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‘The Magic School Bus Rides Again’ Trailer Debuts!

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Three years ago, we informed you that the classic animated educational show, The Magic School Bus, based on the Joanna Cole books of the same name, was getting a reboot. The time has come to inform you that the official trailer for the show has finally debuted!

The Magic School Bus Rides Again serves as an updated version of its predecessor from the 1990s. Like the original show, The Magic School Bus Rides Again is about a teacher named Ms. Frizzle who uses a magic school bus to teach her class about different scientific principles. In the reboot, however, the now Professor Frizzle, voiced once again by Lily Tomlin, is handing the reins over to her younger sister, Fiona Felicity Frizzle, voiced by Kate McKinnon.

The Magic School Bus Rides Again utilizes Flash animation as opposed to the traditional hand-drawn animation style of the original show. But, other than that, most of everything seems the same: the students seem the same, the bus seems the same, the overall plot of the show seems the same, etc. The theme song, however, has been redone by Lin-Manuel Miranda (Hamilton, Moana). The Magic School Bus Rides Again is set to debut on Netflix on September 29, 2017.

What do you think of the trailer? Does it pay tribute to the original show? Or does it disappoint you? Will you be checking out this reboot once it airs? Let us know in the comments below!

Edited by: Kelly Conley

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  • Yellow

    I think that recent uses of Flash animation have had mixed results. The recent Mickey Mouse shorts are, I think, an example of it being used pretty well. This however is not. The movements are stiff.

  • I still haven’t decided how I feel about this. On the one hand, I love that Lily Tomlin is back, she will always be Miss Frizzle to me, on the other hand, I don’t like that she isn’t the star any more. But, the trailer does make it seem like she’ll still be around in some capacity, so I guess that’s good.
    I hope it’s more than just a cameo in each episode. I kind of get the feeling that she’ll be the new “Producer” or whoever it was that Malcom Jamal Warner played in the original series, which was fine, but it basically amounted to like two minutes at the end of each episode, and I want more Frizzle than that.
    I’ve seen a lot of complaints about the animation, and while I understand where they’re coming from, the flash style animation doesn’t have nearly the life and charm of hand-drawn animation, but at the same time, the character design is still good, and I don’t think the animation is flat out awful.
    I know that’s not glowing praise, but I am trying to look for the positives. I really do want this to be good. In the end, I realize that I am definitely not the target audience for this show, and if it’s bad, I just won’t watch it, but I grew up with the original, and I really want this to be a worthy follow up.

    • I feel the same way. It’s not meant for me either, but it looks decent enough.

  • Marielle

    Wow, flash animation sucks. Still a great kid show concept though.

    • Jeremiah

      Yeah, flash can look awesome. As an mlp fan, I love flash done right. But here, we get this cheapy animation. But it looks like a good show, so.

      • I have only seen a few MLP episodes so far, but I’m surprised how good
        the flash animation is.

    • Yeah, the backgrounds are nice but the character animation is definitely cheap.

  • Juuchan17

    Shoot, I must have missed hearing about this reboot 3 years ago… because this SHOCKED me just now.

    I won’t lie though… After seeing the trailer, this does have potential to be good. The fact that a “Ms. Frizzle” will still be in the driver’s seat of the Bus is ALWAYS a plus, as well as the fact that Lily Tomlin is returning to reprise the Ms. Frizzle that I and many other late 90’s kids remember fondly from childhood. (Not gonna lie, but I smiled once I heard her voice in the trailer. AAAH~ it was a GREAT feeling!) I also like how the theme song is still very much the classic tune from the original, except much newer, obviously. The character designs look good to me, definitely making me recognize some familiar faces with slight updates after nearly 20 years. I’m honestly curious if or how any of the personalities will be changed or updated to reflect modern times and make for more relatable students… or if they will they bring back any other notable guest characters from the original series (I would LOVE Arnold’s cousin Janet return, personally).

    The animation… doesn’t really bother me. I’m used to seeing bad Flash animation, and this is clearly not what I’d consider as “bad”. It does have obvious CGI that does seem a tad… jarring though. The look and feel are different, due to the animation style, but just seeing familiar buildings and callbacks to the original series really make it FEEL like an actual continuation reboot.

