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‘My Little Pony: The Movie’ Delights with New ‘Heroes’ Trailer

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Bronies and pegasisters, it’s time to rejoice! In a few weeks time, Twilight Sparkle and her pony friends will arrive on the big screen for an epic adventure in My Little Pony: The Movie! Fans will be pleased to know that a new ‘Heroes’ trailer has just been released.

Based on the worldwide phenomenon My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and directed by series regular Jayson Thiessen, the movie brings Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rarity, and Spike into a dangerous journey to save Equestria from an evil threat. The movie is confirmed to have seven songs and will feature new characters voiced by celebrities including Emily Blunt (Gnomeo & Juliet), Michael Peña (The Lego Ninjago Movie), Australian singer Sia, and more.

While the show’s animation utilizes Adobe Flash, the movie makes the leap to full hand-drawn animation with Toon Boom Harmony. In other words, this mean’s we’re going to witness a rarity (no pun intended): A hand-drawn animated feature released widely in cinemas! The only other ones of this decade were 2011’s Winnie the Pooh, and 2015’s The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water (despite the movie having live-action/CGI segments).

I may not be a brony myself, but the episodes I have seen of the show were quite a delight to watch. And with this trailer, it looks like this is could be an exciting adventure that takes everything great about the series and amplifies it to a cinematic experience. I’m especially curious to know more about the villain Tempest Shadow (Emily Blunt’s character) and her backstory, motives, and views on magic.

My Little Pony: The Movie will release theatrically in the United States and Canada on October 6, 2017, in the UK on October 20, 2017, and in Australia and New Zealand on November 2, 2017 (via Madman Entertainment). Let’s just hope Lionsgate doesn’t screw up the release like it does with all its other animated outputs.

My Little Pony: The Movie


Are you “nervouscited” for the Mane 6’s big screen adventure? Tell us your thoughts!

Edited by: Hannah Wilkes

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  • Yellow

    A My Little Pony movie is rated PG? What kind of world do we live in?

    • Katie Lewis

      The G rating is dead thanks to the Oggieloves!

  • Jeremiah

    I’m so excited we’re getting an actual hand drawn film in theaters. And it looks great, the character animation is lively, so passionate. Tempest looks intimidating, the jokes are fun, it looks good. (On a side note about the animation, Michel Gagné’s blog makes for an interesting read. Turns out the animating was pretty chaotic).

  • natef

    I’m really hoping since critics will actually have to sit down and watch this that it will lend some mainstream legitimacy to the franchise. It’s frustrating having to bite my tongue (or fingers) every time I see the very idea of it met with a dismissive attitude from film bloggers.

  • Marielle

    This trailer is so irritating. The main ponies’ voices sound like they are constantly screaming. I weep for the parents who will have to sit through this.

    • Zak Wood

      Lionsgate isn’t the best at marketing their animated films (Ex: Shaun the Sheep), the crew of MLP were legitimately outraged that the original Teaser was messed up to where the shading of the characters were too dark and were telling their followers that the animation in thye film wasn’t like that. THIS trailer proving them 100% right.

      • Marielle

        The art looks okay.

  • Jack Franco

    I’ve never seen MLP nor do I care about it but I would go see thsi move just to promote the use of hand drawn animation for films it’s been six years coming

  • Mares Fillies

    My brony body has been ready for these past 7 years. Finally, our pony girls get the red carpet treatment they deserve. <3 I'll be turning 26 when this movie comes. 😀

    • Jeremiah

      I can’t believe how close it is. Before long, we’ll be in the theater and it’ll be just as great as we hoped.

  • Chelsea Warner

    It’s cool to see a 2D movie on the big screen, but I know I won’t see this in theaters. I might watch an episode or two out of boredom, but I’m not a major MLP:FiP fan. I mostly watch it because I was into the original series when I was little.

  • Nervousited is the PERFECT for my take so far with this film
    Just hoping for a good time and that it just succeeds 🙂

  • That is quite a write-up. Overall, I’m interested in this movie. I am probably
    not gonna see it in theaters, but nonetheless check it out eventually. It looks
    a lot better than it needs to be and considering the rather weak slate of films
    this year, this does have a chance of being nominated for Best Animated
    Movie at the Oscars.

    On a side note, I actually started watching the show for the first time after
    seeing the trailer. That’s right, I have never watched the show until now and
    surprisingly, it is actually good. Nothing outstanding, but a show with good
    characters, good writing, no bad humor, and stories (that while predictable)
    are at least entertaining and have a surprising amount of drama in them. It’s
    not the best I have seen and it’s a little hard to imagine why so many people
    are crazy about this show, but yeah, it’s good and I do enjoy watching it.

    As far as Lionsgate goes, they’re probably gonna screw it up. It’s coming out
    only 3 weeks after Lego Ninjago and (in my view) the marketing’s minimal.

    • Ian

      Well, right now there’s been a BURST of marketing, kicked off in big part to that sneak peek during “America’s Got Talent”. Not to mention it has a song by Sia, which is getting showered with comments from fans saying they’ll see the movie because of her. Of course, they’d have to sit through five EPIC Disney Renaissance-style musical numbers before Sia’s big song, because HOLY CRAP, that soundtrack…

  • Ghost of Obi Wan Kenobi

    Just wait. The movie will bomb. Execs will say “see, we should never have gone back to 2D!” And Hand-Drawn will be dead for another decade….

    Wake me up when Cartoon Saloon releases their next film…