• Dante Panora

    St. Vincent. It would probably have to be a very weird movie though.

    But on a slightly related note, if disney ever planned to make fantastic sequels it would be interesting to see them experiment with different genres of music. Post-rock, post-metal, and ambient and electronica are music genres I think are best suited for animated visuals accompanying them. They may not be mainstream genres but wasnt the original fantasia all aboit being avant garde and unique?

    • sola tania

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  • This is a very interesting topic! I personally would prefer if only musical theatre people wrote songs for animated films, but I guess it would be cool if Yusuf Islam/Cat Stevens wrote songs for an animated film one day.

  • EJ

    While writing a project of mine(Fanfic and Non fanfic) I always wondered what happen if Rap, Rock, hints of Broadway and a little bit of Electronica would play out and I mostly have Either a collab between Chance The rapper and Adam young of Owl City or Lin Manuel Miranda and Donald Glover. It would be interesting tbh.

  • Trev

    Great article! I would probably choose Mac DeMarco.

  • William Chan

    Writing a song is much different from writing for a musical, there is plot, character, pacing to consider. What works for a season in pop may not sit in perpetuity in a musical. Care should be taken to make sure it is a musical and not a movie with song

  • Kamal Walker

    Don’t forget Barry Manilow. He composed the song score and also co-written the score for Don Bluth’s Thumbelina. And he only written the song scores for The Pebble and the Penguin as well. He also served as Supervising Composer for both movies as well.

  • Kamal Walker

    I was thinking that the upcoming Hanazuki movie should include new songs written by Adam Young of Owl City. He could also co-write the score as well.