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Netflix partners with anime studios for exclusive content

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Netflix partners with anime studios

This year we’ll see increased anime content streaming on Netflix, thanks to a new partnership between Netflix and anime studios Production I.G., Bones, and WIT Studio. The studios are known for currently popular anime such as Attack on Titan (WIT) and My Hero Academia (Bones).

Under the partnership, Netflix will co-produce exclusive anime with the above-listed studios, and then have full rights to distribute that content across 190 countries. Netflix will determine where a given show can be distributed and whether TV networks can license out distribution rights.

Netflix is promoting the deal as a “win-win-win” for Netflix subscribers, anime creators, and the anime industry. In essence we’re seeing more content with a considerable distribution range.

The popular streaming service will have some creative control over the co-produced titles, as Netflix will have representatives on the production committees for each of its partnered studios.

Last year Netflix announced it would be putting a considerable portion of its $8 million 2018 budget toward anime. It has already released well-received anime Devilman Crybaby, and plans to release a total of 30 original titles throughout the year.

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How do you feel about Netflix becoming an increasingly popular platform for streaming anime? Are you looking forward to watching more anime content through Netflix?

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  • I wonder how this will affect Crunchyroll since all of those studios have shows on that site. Or will they be taken down and moved over to Netflix?

    • sola tania

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    • Ernesto Chacon

      Actually the shows that Crunchyroll and especially FUNimation license and stream (e.g. “Attack on Titan”, “My Hero Academia”, etc..) won’t be affected by the deal it’s ONLY going to be on the shows that Netflix produces, rather than what these studios are contracted to produce, along with the fact there’s no mention of a buy-out or a deal with any of the studios to ONLY produce shows for Netflix.

      What this means is Netflix is solidifying their relationships with these companies to make more actual Netflix Original content, just like what they’re doing with “Devilman Crybaby”, “A.I.C.O Incarnation”, and “B: The Beginning”.

      • Amber Dvorak

        Yes, exactly – thank you for explaining! Sorry if that wasn’t clear.

    • yuni

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    • sarah

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