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We are always looking to make the Rotoscopers bigger and better in order to provide our readers, listeners, and viewers with the highest quality and best experience in the animation fan community. We’re very excited to be taking on some new staff to help our news section, website, and YouTube stay up to date with the latest animation news!

All positions are volunteer, but provide a great opportunity to gain experience and build your resume and/or writing portfolio. Many of our team members have been able to use their Rotoscopers experience to get jobs, even some in the animation industry. There is no time requirement; you can do everything on your own time, but we do ask that if you do apply, you be available to write 1-2 articles every few days (or as the news comes).

Writing Staff Needs

We are looking for writers who are talented, enthusiastic, and–of course–knowledgable about animation (movies, studios, history, key players, etc.). While we want the site and articles to be informative, we encourage our writers to insert their own personality, voice, and opinions into their pieces.

We are currently looking for writers to cover the following areas:

  • General animation news (all studios)
  • Animated TV shows (Disney Channel, Netflix, Cartoon Network, etc.)

All writers are also allowed to contribute as many opinion articles they want, seeing that their other coverage needs are met.

Website Staff Needs

Video Editor Positions
When you don’t have anything to do, is video editing all you want to do? If so, then we have a place for you!

On the Rotoscopers YouTube we are looking to bump up the game to 3-5 videos a week. We can’t do that alone! The most important part of this job is availability. We expect editing to take 1-2 hours per video depending on the video (unless you’re a super editing wizard who can do it faster). Most videos have a turnaround time of a few days; however, when news breaks or trailers are released those have a same-day turnaround.

As a video editor, you will be credited on the Rotoscopers YouTube for every video you edit. We also will put a link in every video you edit to check out your channel and add it to our “Featured Channels” section on the home page of the RotoChannel.  Whether you are an expert with the latest equipment or just extremely proficient with iMovie, you can help!

Graphic Designers

The graphic designers will work in tandem with nearly all the rest of the Rotoscopers team. From website graphics to video thumbnails to video segments, the graphic designers will help to visually take the Rotoscopers to the next level.

  • Photoshop and Illustrator skills are a must.

How to Apply

Please follow the following steps. If these steps are not followed, then then your application will not be accepted.

  1. If you are interested, email with one of the following the subject lines:
    1. “News Writer Application” – In the body tell us the news section(s)/studio(s) you’re interested in writing.
    2. “Video Editor Application”
    3. “Graphic Designer Application”
  2. Please provide 2-3 work samples to be reviewed
  3. Write a few brief paragraphs explaining who you are, your history/love/passion for animation, and why you would be a great addition to the Rotoscopers team.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and due to the high volume of applications, not all applications will be responded to.

Again, all positions are volunteer, but provide a great opportunity to get experience and build your resume and/or writing portfolio. We are flexible and understand time constraints. There is no time requirement; you can do everything on your own time, but we do ask that you let us know how much time you would be willing to give so we know what to expect. As we choose people to join the team, priority and other perks (such as attending special press events, interviews, and reviewing advance copies of films/TV shows) will be given to those with the highest quality of work and availability.

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