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‘Glitter Force’: A Netflix-Only Adaptation of ‘Smile Pretty Cure!’

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On December 18, Saban Brands launched its newest show Glitter Force, a Netflix-only adaptation of the 2012 anime Smile Pretty Cure!. This adaptation, aimed primarily toward young girls, is a westernized take on the originally Japanese-only anime, offering new language dubs in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

Glitter Force description from Variety:

20-episode series from Saban Brands is a dubbed version of Japanese TV anime show ‘Smile, PreCure!’ with a new score, theme song and CGI music videos. The show is set in the magical kingdom of Jubiland, which is invaded by an evil emperor and his band of fairytale villains. A tiny pixie named Candy recruits five preteen girls to form the powerful Glitter Force to help defend Earth from becoming the next target.

In typical Magical Girl fashion, the girls that make up the “Glitter Force” team transform into crime-fighting warriors who protect the world from evil. Similar to adaptions of other anime, such as Sailor Moon‘s 1990’s dub by DIC Entertainment, the characters’ Japanese names have been changed to American names like Emily, Kelsey, Lily, and April.

Glitter Force is available only on Netflix in all territories except Asia.

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