• Yellow

    I saw ads for this show when I was at the movies. It didn’t look that good.

    • Zak Wood

      The creator of the show Olan Rogers has said that the show really kicks off on Episode 6

  • Dante Panora

    I like the show, although I can clearly see how the main character would turn people off. I am more interested in the show for the actual story, even if it utilizes alot of tropes, cause to me the comedy almost seems like a layer on top of an actual serious sci fi story they are trying to tell.

    • Cassandra Atticum

      Gary is very annoying, but I thought the story got better with episode 4.

  • Forrest Gratehouse

    I strongly disagree with this, Gary is a lovable goof of a protagonist and if you hadn’t socialized in 5 years would you really know how to communicate with other people? I think the characters are good apart from Quinn who I think is meh. And the drama they add to it helps with the dynamic and sometimes the story actually gets dark and that’s where Gary decides to be comedic to try to lighten the mood. Olan Rogers made a really good show that totally outclassed rick and morty in terms of a sci-fi comedy with a story.