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Animation Addicts Podcast 146 ‘Fantasia’ – It’s All About the Hippos

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In episode 146 of the Animation Addicts Podcast, the Rotoscopers review Disney’s third theatrical animated film, 1940’s Fantasia!


  • Main Discussion: Fantasia (1940)
  • What a backstory!
  • Finally made it’s money back!
  • First impressions
  • Scene by scene
  • Chelsea’s getting hungry
  • Top 3 scenes?
  • We rate it!
  • Voicemail: Alex B, Rachel, Dan S, Daniel L, Gabbi, Jon
  • Don’t forget to use the hashtags #AnimAddicts and #AnimAddicts146 when talking about this episode on Twitter!

Runtime:  01:14:13, 


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  • I just absolutely adore Fantasia so much. It was one of those Disney movies that I remember watching constantly on a daily basis and being so amazed by the visuals/characters and how they corresponded to the music.

    By the way, my all time 3 favorite segments of this movie are Part 3 of the Nutcracker Suite involving the fish, The Rite of Spring and Ava Maria.

  • Phoenix Wright

    Oddly enough, I don’t remember ever watching this until early high school but I absolutely adore it. I’d definitely give it a perfect score, but I do have to agree with you guys that its not something I can just watch willy nilly. I definitely have to be in the specific mood to watch it. My favorite segment is the Dance of the Hours, but I’m surprised to see that other people enjoy it so much too (at the current moment its winning the vote). I guess I just expected The Sorcerer’s Apprentice and A Night on Bald Mountain to rule the vote, but who knows what will happen later on. Thank you both once again for delivering a great podcast. I can’t wait for the next one

  • Jordan Briskin

    Personally, I prefer FANTASIA 2000 over the original.

    • Jeremiah

      That’s so cool! I definitely don’t but Fantasia 2000 is awesome.

  • Hannah Wilkes

    I used to watch Fantasia a lot as a child. I can appreciated them now, but I never liked Night on Bald Mountain or The Rite of Spring because I found them really scary back then! The Nutcracker Suite and The Pastoral Symphony were definitely the favorites when I was little.

  • Matthew Latham

    Gotta love the movie trailer guy. Wouldn’t be 90’s Disney without him.