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Disney’s ‘Descendants 3’ Is Happening

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To quote the title song of Descendants 2, there’s so many ways to be wicked — more than two and at least three. What does this mean? Well, it means Disney is moving forward with a third Descendants film, according to two reputable industry sources.

The first sign that Descendants 3 is a go came in the most recent issue of Production Weekly, “the entertainment industry’s leading source for tracking upcoming film and TV production data.” The details are only available to paid subscribers, but we do know that Descendants 3 is included in this week’s listings. The film is operating under the working title “The Big Sleep,” which is more likely to be an in-joke than it is an indication of the actual plot of the film.

@Descendants2015, a popular fan account on Twitter and Instagram, discovered that a second source, What’s Filming, has just added Descendants 3 to its list of upcoming films and television shows set to be filmed in Vancouver and British Columbia. The preceding films were also shot in Vancouver, so that seems to check out. According to the site, Descendants 3 will begin shooting in just about three months from now, on May 16, 2018. It is categorized here as a “TV movie,” which suggests the film won’t be released theatrically like the third High School Musical film was. (That could change, of course.)

It’s also worth mentioning that Kenny Ortega, who directed the previous Descendants films, spent some time in Vancouver last month per his Instagram account. I wouldn’t take this as absolutely confirmation that Kenny is directing Descendants 3, buuuuut there’s a pretty good chance that he is and that he was in Vancouver to do some location scouting for the film.

Disney hasn’t made the news official just yet, but I expect an official announcement will be made sometime in the next few days as social media is already running rampant with excitement from fans over the news of another Descendants film.

Are you excited about this news? What do you want to see in Descendants 3? “Set It Off” with your own thoughts in the comments below!

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  • Anonymous

    Dang it, Disney!

  • Manuel Orozco

    If Descendants 3 happens, I would like to see the return of the villain parents (especially Kristin Chenoweth as Maleficent), the gang graduating before Mal & Ben marry, a final showdown for Aurodon and Disney Channel alumni play some new Aurodon or Villain Kids. Like Miley Cyrus as Rapunzel’s daughter

    • Erin Campbell

      I understand the appeal of that; my concern is that they haven’t really explored the characters from the second movie enough to be adding new characters. I could enjoy the alumni as a cameo, but I hope they keep the focus on existing characters.

      • Manuel Orozco

        Good point. I do like to see a character arc for Dizzy since she’s my favorite of the four new VKs

  • Erin Campbell

    If this is true, I really hope they do two things: show respect to Uma, Audrey, and Ben; and fix Mal’s character. (Nothing wrong with Dove’s acting; Dove acts well. When I saw the first movie, I was impressed.) Mal, in the films, is always on the receiving end of apologies that are not owed to her; in the second film, Ben apologizes for Mal having been under pressure even though he has only been supportive the entire time. Mal never learns; she returns to evil in film two because she never learned what was wrong with evil in the first place; the only reason she ever “became” good was for the social benefits: being freed from her abusive mother and getting to be in love with Ben. But she never apologized to the people she hurt (stealing Audrey’s boyfriend, exploiting Jane’s insecurities, bullying Uma in the past by calling her Shrimpy) or expressed regret of any kind. Uma’s motives are essentially a more altruistic version of Mal’s. Like Mal, she wants to be free of the Isle and is willing to exploit Ben to do it; unlike Mal, she is not content with being free herself; she wants everyone to be free. And Audrey’s only crime was being “too girly” from the perspective of the main characters. So I hope the third movie treats Uma and Audrey with respect and makes Mal own up to all of the wrongs for which she was never held responsible. I want her to apologize and mean it. She literally has no problem with mind-controlling her boyfriend (love potion and wiping his memory). That’s INCREDIBLY abusive. Also if the film could spend more time on characterization than on unnecessary subplots like desegregating the fencing team (a problem mostly limited to the second film, even though the second film had more characters to be explored than the first film did), that’d be great. Evie is great. Jay is great. Carlos is great. Harry is awesome; Gil is adorable. Chad is a jerk, but he’s supposed to be a jerk; the only problem with him is that they had the good guys laugh at him for crying, and it’s not good to teach young boys that there’s anything wrong with crying.

    But I am excited for Descendants 3.

    • Loved reading your thoughts on the good and bad of these films, really glad you pointed out the abusive nature of the love potion (seriously, love potions are always always creepy and never ok). And the tired sexist trope of making fun of the boy for crying.

    • sarah

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    • Manuel Orozco

      I actually didn’t mind Mal’s character arc in Descendants 2. And I would have liked to see her apologize onscreen to everybody. But what we got does make a teeny bit of sense in terms of keeping the moral of the 1st movie of being yourself. Not easy to do but a lot less painful than going through parental abuse.

      • Erin Campbell

        I didn’t mind her character arc; I minded the way it was treated by the film. The arc made sense for her character, but the film seemed to expect the audience to side with her over characters like Uma and sympathize with her more than characters like Carlos. On a first viewing I didn’t mind it, but the more I watched it, the more disgusting her actions and treatment of everyone else seemed.

        • Manuel Orozco

          Whatever you say. I didn’t expect better anyway

  • Erin Campbell

    Also, Harry and Uma should be a thing. They clearly care about each other very deeply, and it really seems like the only people against it (absolutely no offense intended) are either children who don’t understand that just because the actors are dating doesn’t mean the characters are, or people with racial motivations.

    • Manuel Orozco

      I’m sure Dove won’t mind since she’s dating the guy that plays Harry.

  • Sara Jones

    Harriet Hook has gotta been in the third film cause everyone i know loves him in fact a lot of them including me think he should have his own series or movie!!!

    • Manuel Orozco

      I wasn’t too disappointed Harriet that was absent in Descendants 2. But she deserves a spin off indeed

  • slipperysnagglefoot


  • Kim

    I want Uma, Harry, and Gil back for Descendants 3. If they aren’t, I’m not watching it.

    • ashanti

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    • suila

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  • sania

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  • Super siked for this haha!! I liked what they did with the last one and the animated series (which I PRAYYYYY comes back!!) is so good!! I’m hoping for good!! :DDD