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‘Teen Titans Go! to the Movies’ Teaser is One Giant Fart Joke

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Superhero movies are everywhere, and 2018 is set to be infested with so many. We may be hotly anticipating the biggest Avengers crossover yet, the return of the Incredibles, and more, but there’s yet another one slipping into cinemas this summer. Enter the teaser trailer for Teen Titans Go! to the Movies, one with madcap superhero mocking, and an epic 20-second fart joke!

Based on the highly-successful show Teen Titans Go! on Cartoon Network, this movie follows the titular superhero team, who are yet to have their own movie, setting off to (what else?) get one made for them! This big screen debut of the Titans aims to be a “kid-appropriately crass and tongue-in-cheek play” on the current superhero blockbuster craze, along with some musical numbers thrown in.

With the same crew behind the series working on this, the movie will be helmed by series co-creator Aaron Horvath, who is co-directing with Peter Rida Michail, and co-writing with Michael Jelenic. Despite being produced theatrically by Warner Bros. Animation, the Warner Animation Group banner appears to be absent from the film’s marketing.

The main voice cast will also be reprising their roles, with Greg Cipes as Beast Boy, Scott Menville as Robin, Khary Payton as Cyborg, Tara Strong as Raven, and Hynden Walch as Starfire. Also joining the cast are Will Arnett (The Lego Batman Movie) and Kristen Bell (Frozen) playing Slade and Jade Wilson respectively. Arnett also serves as one of the producers.

What we’ve been shown seems like a mixed bag. While the animation quality is barely better than its TV counterpart, and that fart joke is obviously too lengthy, the jabs it takes on Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and the Titans themselves are surprisingly very amusing. Its self-aware satire like this that makes the typical superhero movie more refreshing.

Of course, the show’s vocal haters will be tearing this movie up, and to them, I’ll just remind them that they’re not being forced to watch it. As for fans and those curious, it’s going to be a wait-and-see game on how the finished product will end up.

Whether you want it or not, Teen Titans Go! to the Movies will be going to the movies on July 27, 2018, via Warner Bros. Pictures.

Teen Titans Go! to the Movies

[Warner Bros. Pictures]

Did the teaser make you laugh, or cause you to dread for something worse? Titans, comment!

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  • Dave 52

    Unlike everyone else, I don’t Teen Titans GO. Sometimes times it is very clever and funny and sometimes it isn’t. This movie could really go either way. Maybe this could be like Sponge Out Of Water where it’s just a crazy ride with a lot of laughs or maybe it could be like The LEGO Batman Movie where it essentially a self aware parody of itself that cleverly takes jabs at certain movie conventions and franchises. I definitely can tell you it won’t be next year’s “The Emoji Movie”. Seriously, anyone who IS saying that is either so full of hatred for the show or just aren’t fully processing what they said.

    • Matt G

      The only way there will be something worse than the Emoji Movie this year is if someone makes Norm of the North 2.

      • cetrata

        Funny enough, splash entertainment actually did produce 2 direct to DVD sequels that were leaked on torrent sites before the release dates were even announced.

        • Matt G

          Ooph. Ouch!

        • Dave 52

          As long they stay as far away from the theater as possible I could care less.

      • Timber Humphrey

        actually, Norm of the North is getting 2 straight-to-DVD sequels, and they’ll both be only 45 minutes long

        • Katie Lewis

          Timber Humphery and one of the sequels got leaked.

          • Timber Humphrey

            wha…?! really?

  • Matt G

    #honesty: The fart joke made me laugh audibly at work yesterday. I watch the show sometimes, so I recognize that body humor on TTGo is usually a result of someone complaining about their immature jokes. They can be pretty self-aware.

    And that is the longest explanation I’ve ever given for why a fart joke worked for me.

    Animation-wise, I’m reminds of the MLP movie, where the animation is kind of just a more polished version of the TV animation. It wouldn’t be surprising if this was made for a fraction of the cost of a normal animated film.

    I wonder if the humor will be closer to LEGO Batman or Captain Underpants. Based on the show it could go either way.

    And those are my thoughts.

    • Timber Humphrey

      at least the MLP movie was made by people who were trying to make something good. sure it didn’t turn out the best thing ever, but that movie at least was entertaining. this….. this looks like it’s gonna be the Emoji Movie of 2018, and i’m pretty sure that WILL happen once it comes out

      • Matt G

        The fact that you have such a strong reaction to TTGo is evidence that the design-by-committee mess that created the Emoji Movie clearly is not at play here. Being bland and generic and meant for everyone is what killed that one.

        Given what the writers of TTGo have done in the show, there is room for a lot of clever storytelling. I think the worst-case-scenario is another Captain Underpants. Brainless and crass, but funny.

