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[REVIEW] ‘Incredibles 2’ – The Wait is Over!

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This review contains minor spoilers. You’ve been warned.

After 14 years of waiting and campaigning, campaigning and waiting, fans of Pixar’s The Incredibles are very excited. Brad Bird has finally delivered his sequel for the much loved Incredibles family but is it all we ever wanted and more? Well, for the hardcore fan, there are going to be things that you are going to L.O.V.E. love! However, there are also going to be things that don’t quite hit the mark.

Picking up right where the first left off, Incredibles 2 takes you even deeper into political rigamarole and the fight to legalize Supers. Winston Deavor, an eccentric media tycoon played by Bob Odenkirk, has made it his goal to show what really happens when the masks go on in order to help sway public opinion. He picks Elastigirl, reprized by Holly Hunter, to be the star of this initiative while Mr. Incredible, once again played by Craig T. Nelson, is left at home to handle his son’s homework, daughter’s boy problems, and a baby who’s finally becoming a super.

Personally, I think this movie was funnier and more fast pace than the original. I was a huge fan of that. Jack Jack steals the show and everyone loves him for it. The music to me was a smash hit. It perfectly set the mood and amplified the story. Thank you, Michael Giacchino! 

Brad Bird always likes to throw in different themes and underlining messages in his films. In this, there is a clear theme of family and family dynamics. Also commentary on over using technology. 

The animation was superb but that’s almost a throwaway mention these days, considering it is to be expected. Anything less than that just wouldn’t be the Pixar way. However, for all those fans who will be going the double feature route will see a stark contrast between the first Incredibles film to this one. For that reason, I feel it necessary to say it. You will definitely be able to see how far we’ve come in 14 years.

It’s an enjoyable film that definitely has some moments that you will leave you thinking, talking, and laughing about afterward. There are some story aspects, toward the end, that seem rushed and, I’m going to say it… predictable. However, the overall enjoyment of the film wasn’t lost.


I know there are a lot of hard core Pixar/Incredibles fans out there who just need something to help them manage their expectations. Check out this video if that is you!


I also wanted to make a note about the short that plays prior to the Incredibles 2 Bao: a mother comes to see her son clearly as he grows up and family dynamics change.

I thought this was such a strange yet beautiful little story. Basically a mother sees her son as something that she created – a delicate piece of food. She must guard him at all costs. She does everything for this food baby and is hurt when he grows up and is leaving home.

I would be lying if I said that I didn’t know how she felt. No, I am not a mom but I am a dog mom and those moments when my dog decides that she would like to spend time with her doggy friends and not me…  (“After all I’ve done for you!”) The struggle is real. I thought it was very creative way to tell this relatable story! 

What did you think of Incredibles 2 and the short Bao? Give us your review in the comments below!

Edited by: Morgan Stradling

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Chelsea Robson, Co-host of the Animation Addicts Podcast, studied studio engineering and is a singer/songwriter and is know as "The World Traveler of the Podcast." She speaks fluent Portuguese, loves being outdoors, hiking small mountains, riding horses, and talking about human nature.
  • Harith Sami

    The reason that I don’t want to watch or support this movie, is because of how it isn’t trying to have an original plot, role reversal of the first film, and the villain is obviously the rich guy who runs super heroes. Also making the plot about super-hero destruction and why supers are important is just redundant at this point, because Marvel movies and other films have done this by now. The lack of time jump has also lowered my expectation specially with the lackluster marketing.
    I am not supporting this specially after Finding Dory, everyone has praised that film, which was a lousy mess that all my family and I hated. I’ll be skipping Toy Story 4 too, no thank you.

    • Harith Sami

      The Incredibles is giving me lots of Fidning Dory vibes, specially with the director not wanting to make a sequel until his career took a dive and only a sequel can save it.

    • Yellow

      I’m looking forward to the Incredibles 2, but I can understand where you’re coming from. Although I really like Finding Nemo, I wasn’t at all excited for Finding Dory. It sounded like it was going to be a cheap repeat of the first movie. I haven’t seen it, but I was surprised that reviews were so positive and that it made so much money.
      Anyway, great review, Chelsea!

      • Chelsea Robson

        Thank you!

  • I’m super excited for this one more and more that I hear from it (spoiler free of course haha!!) But happy someone finally mentioned the short, no one that I’ve heard this movie mentioned anything about this short!

    • Yellow

      Come to think of it, I haven’t either! Now I’m also looking forward to the short.