• aquapyro

    I remember when Moana came out the commercials were saying that music was from the guy who brought you music of the Lion King. ( when in reality Mark Mancina only assisted in the mixing of the score. But of course putting Lion King in the commercial sells)

  • Dante Panora

    I think Aladdin was a bit more influential in the animation industry as Robin William’s Genie paved the way for non stop pop culture references in so many animated films today.

    However Lion King was also very influential but I think it mostly inspired studios to make more 2d animated musicals. And that legacy kind of got shortened When Shrek came out That was the film everyone wanted to make, and I still think people tale a lot of queues from that film to this day.

    • dlizsehshus

      Yeah I can’t give Aladdin credit for those pop culture references in Animation. Since The Looney Tunes were already doing that since the 1930s.

    • racy1285

      The Looney Tunes actually started the whole pop culture comedy style in animation like the other poster said.

      I do also remember Robin Williams saying in an interview that he was always influenced by the Looney Tunes.

  • dlizsehshus

    Yeah the article doesn’t really give much of an argument for how The Lion King hurt the Animation Industry.

    It set the bar for animation. And because of that Animation was taken to another level. Which gave us Pixar and Dreamworks Animation. Who have made films that have equaled and surpassed Lion King.

    Also which Animation Company did Lion King hurt? Pixar and Dreamworks both excelled after Lion King. If your talking about Walt Disney Animation. That wasn’t Lion Kings fault. It was the behind the scenes turmoil in the company that started when Katzenberg was forced to leave WDA and Michael Eisner being a poor leader.

  • Sebastian

    Obviously The Lion King had it’s fare share of effect on the animation industry. 1 point you raised that is true, is the constant comparing to other Disney flicks that mostly came out during the 2000s. Which in the process hurt many of those film’s reputation around audiences. However when Shrek came out in 2001 animation took notice to the film’s popularity and how it seemed to appeal to a wider audience. Immediately afterwards, animated films started to add in toilet humour and pop culture references in animated films (some more affected then others)

    It could also be because critics nurtured The Lion King as a (love child) amongst it’s reviewed films (same applies for Toy Story), and would instead often compare anything that was on a similar tone, theme to be a Lion King copy. Which is very bad since any movie should be given a chance before judging, unless it’s clear that it’s made as a cash grab.

    I to this day still love The Lion King, but most of that love and appreciation comes from the artists and soundtrack team behind the film. Despite this, I try to not compare other films to The Lion King and look at them as their own films.

    • dlizsehshus

      I disagree 100% with that notion.

      Its ridiculous to say Lion King had an effect on those films. Considering Pixar and Dreamworks were releasing films around that time.

      Being compared to Lion King Didn’t hurt “Antz, Prince of Egypt, Chicken Run, Shrek, Toy Story 1 and 2, A Bugs Life, Monsters Inc, Finding Nemo.” All those films released in that time period were Boxoffice successes and critical success. Also “Anastasia” did very well also.

      Blaming Lion King for those other films failing is nothing but a cheap excuse. Those films failed because they weren’t very good and critics and audience agreed.

      Also if you did some research you would know behind the scenes Disney Animation was having problems With Michael Eisner running the studio into the ground. Which without question effected the quality of their films.

      • Sebastian

        In my statement I said “Disney flicks that came out in the 2000s” I don’t get where you bring in Dreamworks films (they’re rivals) or even Pixar. Pixar was independent during the early 2000s. I’m well aware that Pixar did well during this time.

        I specifically meant films like Fantasia 2000, Atlantis, Treasure Planet, Brother Bear, that were released by Walt Disney Animation. And when released these films were compared to The Lion King (just check the reviews) Especially Brother Bear.
        Deny or agree but critics have compared The Lion King ever since it’s release in 1994. Which isn’t proving anything to be honest.
        Blaming? can’t you take some criticism?
        Cheap excuse? No!
        The films failed cause either critics didn’t give them a solid chance or they came out same week as blockbusters, giving them an unfair chance.

