• Rachel Wagner

    I like Gurgi quite a bit but I hate the voice they picked. To me it sounds like Donald Duck and is very distracting

    • Landon Kemp

      His voice sounded like a muffled Stitch to me.

      • Rachel Wagner

        I can see that as well

  • Juuchan17

    Gurgi is one of those “sidekick” characters that just… honestly is one most people consider as annoying and by the film’s end, you regret ever hating on them.

    I thought he was a funny, caring little fuzzball. He meant well, though he had no idea what Taran had to do, but Gurgi seemed to be the most realistic personality in Taran’s party. And yet… that ending happened, much to our surprise. Sacrifices were made and the truest of friendships were revealed.

    Gurgi is a cool, loyal character, albeit a tad annoying… but that’s a part of who he is. I’m glad his humor is in such a dark movie, else we wouldn’t have any reason to laugh in the journey.

  • Jeremiah

    Love Gurgi in the books, haven’t seen the movie yet.

  • Ahem!!

    ……….The Reluctant Dragon • https://media.giphy.com/media/850kEaqJJ8dGM/giphy.gif

  • Katie Lewis

    Timothy Mouse anyone?

  • Chelsea Warner

    I haven’t seen the movie in a million years, but I remember his voice being way more annoying than anything he did.

  • Yellow

    Not really a fan of Gurgi, but I haven’t seen this movie in a while.

  • The Dreamer

    I love Gurgi!!! The Dark Cauldron is seriously under-rated. And as for his voice, I just don’t know what other voice would work.

  • Annoying sidekick to me.