Introducing Daily Debate!

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Here at Rotoscopers.com, we have a very engaged and passionate audience. Nearly every post has a flood of insightful comments, which leads to some great discussion. We want to keep this tradition of meaningful conversation alive by introducing a new mini article series called the Rotoscopers Daily Debate.

What is Daily Debate?

Daily Debate is a short-form article series that poses one simple question and allows the readers to lead the discussion. Every few days, we will post a new article that tees off that day’s subject and question, then will open up the discussion to the readers to fire away with their responses. We encourage comments anywhere, but suspect that most of the discussion will likely occur on our Facebook page and in the comments section of that day’s Daily Debate article.

This series is inspired by a Zelda Informer’s Daily Debate series, which has led to some great conversations over there. If you’re a Zelda fanatic, definitely check out Zelda Informer!


We’ve already tested out a few Daily Debate topics on our Facebook page. Check out some of the Daily Debate we’ve covered already:

Future Topics: we need your help!

In order to make the Daily Debate a success, we need questions from readers like you. So let us know in the comments below which questions you would like to see for future editions of the Rotoscopers Daily Debate!

What questions you would like to see for future editions of the Rotoscopers Daily Debate?

Edited by: Hannah Wilkes

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