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Indie-Mation Club: ‘The Triplets of Belleville’

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Sylvain Chomet’s stories have a simple charm of their own, but you won’t find them bland. The Triplets of Belleville is the story of a French grandmother who will do anything and everything she can for her grandson, a bicyclist who is kidnapped by the mob. Madame Souza and her dog Bruno follow young Champion to Belleville and team up with the once-famous singing group of triplets to save the day.

It’s a little whacky and a little bizarre and the animation borders on caricature; it’s slightly more serious and still fun in its own simple way.

Watch the featured indie this weekend and come back for a full review on Monday, 2/5!

The Triplets of Belleville is available to watch here:

Viewer Discretion: mild nudity and acts of violence.

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  • Fadi Antwan

    I tried to watch this, but unfortunately I couldn’t get past the horrendous character designs. I found the grandson’s legs alone extremely repulsive to look at. I had to stop. Pretty childish of me, I know.

    • It’s a very unique style, but you tried and that counts! Maybe you’ll be able to watch it through sometime in the future, if only for the story itself.

    • sola tania

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  • Rachel Wagner

    I’m so excited about this. I will be watching this weekend!