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Daily Debate: Is the D23 Expo Good or Bad for the Disney Brand?

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Today’s the day every Disney fanatic has been waiting for: the bi-annual D23 Expo in Anaheim, CA! You’ve got panels, presentations, sneak peaks, the show floor, and more, oh my! It is a jam-packed 3-day weekend of anything and everything Disney. But is this Disney overload a good or bad thing for the brand?

The Pros

Let’s be honest, the D23 Expo is a glorified stage for massive self-promotion for Disney. And it’s genius. Disney fans are already some of the most loyal in the world, and the company gets them to pay for sneak peeks and other exclusives that the general public will never see.

It’s also a great place for Disney fans to unite and connect because attending the event is considered a badge of honor. Are you really a Disney fan if you’ve never been to the biggest Disney convention in the world? All in all, the D23 Expo is a ton of fun.

The Cons

It can’t all be pixie dust and rainbows. On the flip side, a lot of the content presented at the D23 Expo never makes it to the general public. It’s locked down in the Disney vault forever. This is a bummer for those who can’t afford the ticket or make it out to CA for the event.

Also, from a customer service perspective, the Expo can be a major pain. Like other cons, you pay big money for exclusives but spend the majority of your time waiting in hour-long lines so that you can get a great seat for the panels and presentations. Even if you get a great seat, good luck documenting it as cameras and photography mean a one-way ticket outside. And if you’re a first timer, you’re most likely to find the format and communication about the event and how it runs to be confusing (“I have to wait in this line for how long?” “Wait, I was waiting in the wrong line all along?” “There’s a FastPass for this?”)

So what do you think? Is the D23 Expo a good or bad thing for Disney? Sound off in the comments or on our Facebook page!

Also, three of our team members—Kajsa, Hannah, and Rachel—will be covering the D23 Expo 2017 for us. Stay tuned to the site for all the updates from the weekend. Also be sure to follow Rotoscopers on Instagram for photo updates as well!

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  • aquapyro

    As someone who once planned a Disneyland vacation for my family while i went to D23 (note: I was 20, i took my two brothers and parents). I thought it was worth it. I usually don’t plan to much, so i just had to plan for the couple of panels i would be attending. Legends, Parks and Games. The rest of the time i spent wandering around and talking to people, buying simple merch and then go to the parks with the family.

    I think its really a balence of keeping things to a minimum of what you want to. Thats what makes it worth it.

    • Manuel Orozco

      If I were attending, the panels I would attend are the animation, live action and possibly a TV show or two. By the way, I was 20 in 2013 when that Expo happened.

  • Manuel Orozco

    I actually never attended a D23 but I wouldn’t pay a big amount of money to attend. However, I prefer reading about all the exciting announcements and panels here on the internet! So bottom line I’m pretty neutral.

    • I know it’s off topic, but I did see Cars 3! Thought it wasn’t as good as the other movies, but I still enjoyed it overall. 3.5/5 stars.

      • Manuel Orozco

        That’s all right you didn’t enjoy it much. Pixar in my book hasn’t made one totally bad tasting feature.

        • I agree. There’s not a single Pixar film I dislike. The Good Dinosaur may be at the bottom of my list, but I still found it to be a pretty average movie.

          • Manuel Orozco

            Not all are great but enjoyable nonetheless. 10 are pretty good and 7 are particularly masterpiece. I liked Good Dinosaur too but was cheesy in pieces, story showed lack of freshness and character designs were even more cartoony than supposed to be.

          • That’s 17 in total. Did you leave one out? 😉

          • Manuel Orozco

            Sorry I meant 18 miscounted and I meant 8 are particular masterpieces. And you agree what I said about GD.

          • Ah, okay. I thought you were gonna leave out Cars 2.

          • Manuel Orozco

            I swear was a total miscount. But can you believe Incredibles 2 next summer will be the 20th Pixar feature milestone?

          • Yeah, I think so.

          • Manuel Orozco

            Animation panel is over now

          • Yep. And I’m both happy and hurt.

          • Manuel Orozco

            Why so

          • Toy Story 4 lost John Lasseter as its director.

          • Manuel Orozco

            That now decreases my excitement and the Disney Princess cameos are putting my anticipation for Wreck It Ralph 2 in surrealistic questioning. Also Elastagirl having the spotlight in Incredibles 2 might make or break it. Bright side is Cars in Space

          • Yep. I thought the Planes films (Planes 2 especially) had promise. This space film might be their best one.

          • Manuel Orozco

            Maybe you’re right maybe you’re wrong. Sounds totally exciting. Plus the Cars universe is full of surprises in terms of world building.

  • Phoenix Wright

    I see the good and the bad points, but I also wonder. If there was no expo at all, do you think the exclusive stuff would be shown to the public instead or would it just not be shown at all?

    Anyway, I think its probably something that’s great to go to at least once and I hope to go eventually. However, I’m happy just to be at home and here some of the news online

    • Manuel Orozco

      Well I’m not a big Disney fanatic so I’m just fine being at home online to find about the announcements.

  • At the end of the day, all I care about are the announcements. D23 has become a special time for me, just like E3 has for gamers. I’d love to attend the event one day. But right now, I’ll just loom on Twitter and the Rotoscopers sites to see what’s going on! 🙂

    • Manuel Orozco

      I never been to a fan convention knowing how expensive they usually are. But I do care about announcements too as long as they are some that can easily excite me. For example, I’m excited to hear about Wreck It Ralph 2.

      • They are expensive! Now, I’ve been to a convention before. It was called “Katsucon” and it only cost $60 a person. D23 is close to $400 excluding travel, hotel, and food costs. It’s crazy!

        • Manuel Orozco

          I’ve always wanted to attend Comic Con in San Diego but I’ll be on vacation this coming week and heading home Saturday.

  • Bob Smith

    “Are you really a Disney fan if you’ve never been to the biggest Disney convention in the world?”

    I don’t think there’s a correct way to be a Disney fan since I don’t think a fan is under any obligation to go to the convention. Personally, I can wait for the info that gets presented.

    But I’d say D23 is a good thing because it can give all kinds of fans something to look forward to, and it lets the fans live and express their passion for the brand.

    • I was being hyperbolic. 🙂

      • Bob Smith

        I still wanted to get that out there, anyways.

      • Manuel Orozco

        Didn’t think of that

    • Manuel Orozco

      Why I prefer to read about it here on the internet.