        But obviously we’ll see!

        • Timber Humphrey

          well, it still looks like shit. and judging by the thumbs-up/thumbs-down ratio, i ain’t the only one who thinks that

      • Dave 52

        I really suggest you, and a lot of other people, think for awhile before saying this film will be next year’s Emoji Movie. That film has certain elements that made that movie terrible that this film has the fortune of not having.

        • Timber Humphrey

          and i suggest you respect my – and everybody else’s – opinion. i’m not insulting anybody who liked the teaser. what i’m doing is pointing out how most people (myself included) thought it was absolute trash, and how i personally think it’s gonna be the animated movie of the year

          • Dave 52

            Sure, you can not like the teaser, but you are going overboard if you are thinking that this will be “the absolute worst animated movie of the year”. That is stretching it. The movie could be “worst” by default in that it’s the worst but it is really mediocre at best. This movie is NOT going to be “Emoji Movie 2018”. No matter how you look at it. Like I said, that movie is a special kind of bad. Also, any film deserves a fair chance regardless of how the teaser is. The same level of anger and resentment that you as well as others are feeling towards this movie is what the show itself makes fun on regular basis. Who knows? MAYBE this could be a step above the show, which is a mixed bag of clever humor and lazy humor, since it’s taking it’s plot in a direction that movies like Deadpool and LEGO Batman only dipped their toe in. If the movie leans more so on it’s clever side of humor than it could offer some comedic observations on the oversatuation of superhero movies. Even if it ends up being a bit crass that won’t be a bad thing because as Matt said, films like Captain Underpants have shown us that you can use low brow humor but still be pretty funny and have your wits.

          • Timber Humphrey

            look at you, trying to force people to like the teaser to a movie they already don’t like. while yeah, there could be a chance of the movie surprising us, i’m not getting my hopes and expectations up just because you said so. to me, it takes A LOT more than being self-aware just for the sake of it. oh, and when you drag out your fart joke for way too long, that’s also a terrible sign

          • Dave 52

            I am not forcing people to like the teaser. I am telling people it isn’t as bad as they are making out to be and that there is potential for something decent that can poke fun at superhero movie oversaturation. You are going overboard when you are saying something like this is going to be the next “Emoji Movie”. Also, I am pretty sure that fart joke is intentional and is making fun of typical kids films like Norm of The North or The Nut Job that feel like they need to throw in a fart joke in the trailer to get a cheap laugh. Does it go on too long? Yes, but you could argue that is the point.

          • Timber Humphrey

            well, deal with it, bro! if people say it looks as bad as The Emoji Movie, then it’s their opinion and they have the right to say what they think. you might say you’re not forcing people to like it, but it sure as hell looks like you are. so do us a favor and move on, instead of bitching about somebody else’s different opinion!

          • Dave 52

            First off, I’m not your bro. I don’t even want to be your bro.

            Secondly, your right. People do have the right to say what they think. But I also have the right to disagree with what you think and say when you are kind of going overboard.

            Thirdly, I will move on when people like you actually have the will to grow up and stop acting like this movie is going to be the freaking death of cinema or “the absolute worst animated film of 2018”. Have seen the animated movies we are getting this year like Gnome Alone, Sherlock Gnomes, and Peter Rabbit? And people like you are saying that THIS is without a doubt going to be the worst animated film of the year? Sure, the aforementioned films have the possibility to be not as bad as the trailers make them seem but come on! The Peter Rabbit trailer looks less like something from Beatrix Potter and more like an unfunny Bugs Bunny cartoon! Gnome Alone looks like it could have gone straight to DVD! The Sherlock Gnomes trailer had a “No Sh*t Sherlock” joke and that is far worse and than the fart gag here! Yet, this film seems to get more hate just because it’s “Teen Titans Go!” and everyone HAS to hate Teen Titans Go. I guarantee you that if this wasn’t a Teen Titans Go Movie you wouldn’t be complaining nor would your being putting as much hate as can towards it.

    • Harith Sami

      Laughing at that joke makes you part of the problem!
      (Just kidding, I laugh at random YTPs sometimes, we can all agree it was a low-brow joke, because Comedy isn’t objective, what makes people laugh is)

    • To be fair, the MLP movie’s animation was much better than this movie.

  • Timber Humphrey

    i’m all for self-aware humor, as long as it makes me laugh. i NEVER smiled once in this teaser. why? because i couldn’t stop cringing, it was THAT awful!

    • Dave 52

      Geesh, It was not THAT bad.

      • Timber Humphrey

        to me, it was

  • Chelsea Warner

    I honestly didn’t think it was that bad since it wasn’t a real fart. Still not funny and I have no interest in seeing it, but I was expecting something worse.

    • I agree. I thought it would be a lot worse, but it was not. Still mediocre.

