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What Would You Like To See In ‘Frozen 2’? 11 Sequel Ideas

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Frozen. It’s one of those movies that has defined an entire generation. The blockbuster box office returns, the immense popularity of the songs and characters, and the sheer amount of merchandise literally everywhere has made this a Disney classic for the ages. Not a day arguably passes when we still see the characters around us, be it products or memes. In the three years since its release, Frozen has redefined our standards for animated films, and it continues to be a movie we love to revisit.

Now, there’s a sequel brewing.

Directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck have confirmed that they are indeed, working on a continuation of Anna and Elsa’s story. And while that sequel is still more than two years away, there’s no stopping us super fans (we’re the guys who gave you Frozember, successfully decoded Anna’s hair secret AND gave you the legendary Tangled vs. Frozen showdown) from putting forward our own ideas for the much anticipated sequel.

So, here are 11 ideas for the FROZEN SEQUEL!

1. Where did Elsa’s powers come from?

In Frozen we learn that Elsa was “born with her powers”, and that neither her sister Anna nor their parents had any visible supernatural abilities. But isn’t it a little odd to not explain such a major detail? So will we finally learn the mysterious source of Elsa’s mighty powers? We want answers.


2. Could Anna have powers?

Speaking of powers, it’s rather odd that Elsa would have icy abilities and Anna wouldn’t have any such powers. Anna hasn’t shown any hint of any secret powers (she’s completely ordinary…in the best way, of course). But could we see her with some kind of abilities in the sequel? Even it it’s only temporarily, it would be really cool to have Anna use powers of some sort.


3. Exploring distant lands…

Most sequels have the same idea: take the main characters and go off to a foreign land (Spain! Japan! Italy! See: Cars 2, Rescuers Down Under, and Finding Dory, among many others). But that wouldn’t be such a bad idea in the case of Frozen. Perhaps the gang could pack up and go exploring neighboring kingdoms in order to solve a particular mystery/ meet a certain character/ uncover a hidden secret.

4. Anna and Kristoff’s Wedding?

Anna and Kristoff get together at the end of Frozen, so are wedding bells next for them? Or hey, speaking of a wedding, and considering this is in fact, a Disney sequel, could we see kids in their future? Could their kid potentially have ice powers? Am I veering too much into Little Mermaid II territory?

5. Could Elsa temporarily lose her powers?

The first Frozen was awesome because Elsa learns to get a grip on her overwhelming powers. But what if she lost them? What if a certain villain steals her power? Or hey, what if Anna accidentally gains her powers? The ideas are staggering.

6. Elsa goes on a mission to save Anna this time.

Frozen is such a classic because of the sisterly bonds of love we witnessed between Anna and Elsa. Anna makes it her mission in the first film to bring her sister back and be a family again, but what if this is reversed this time around? What if Anna disappears (or is captured by sinister forces) and it’s up to Elsa this time around to rescue her little sister? Either way, we’re sure that Frozen 2 will continue to explore the deep bonds of sisterhood and family.

7. A formidable new villain?

Everyone was in for the surprise of their life when Hans turned out to be the actual bad guy in Frozen. While we love Disney’s modern trend of surprise villains, it would be cool to have a larger-than-life, classic and really evil villain this time around.

8. Distant relatives? Another sister?!

The Frozen arc on Once Upon A Time really got a lot of us wondering if Elsa and Anna actually had more family members. Like their snow-queen aunt, perhaps?

Then again, what if there was a third sister? Maybe Anna and Elsa could have a long lost sister who doesn’t remember who she is; maybe she knew all along that Elsa and Anna existed but never revealed herself; or maybe she stays far away because SHE HAS POWERS TOO? After all, we never did learn where the king and queen were sailing off to…

9. Epic new music!

This one’s a given, considering that Robert and Kristen-Anderson-Lopez (we don’t know yet that they’ll be doing the music again, but it’s rather inevitable) will be looking to recreate the blizzard of awesomeness that was ‘Let It Go’. This time around, though, how about a proper duet between the two sisters?

10. Another Olaf?

Let’s not forget about Olaf, everyone’s favorite snowman! With the sheer merchandise based on him, we wouldn’t be surprised if we got another similar character, perhaps even a female snowman (snow-woman?). Now, we know that Olaf is one of a kind because he’s inspired by Anna and Elsa’s childhood, but another character like him would be fun!