    Also, that closing line by V. Frizzle makes me wonder exactly what role she’ll play in the new show now that her little sis is in charge of Bus, Liz and the kids. It’ll be tough to replace the classic Friz, but I kinda like the F. Frizzle so far – she’s a slightly younger version of the original… minus the quirky fashion sense. That might take some getting used to… but I’m willing to check out!

  • Lee DeWald

    I, for one, am very excited about this. I was, and still am, a huge fan of the Magic School Bus, both the books and the animated show. The only bummer about this news is that it is exclusive to Netflix, which I don’t have. Hopefully, it will be released to DVD at some point.

  • Jeremiah

    Okay, I was all set to bad they replaced The Friz but… They got Kate flipping KcKinnon. Score.

    The animation is a HUGE step down. It looks so low budget, every pose looks like a paper doll. I was hoping for an upgrade. But at least the actual sciency-stuff looks cool.

    Also, the tease at the end saying Frizzle WILL be relevant made me happy.

    PS, who did you crush on? I was 100% hot for DA. A blonde genius with pig tails. I wanted to be just like her… well, the genius part. I love the sportscoat she rocks now, but- the pigtails! Noooo! RIP pigtails. Also, there doesn’t seem to be any info yet, but DA doesn’t sound like a kid. 🙁 I LOVED that they sounded like kids in the original. It made it so much easier to get invested in them and live through them.

    As you can see, lots of thoughts. I freaking love MB. Super exciiiii-ted! Wahoo and all that.

    • I think I had a thing for Phoebe. She was super sweet!

    • Juuchan17

      It was that FRIZ TEASE that actually makes me want to get Netflix. I really wanna see what else she sets up with her younger sister at the helm.

      Also, Carlos is the kid equivalent of a dorky master of “dad jokes”. I digged those groaners so much. (If he’s not the pun master here, I will be a tad miffed.)

  • This trailer looks decent enough. Clearly it’s not meant for older teenager like me,
    but I am sure younger kids will like it. The song did bring back memories though. I
    remember playing Magic School Bus games back when I was a young kid.

  • Chelsea Warner

    The original series was a childhood favorite of mine. I was completely obsessed when I was like seven. I think it was the first show I had head canon for. Now with all that being said, it just doesn’t hold up. I still think it’s great for teaching kids about science, it has zero entertainment value for an adult. At least not for me. If this trailer is any indication, the same goes for this. I might watch it once just to say I did, but I don’t have high hopes for it.

  • The only problem I can see here is just the animation looks a bit more cheap and really different from the original (which I totally understand wanting to be its own thing, just one of the first things I noticed) but I think it still looks pretty fun and I love Kate Mckinnon and she sounds so awesome as Mrs. Frizzles sister (which I am loving how she fits in this!!)
    I probably won’t see it since I am too old for something like this but I’m just going to be optimistic about it since it does feel (except for the animation part) like the original show I fondly remember as a kid 🙂

  • Karl “Karlamon” Smith

    As someone who grew up with and loved The Magic School Bus (both the books and the 90’s animated series), I feel rather mixed about this reboot.

    On one side, it’s pretty cool how it captures the spirit of the original show, and gives it an update without feeling too hip and modern. Bringing back Lily Tomlin as Mrs. Frizzle to pass the torch onto her sister Fiona is also a nice touch. As we’ve seen this done in follow-ups/reboots like Digimon Adventure 02 and the 2009 Star Trek movie, this is a great way to satisfy fans and introduce a new generation.

    On the other hand however, I’m not particularly fond with the character animation. Sure it’s Flash and they did a good job with the environments and designs, but their flatness the robotic movements they execute seem rather off-putting. That, and if the reboot wants to win me over, they need to make the students highly memorable on the same levels as the originals like Arnold, Carlos, and Dorothy. Otherwise, it’s not gonna set itself apart from.

    Overall, this could have potential to be either fun or pretty bad, but we’ll have to wait and see. Oh, and I totally dig Lin-Manuel’s rendition of the classic theme song. So awesome!

  • Emma Heili

    1) Like most people, I’m not a fan of the animation.
    2) If these are supposed to be the same kids, I’m upset about the slimming down of Ralphie and the lightening of Keesha and Tim’s skin tones. If they aren’t the same kids, I’m still upset because there’s less skin tone and weight diversity.
    3) Why would you have a different Ms. Frizzle?! She was the best part of the original show. I would even be ok with recasting her voice actor as long as she was the same character.