Daily Debate: What Animated Property Deserves a Remake?

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Remakes! Remakes everywhere! It seems that remakes of old properties, whether they be TV shows or films, are all the rage these days. Disney itself, for example, currently has 19 (Yes, you read that correctly, 19!) live-action remakes currently in production. (RIP original concepts.) And those are only the feature-length live-action films. There are plenty of TV shows being rebooted, such as the recent DuckTales reboot on Disney XD.

So yes, you get the picture. What’s old is new again! While you may not love all these remakes, if we know Disney is doing them anyway, we might as well join in the fun and dream as to what our most wanted remakes are. So here we go with today’s Daily Debate topic:

What animated property–TV or film–deserves a remake?

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Morgan is a native of Arizona and is a desert rat who loves the heat--she doesn’t even turn on the AC in her car in the middle of the summer! She loves big eyeliner, Survivor, Lady Gaga, and, of course, animated films. She has her MBA in Marketing from ASU and now works as a Product Manager for a tech company. Follow her on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.
  • Easy. The Jetsons.

    Life in the 21st century hasn’t turned out the way that the Jetsons predicted in many ways, but its hopefulness about the future is timeless. What would the Jetsons think the 22nd century should look like?

    • Manuel Orozco

      Well good thing you mentioned it because ABC is developing a live action remake possibly with Descendants star Dove Cameron as Judy.

      • Marielle

        How long is she going to play a teenager? She looks like she’s 30.

        • Manuel Orozco

          She’s only in her early 20’s

  • Manuel Orozco

    I don’t consider a childhood favorite but Ferngully (happy 25th anniversary) deserves it. Because the environmental message remains resonant as it was in 1992! Besides more depth to certain characters, new songs need to be written to expand the soundtrack and possibly give to Crysta Zack Magi and others.

  • VoiceTalentBrendan

    I am excited for The Chronicles of Prydain. the first two books were used for Disney’s The Black Cauldron (1985)

    • Katie

      Me as well! Chronicles of Prydain and Sword in the Stone are the two I am most looking forward to.

    • k

      Haven’t seen or read Black Cauldron have to check it out, but I am looking forward to this. I hope they do the whole series like the Lord of the Rings.

  • Matthew Latham


    • Lee DeWald

      Exactly. “Atlantis: The Lost Empire” is ripe for a live-action remake, especially with today’s special effects. One can always dream!

    • k

      One hundred percent totally agree.
      I keep thinking that Tom Holland and Zendaya from Spiderman Homecoming could play the leads. Josh Brolin could be that bad guy and Charlize Theron could be Helga.

      • Manuel Orozco

        I loved Homecoming but I am not picturing a reunion between Holland and Zendaya as Milo and Kira.

  • Jordan Briskin

    A more culturally sensitive (and slightly more historically accurate) re-telling of POCAHONTAS leaps to mind, but the odds are, that’ll never happen…

    • dlizsehshus

      Yeah it happened. Go watch “A New World” directed by Terence Malick.

  • I’d love to see a new great retelling of Thumbelina!! Not that I don’t like the original, but yeah should have been a bit stronger
    I think it’d a super fun movie to bring up again!! :DDD

    • Manuel Orozco

      No offense intended but I rather see a Broadway adaptation of Thumbelina. Although I won’t mind a film remake.

  • k

    I always thought Howl’s Moving Castle could have been a better movie so a live action of that would be nice.

    • Renard N. Bansale

      I want to know how original director Mamoru Hosoda would’ve handled the property.

      • k

        I’ve heard that there would have been more war, the witch of the waste would be absolute evil the scarecrow too, the castle looks more like a walking cathedral, this world would have automobiles and no scene of two old ladies going up stairs. But in all honesty who knows how it would have turned out.

  • Chelsea Warner

    I want to see a remake of Brave Little Toaster. I think it would be a good movie to remake in CG or as a hybrid. In a matter of fact it was originally conceived as the fist CG film, but plans didn’t follow through.

    • Manuel Orozco

      Interesting. I would be in for a fully animated remake the most

  • If we’re sticking with Disney, then I’d pick the Aristocats. It was a cute film
    with fun characters and music, but apart from that, there was not much. I
    feel remaking it with a much improved story could make for a good movie.

    In general, I’m for remaking a property that was not all that good to begin
    with (not something that was garbage, but something was seen as just ok),
    so a remake could fix the issues with the original and make it good.

  • Alex Beezley

    I would be interested in seeing a live action version of Treasure Planet. The comic relief characters could be cut out, which I think would make for a better story. However, it is not at all likely that Disney plans to do this anytime soon. Maybe the executives will consider it when they remake all of the more popular animated classics (which, at the rate the studio is going, is looking more and more probable).

    • Manuel Orozco

      I doubt all their more popular

    • Trev

      I rather just see a live action Treasure Island film. The whole sci-fi setting was gimmicky to start out with.

      • dlizsehshus

        If you want that then watch the 1950 Disney Film. Its live action and better than Treasure Planet i think.

    • k

      I love Treasure planet. I feel it would work better if they do a sci-fi live action instead of a steam punk/sci-fi live action. Steam punk seems to be a niche market.

    • Amber Dvorak

      If done right, this could be AMAZING.

  • Angelo Thomas

    The film that immediately comes to mind is Anastasia, but thinking about it more, here are some other animated properties I wouldn’t mind seeing remade in some form: Treasure Planet, Lilo & Stitch, Curious George, Dragon Tales, Kim Possible, and Totally Spies.

    • Manuel Orozco

      Well Anastasia just came to Broadway so maybe a few more years. I want to see the new stage version

  • I always wanted to see a live-action movie based on Disney’s animated series Gargoyles. I think the technology to do this has finally caught up, especially with the breakthroughs we’ve made with motion capture. I just think this show could translate easily to the big screen, plus it would look amazing!

  • I don’t honestly want any live action remakes. But I’m always wishing for more of Fantasia.

  • Emma Heili

    I’d like to see a completely CGI remake of Osmosis Jones, if…
    1) The humans were given less screen time
    2) The villain was given more screen time
    3) There were less gross-out jokes (which mostly took place in the live action parts anyway)

    • Oh, Osmosis Jones. Has any movie been so confused about its comedic tone than you? The animated parts were brilliant (moreso because I’d recently done Grade 12 Biology), but the live action parts… yeesh.

  • Jerry R.

    How about CGI remade in hand drawn animation? I’d like to see a hand-drawn Toy Story, Zootopia, and Tangled.

    • Manuel Orozco

      I don’t think so I say they are just fine the way they are in CGI. Although I love the Tangled show on Disney Channel

      • Jerry R.

        “they are just fine the way they are in CGI.”
        I feel the same way about Disney’s live action remakes. The originals were fine.

        • Manuel Orozco

          I loved the remake of Cinderella. But I’ll let you have your own opinion

  • The Dreamer

    Lilo and Stitch -But only if we get Dwayne Johnson as Cobra Bubbles.

    • I’d go for that… but honestly, Ving Rhames would do the live action part just as much justice as he did for the voice acting.

  • scarlett

    Ideally none!
    But what about The Black Cauldron? Especially since that has potential to be a multi-series set of fantasy films. When you watch that original film it’s clear they could only skim over the characters development…so I think they could do a lot more with it now perhaps.

  • Amber Dvorak

    If we’re talking live-action remakes, then I have to agree with previous commenters suggesting Atlantis or Treasure Planet. Those would make a lot more sense than Dumbo or Winnie-the-Pooh, in my opinion. And the originals were so underrated, perhaps the remakes could help new fans discover them!