Indie-Mation Club Week 7: ‘FernGully: The Last Rainforest’

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FernGully, an animated musical with a central theme of environmentalism, is that film where Robin Williams voices a bat named Batty who raps and to which James Cameron’s Avatar is
often compared.

In a lovely forest in Australia, there lives a thriving fairy colony, safe and considerate of all nature until humans return and beginning chopping down trees, destroying both their home and the prison of an evil oil-guzzling and smooth-voiced spirit. And—where would the Avatar comparisons be without—that one human who, accidentally shrunk, becomes part of the fairy world and learns their perspective.

FernGully is a frolic through pretty imagery, fairly interesting characters, and a solid plot. The film also stars the well-known talents of Robin Williams (Batty Koda), Tim Curry (Hexxus), Christian Slater (Pips), Samantha Mathis (Crysta), and Jonathan Ward as human Zak.

You can find FernGully: The Last Rainforest to watch on:
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Edited by: Kelly Conley

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  • Juuchan17

    And it had a sequel that is riffable at best, but not really worth seeking out.

    Ferngully is an underrated piece of beauty that is one of my animated guilty pleasures. It has fun characters, a villain voiced by Tim Curry, and a cool soundtrack… oh, and near-Disney quality animation. Definitely check it out if Avatar is too sci-fi for you!

    • Manuel Orozco

      To be honest, I find Avatar and Ferngully equally beautiful.

      • Juuchan17

        I won’t lie – they are both really pretty movies in two different mediums of film that tell a similar story.

        Honestly, I feel the message is better done in Ferngully than in Avatar, but the romance in both are just really cheesy and rushed (it’s just infatuation in Ferngully, but it’s more cute).

        • Manuel Orozco

          Avatar just had more passion with its two leads. Just my opinion

  • Manuel Orozco

    Not one of my childhood favorites but something I would watch over and over. Jamming music, occasionally hilarious, stunningly animated and surprisingly bittersweet. The last time I saw it was last year on Netflix on the day before Earth Day! The message hasn’t been dated much. RIP Robin Williams

  • Chelsea Warner

    I honestly like this movie. It had a cool villain, an interesting culture, and a good soundtrack.

  • Honestly don’t remember MUCH from this one as I saw it a long time ago….but the animation looks really nice? Lol but also Tim Curry always gives a film an extra point for that fact 😀