  • Anna Pąs

    If there is one thing I learned from animation studios, is that awful trailer often means good movie. I will give it a chance.

  • Harith Sami

    Yes, this is DC’s answer to INFINITY WAR. . . . . being self aware that no one wants this without using the self-awareness to actually improve the movie doesn’t make the movie any better.

    • Dave 52

      Okay, just chill. You are kind of overreacting. One, you do not know how they will use their self awareness in the film or how it could work for the film rather than against it. The jabs at Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and even themselves are pretty humorous. I even think the fart joke at the end was satire on typical animated movies like The Nut Job that rely on a lot of long fart jokes in their trailers. Two, I highly doubt they ripped off the Baymax fart joke. That’s probably just a coincidence. Three, I really suggest you, and a lot of other people, think for awhile before saying this film will be next year’s Emoji Movie. That film has certain elements that made that movie terrible that this film has the fortune of not having.

      • Harith Sami

        There are 4 “self-aware” jokes in the trailer, the fart joke isn’t one of them…
        it wasn’t self-aware or clever, I can’t believe am thinking about the jokes more than the filmmakers had.

        By saying “Emoji movie of Comicbook films” I didn’t mean the part about it being shameless advertisement, cynical, unfunny and soulless.
        I meant that it is an unnecessary concept to turn into a theatrical film.

        When it comes to Animation, Synopsis and tone. . . seems like a straight to digital release to be honest. They probably spent the 90% of the budget to get Will Arnett & Kristen Bell. There is is a possibility of it being good, am sure it will just be a long episode on the big screen, not my cup of coffee.

        • Dave 52

          “I meant that it is an unnecessary concept to turn into a theatrical film”

          Are people still complaining about ______ is an unnecessary concept to turn into a theatrical film? There are a lot of movies, animation and live action, that are “unnecessary concepts to turn into a theatrical film”. A movie where a guy stop crimes in his underpants? Two SpongeBob Movies? Two Paddignton Movies? A film about LEGO? A LEGO spin off film about Batman that is essentially a parody? A Shaun The Sheep Movie? Another My Little Pony Movie? A movie about The Big Bad Fox, a book not that many know about? A movie starring a freaking tree and raccoon? The list goes on and on. A lot of movies don’t need to be theatrical releases yet they are. You could put some of the films I mentioned on TV and it would be the same. What makes something like this so different from the aforementioned films other than:

          A. You just don’t like and therefore don’t want it on the big screen.

          B. It’s Teen Titans Go!

          If the films I previously mentioned can get big screen releases, why can’t this? Visually, it looks more theatrical and it shows with the more detailed backgrounds and shading of the characters.

          • Harith Sami

            Yeah some of your examples could’ve been straight to digital (MLP), except for Paddington, ‘cuz it had passion and hard work put in it.

            I Wasn’t talking about concept (because any story has a potential of being great) the reason I said ” unnecessary to put in cinemas” because it looks like any other TTG episode, it doesn’t look cinematic, at least SpongeBob movie improved the animation and backgrounds and added live-action sequences to make the movie feel bigger, also Ardman spent allot on shaun the sheep movie and it looks like other Ardman “films”, The Simbsons had fast moving smooth animation. Oggy and the Cockroaches: The Movie had a bigger budget than this. (not joking) (this is a friendly argument, right ?)

          • Dave 52

            (Eh, half friendly, half “it ain’t as bad as your making it out to be”)

            True, but you could argue that the films you mention could have had all that effort put into them and still could have been shown on TV.

            This movie may not look as cinematic as SpongeBob, The Simpsons, or even Oggy but it still looks somewhat cinematic. The characters are bit more shaded to give them depth and the backgrounds are more detailed then they have ever been on the show. Also, to be fair, we really don’t know the budget of this film anyway, so it is hard to compare it moneywise to something like Oggy.

          • Harith Sami
  • Harith Sami

    Props for ripping off Baymax’s trailer gag and making it very dumb, obvious and unfunny.

    • Oh yeah, that joke did rip off Baymax’s joke.

  • Harith Sami

    Hmm, 2018’s My Little Pony movie . . . or the Emoji movie of comicbook films?
    It does come out on July 27th, so . . . .

  • I agree the Wonder Woman & Aquaman references were hard not to be amused at, but yeah this was otherwise super uncomfortable to sit through ESPECIALLY AT THE END WITH THEIR EYES… creepy…..

  • Dan Siciliano
  • I’ll be honest, this trailer was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be.

  • That being said, the fart joke was kinda cheap and the animation looks
    poor. You’d think they would upgrade the animation, since this is a film.

  • Rachel Wagner

    I am not part of the fandom or part of the anti-fandom but I thought this trailer was terrible.