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Daily Debate: Who is Your Favorite Pixar Sidekick and Why?

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Sidekicks. While some get a lot of grief for being overly annoying and unnecessary, sidekicks do play an important role in helping our protagonist on their journey. Whether it’s to provide emotional support, an extra head to bounce ideas off of, or just to be the voice of reason, they support our hero in ways they couldn’t support themselves.

For the most part, Pixar has done a great job in creating valuable sidekicks that are not just goofy for the sake of being goofy. Doug. Dory. Bing Bong. Pixar has some pretty incredible sidekicks and it’s almost impossible to choose a favorite. But, we’re going to make you do it anyway:

Who is your favorite Pixar sidekick and why?

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  • I would have said Dory, but then she got her own movie, with Nemo and Marlin becoming the sidekick. I’m having a hard time picking, so here are my top 5 in no particular order:

    – Slinky Dog
    – Spot (from the Good Dinosaur)
    – Frozone
    – Linguini
    – EVE

    • Manuel Orozco

      Dory still counts

    • Shoot… forgot Hank from Finding Dory! He’s great!

  • Lee DeWald

    I feel that mine will be a bit of a cheat, but it would be Mike Wazowski from “Monsters, Inc.” You could make the argument that he is one of the leads of that movie, and I wouldn’t disagree, but I’ve always looked at him as the sidekick to James P. Sullivan.

    My favorite part of this film, by far, is the scene in the apartment when Mike and James are trying to figure out what to do with Boo. Boo coughs on Mike, he sprays himself in the eye with disinfectant, and screams in pain. It slays me every single time.

  • Manuel Orozco

    My Top 5 in order are Dory, Frozone, Mater (underrated), Emile (Remy’s brother) and Bing Bong! I was having a sinking feeling Bing Bong would be a surprise antagonist in Inside Out but i was proven wrong.

  • Ezra

    One of my favorites is Mater from Cars!

  • Ezra Fields-Meyer

    I also love Finn McMissile from Cars 2, Cruz Ramirez from Cars 3, and Art from Monsters University!

  • Ezra

    I even love the mischivous Triplets in Brave!

  • Sebastian

    Luigi & Guido from Cars

  • My top two favorite sidekicks, Dory and Mike, both ended up being the lead role in the sequel/prequel. And I think both Finding Dory and Monsters U are excellent films.

  • Hands down, it would have to be the Genie from Aladdin! Not only is he a great comic relief character, but he has his own goals and motivations for his actions.

    • Michael Clemente

      That’s a sidekick from Disney Animation studios. The challenge is to pick a sidekick from a film made by Pixar, and Aladdin does not fit that criteria.

      • Ooooooh…I wasn’t paying attention! Silly me.

        Well with Pixar, I guess I’ll go with Bo Peep. She was a kind and supportive character in the first two Toy Stories, and I missed her presence greatly in the third. Looking forward to her return in Toy Story 4, granted that movie lives up to the other three films.

        • Manuel Orozco

          I’m being a teeny bit cautious with Toy Story 4

          • Yep. At this rate, I have mostly doubts for TS4.

          • Manuel Orozco

            I felt the same way at first but maybe Bow Peep’s return can remedy it. As well as a possible lighter and softer change of pace with Woody finding her.

  • Michael Clemente

    I’d have to go with Bing Bong from Inside Out. He perfectly embodies the essence of imaginary friend in terms of design and abilities, has a strong connection with the main protagonists, he can effectively feel a lot of emotions and not just be funny and his support towards the main goal is not just effective, but also heartwarming (as his last moment in the film shows).

    • Manuel Orozco

      Even if my love hate relationship with watching Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends on Cartoon Network in my early teens gave me an idea on how tough business having an imaginary friend can be, I was quite surprised how Bing Bong fit in with the story. I actually didn’t have one as a kid but that show between Bloo’s antics and the crazy arguing between him, Mac or some other of the characters also gave me an idea on how cool it can be if us humans and our made up pals co existed side by side.

  • Alex Beezley

    He doesn’t actually do much in the film, but I have always liked Heimlich from A Bug’s Life. Joe Ranft’s Bavarian accent is spot on, and all of his lines are funny to some extent.

    • Manuel Orozco

      May he rest in peace

  • Chelsea Warner

    I’m not sure if he’s my favorite, but I like Mater. I think part of the reason why I didn’t hate Cars 2 is because I can’t bring myself to dislike Mater.

  • Frank Coufal

    Mike, Dory and Bing Bong are my 3 faves.

  • Oooo I have to say a tie between the sidekicks in Brave (they gave me a GOOD chuckle!! Can’t help it!!!) and of course Doug from Up!! He’s just so dang cute and quoteable!! Also he makes me hilariously laugh SO MUCH!! But not as much as Alpha too!! Omg just thinking about Alpha just makes me laugh lol!!! :DDD

  • Ernesto Chacon

    Hard to choose which is my favorite Pixar Sidekick but my favorites are Slinky (Toy Story), Dug and Kevin (Up), Dory (Finding Nemo/Finding Dory), Heimlich (A Bug’s Life), and Bing Bong (Inside Out).

    – Slinky: Besdes Buzz Lightyear, Slink is willing to go to great lengths to help his toy friends, including his friend Woody and is quite well-behaved compared with some of Andy’s other toys. He was one of my favorite supporting characters in the Toy Story film series.

    – Dory: Ditzy and Optimistic, Dory is willing to go full lengths to help others.

    – Dug and Kevin: Dug is playful and kind and almost always likes everybody he comes across with like Carl and Russell. Kevin very affectionate to Russell and also I happen to like birds.

    – Heimlich: Despite his gluttonous appetite, Heimlich was one of my favorite characters in a Bug’s Life thanks to the late Joe Ranft’s Bavarian accent and is very funny to watch.

    – Bing Bong: Embodies the essence of imaginary friend in terms of design and abilities, has a strong connection with the main protagonists in the film.