watched the movie, in the end the most depicted love was family love, and learning to be patient and understanding…. You can chose your friends, but you can’t choose your family. And as family it’s only natural that you’d need there help sometimes, and vise versa… You just don’t like the movie because they took whole new approach at things, but to much of the same message over and over again, gets annoying and ignored because of the over use of it. This movie is great for kids, and has a bunch of great lessons a kid could learn from it, and it the ideas used in it are new, and original.

  • I am so excited for this movie! Disney usually changes all of their fairytale storys completely, but after the succss of ‘Tangled’ I really hope that ‘Frozen’ will be just as awesome.

  • Marley biggs

    Hmm what are we missing..oh I know! Let’s add more white and skinny girls! Yep that’s totally original! We can even use the doll molds for Rapunzel for Anna to save time and money!

  • The Animation Commendation

    I wonder when/if Eilonwy (my favorite Disney princess) and Kida will ever be official Disney Princesses.

  • md katalaves


  • Avalon

    I’m not sure I would call Elsa a Disney “villainess.” Maybe “antagonist,” but “villainess” implies that she’s evil, which is far from the truth. Overall, it’s a fantastic movie. And no, there are no musical numbers with polar bears. XD Yes, there are SEVERAL similarities to Tangled (I’ve even heard a rumour that the queens in Arendelle and Rapunzel’s kingdom were sisters!), but that doesn’t keep it from being a good movie. :3

    • bookworm

      Very true. Her power is evil, not her true self…..

    • saturn0205 .

      Elsa is definitely not the antagonist. That would be Hans, the villain of the piece. She’s more of an anti-heroine, if even that.

  • Loki Darksong

    While Anna is still a Princess, I hope that the folks in charge the Disney Princess Rouster understand that Elsa is a fully crowned Queen and not a Princess.

    • Celoptra

      She techinally was a princess during the first half of the movie until the point the parents died in the storm

  • Fay

    They forgot Merida. Merida is an official Disney Princess. 😮 So Elsa and Anna are going to be the third and fourth CGI princesses.

  • Jed Dela Victoria

    Elsa is a Queen! A queen! Shell rule them all! mwahahahah

    • bookworm

      Actually, she will be a pricesess for now not queen

  • bookworm

    I was first not surprised that Disney but them into the category of a Disney princesess, I actually wanted that to happen, but, Elsa? The villain? I think kind of but it was kind of her and Hans (that little traitor!) but besides that I am happy that their faces will be posted on lunchboxes to calenders!

  • Kelly Johnson

    Umm ELSA WAS NOT A VILLAIN!!! Hans was! Elsa was a girl/woman who had to hide her true self until she couldn’t anymore. At the end the end of the story the people she loved ended up excepting for her uniqueness and her sister did all she could to help her.

  • Joseph

    Will they have a coronation like Merida did?

    • saturn0205 .

      Probably. Rapunzel got one, too.

  • Hi

    Why is elsa gonna be a princess she is a QUEEN remember her coronation duh

  • saturn0205 .

    You forgot Merida. She was coronated as the 11th Disney Princess, the first Pixar princess, and the second CGI princess. Anna and Elsa will be the third and fourth CGI characters.

    • When this article was written (March), she wasn’t officially coronated as a Disney princess. She was made a princess in May 2013.

  • Iqbal Zarin

    its 2016 now. anna and elsa still not make it to the list