        No! sorry, I respectfully disagree with your comment. I don’t see there’s anything wrong to think otherwise. Why are you trying to sound like I don’t know about the Eisner issue? (even bringing it up to begin with?) Honestly stop sounding so defensive and chill, it’s just an opinion not a fact. This site is meant for friendly conversations. Don’t tell others what they should do! Think about that for next time.

        • dlizsehshus

          I brought them up because they are ANIMATED FILMS. Its the same medium. And if you read their critic Reviews you would know they were also compared to Lion King and Other great Disney films whether they were rivals or not.

          Correction Pixar was not independent. Their movies were being financed and distributed by Disney Animation. Disney didn’t own them but they were 50/50 partners.

          FYI Fantasia 2000 got great reviews from critics 82% percent on Rotten Tomatoes. It failed at the boxoffice because its not really a movie. Its shorts with concert music. The original failed at the boxoffice for the same reason. It was never going to be a big hit.

          The others you mentioned failed because they weren’t good. Atlantis was an Indiana Jones ripoff with zero interesting characters. Treasure Planet is one of the dullest films ever made. I’ve honestly never finished that movie because its that boring. Plus Disney already made a better versions of Treasure Island in 1950 and 1996 with the Muppets. Brother Bear was already made by Disney. Its called The Jungle Book. Except Jungle Book had a better plot, music, and characters.

          I didn’t deny that. That happens with great movies. Thats why Citizen Kane is mentioned when Great movies are made. I don’t have a problem with it because it forces others to make better films. Instead of excepting Mediocre fillms like Brother Bear everytime. Which you seem to be okay with.

          I can take criticism. But what your doing is not criticism. Its a lazy argument and is no where near based on facts. Your the one who can’t handle
          criticism. Since your arguing that Critics only gave bad reviews to those 2000 Disney films because of Lion King. I’ve read most of the top reviews for those films. Many of them gave fair criticism for those films. Also critics don’t necessary decide if a film fails at the BO. The Transformer films are one of the worst reviewed franchises in film history they still make Billions of Dollars

          Like I said I DISAGREE nothing more. You want to play the victim card you go ahead. I have no regrets for expressing my opinion and backing it up with facts. You take offense to it that’s on you. Nothing in the rules here that say I can’t disagree with someone.

          I brought up the Eisner situation because it had a strong influence for why those 2000 Disney films which you think are misunderstood masterpieces weren’t so good. Which again proves it wasn’t the critics fault or Lion King that they failed. They were sabotaged by a innept leader who stifled creativity. Great movies are made when the people behind the scenes are postive and they care. Thats why they were great successful films during the Renaissance, Why Pixar and Dreamworks make good films, and the Disney Studio is making great films now.

          Lol didn’t tell you to do anything. Like I said I’m disagreeing with you which Im allowed. You sound like our President. Who throws a tantrum everytime someone criticizes him.

          • Sebastian

            Obviously this isn’t going anywhere since you state that all of those movies are bad and compare them based on Rotten Tomatoes or your own opinion or even make fun of my points. And you bring up the victim card proves this shouldn’t continue. You clearly enjoy this so I let you have your fun. To clear this we disagree with this whole conversation.

  • Renard N. Bansale

    Just imagine if the 67th Oscars had nominated The Lion King for Best Picture instead of British hit Four Weddings & a Funeral. The Best Picture slate would’ve been Forrest Gump, The Lion King, Pulp Fiction, Quiz Show, and The Shawshank Redemption. What a slate that would’ve been!

  • Harith Sami

    Sadly, we never saw how it effected the movie business; because it was followed by Disney’s downfall with more flops than successes when Pixar and Dreamworks dominated the fields. Lion King felt like of the beginning of the end of 2D animation being a mainstream thing.

  • I’d like to point out that the Lion King gave us Pumbaa, a.k.a. “the four-legged permission slip for every animated movie to start including fart jokes in their movies”. For better and for worse.

  • This was such a great article!! Your thoughts and how it impacted is so fascinating to see!