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Animation Addicts Podcast 149: ‘Cars 3’ – Tixar

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Morgan and Chelsea are off to the races with this review of Pixar Animation’s 18th feature film, Cars 3!


  • Welcome to the RotoNation, Alex and Chloe!
  • Pixar short: Lou
  • We all know that kid. Some of us were that kid.
  • Love that animation style!
  • Main Discussion: Cars 3.
  • Morgan’s Cars 2 rant.
  • Director spotlight: Brian Fee
  • Sally. Is she really right for McQueen?
  • The dark teaser trailer caused parent’s freak out.
  • The player/mentor relationship.
  • Lightning’s just hanging out in his primer aka underwear.
  • They cashed out.
  • “You have hit a wall.” -The Simulation
  • It’s Nascar country for a reason!
  • That trophy, though…
  • That plot twist, though…
  • Dinoco: Pixar theory expanded.
  • The music: Randy Newman
  • We rate it!
  • New patron perks!
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About Chelsea Robson

Chelsea Robson, Co-host of the Animation Addicts Podcast, studied studio engineering and is a singer/songwriter and is know as "The World Traveler of the Podcast." She speaks fluent Portuguese, loves being outdoors, hiking small mountains, riding horses, and talking about human nature.
  • Rachel Wagner

    New release! Cant wait to listen to this!

  • David K

    Yeah, I’ll have to agree with Morgan with this one. I wouldn’t have mind McQueen getting a new gf. Sally was not meant for him unfortunately. She prefers “open wheels” anyways and calls him stinky on purpose. I was expecting so much from this movie because my real first love for animation was Cars. I almost hated how they chose to finish the movie. McQueen should have finished what could have been his last race. [SPOILERS!] Another car racing for him is just the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Cars are humanized, right? You can’t just replace a race car with another one during the race! Imagine running a marathon, and another fresh legs replaces you with your number on your back! And that backflip/turn Cruz did at the end made me laugh at loud but not because it was funny or cool, because it was so silly. So basically what could’ve have been an amazing film, slipped to be an average film. 🙁 6/10 for me.