• Jordan Briskin

    Strange, I don’t think I even heard of this series until reading this review…

  • Juuchan17

    I binge-watched all 3 seasons and honestly, the first 2 seasons are all you need to get the best effect of how mature yet engaging the story can be. Characters are given great personality and the fact that any can die or be killed is just something that makes you feel for their loss, especially the ones that leave an impact on you after several episodes.

    It’s harsh yet hopeful, tragic yet adventurous. .. it’s a journey that I wish had gotten a wider release, if only to give adults a wake up call that not all animation is “just for kids”.

  • Richard Southworth

    I loved this series as a child. It’s probably what got me interested in nature.

  • Young McKay

    The most interesting thing about the series was the predator/prey dynamic, which is probably why my favorite character is viper. It strikes the right balance between humanizing the characters and still keeping their animal natures in check.

  • Laqueus

    No lie, as a child I used to get up at 6AM just so I could watch this on TV before school. I loved this show so much!