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D23 Expo 2017: Alex Hirsch and Daron Nefcy Talk ‘Gravity Falls’, ‘Star vs. The Forces of Evil’ Books

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One of the first panels to kick off the 2017 D23 Expo was From Script to Screen: “Gravity Falls” and Star vs. The Forces of Evil”, which took place this morning in the D23 Expo Arena. The panel featured the teams behind the Disney Television Animation shows Gravity Falls and Star vs. The Forces of Evil, along with a team from Disney publishing, who talked about the bestselling titles Gravity Falls: Journal 3 and Star vs. The Forces of Evil: Star and Marco’s Guide to Mastering Every Dimension.


Gravity Falls: Journal 3

Show creator Alex Hirsch, supervising producer Rob Renzetti, and character designer Stephanie Ramirez were at the panel representing Gravity Falls. Each spoke about the process of writing and illustrating Journal 3, a real-life replica of Dipper’s journal from the show. Hirsch spoke about how excited the team was to work on the book as it allowed them to flesh out the universe of the show and include things they didn’t have time to include in the series’ final episodes.

Gravity Falls fans will definitely appreciate how faithful the book is to the show—Renzetti admitted to going through every scene from the TV show where Journal 3 was visible and making sure each page featured in the show, down to the last detail, was included in the published book.

Gravity Falls: Journal 3 is available for purchase on journalthree.com. If you are interested in purchasing custom “book sweaters” for Journal 3 (or just want a laugh), call (888) 274-4447. Trust me, you won’t regret it!


Star vs. The Forces of Evil: Star and Marco’s Guide to Mastering Every Dimension

According to Star vs. The Forces of Evil show creator, Daron Nefcy, she first envisioned Star and Marco’s Guide to Mastering Every Dimension as “a guide for teens for life—through the lens of Star vs. The Forces of Evil.” The book was published by Disney publishing, who worked closely with the show creators to ensure it would give Star fans everything they could possibly want.

The book includes maps of different dimensions Star and Marco travel to in the show, along with “advice” from characters (such as Pony Head’s guide on “How to Get Smoky Eyes Behind Bars”). Nefcy spoke about how she really wanted the book to honor the world created and express the true voices of the characters.

Big Announcements

Gravity Falls is getting a graphic novel! While Hirsch couldn’t reveal the release date of the graphic novel, he did say that the book is currently in the works and that he has been involved with the project.

Necfy also had a big announcement…Star vs. The Forces of Evil is getting a second book! This book will be a replica of Star’s Spell Book. Similarly to Journal 3, this book will resemble Star’s spell book from the TV series.

Edited by: Kelly Conley

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