On second thought, two Olafs…

11. Elsa’s love interest!?

Now, #GiveElsaAGirlfriend was definitely a great trend, and we’re all for it, it being 2017 and all. We don’t know, however, if Elsa is the type of girl who really needs a love interest, because she’s so fiercely independent. She could rule an entire kingdom just fine by herself. But if Disney were to give her any sort of romantic partner, we’re sure it will be worth it.



We asked our wonderful friends on Twitter what their suggestions were, and here they are:

Now, we turn over this discussion to our fans. What would YOU like to see in the Frozen sequel? More Elsa? More Anna? More Olaf? Sound off in the comments!

Speaking of Olaf and more Frozen, watch out for Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, a new Frozen holiday TV special, airing later this year!

‘Frozen 2’ hits theatres November 27, 2019.

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  • Manuel Orozco

    I’m in favor of most of these ideas. But in particular with Anna and Kristoff’s wedding, a better explanation of Elsa being born with her Ice powers, a classic formidable villain, more spectacular music (include a big finale and maybe even less tiring songs) and Elsa being Disney’s first lesibian queen. Character development needs a little more work as well. Elsa saving Anna this time could work as a possible deliemma the young ruler can get into where their will be no one she ever cared about to help her. Meanwhile, I’m pretty sure the Lopezes will be hired back despite them working on the tunes for Gigantic!

  • Harith Sami

    Nah, they should just go darker, bring a better villain and conflicts, more magical powers. And it will probably be released in November 26th 2019, ’cause its an empty slate for a Disney Animated film + it is releasing at Frozen’s 6th ANNAiversary.

    • Manuel Orozco

      I don’t think so about dark since the original was occasionally dark. Maybe they will want to increase the fun magnitude a bit if done right.

    • Harith Sami

      And I want more spectacle please, Disney you have to take advantage of your hyperion render !
      And no more predictable, all good, happy endings, add a little consequence, just a little, don’t make it cheesy and whimsy like last time.

      • Manuel Orozco

        I don’t know about that either but we will see

  • Rainheart

    As long as they keep Elsa single, I don’t care what they do.

    • Manuel Orozco

      I don’t mind if she’s a lesbian. Besides, Idina Menzel is the original Maureen in Rent for godsake.

    • Agreed. Personally, I don’t think Elsa needs to be in a relationship. She’s way too awesome already!

  • Here’s a better idea…..something else that’s not Frozen 2. How about a new original movie that really goes deep into creative storytelling and that can hold a similar vibe to what Cartoon Saloon does with their movies.

    • Marielle

      Maybe Gigantic will accomplish that…

      • I will admit that Gigantic is a movie that has garner my interest and I’m curious to know a whole lot more about it. But it’s just a shame that it has been push back from it’s 2018 release date and instead we’re getting Wreck It Ralph 2 of which I have no interest in seeing it whatsoever. Doggone it Disney!

        • Anonymous

          They’re both coming in 2018. Wreck-It Ralph 2 is set for March, Gigantic for November.

          • Unfortunately, that’s sadly not true. According to the latest news, Gigantic has been push back to 2020. Disney just announced it a few days ago.


          • Anonymous

            Oh, I’m sorry; I didn’t realize they announced that. I’m surprised they pushed it back because if anything, I would think Frozen 2 needs more time in production. Gigantic seemed to be going along well.

          • Manuel Orozco

            Me too but I believe since it’s been two years since Frozen 2 was first announced, I think four years of development and production all together is long enough of a wait.

          • There’s no need for you and Manuel to apologize. You guys just weren’t aware of this very recent news. I’m still in a bit of shock by this decision by Disney and these 2 upcoming sequels (Ralph 2 & Frozen 2) that I have no desire in seeing have really left me with a lot of anger and frustration. We still have Cars 3 & Pirates 5 to be release later this year and next year, we’re getting The Incredibles 2. Heck, Toy Story 4 is coming out in the same year as Frozen 2 and even I have very mix feelings about it. Please keep in mind that all of this is coming from long time lover of Disney. All I want is just want to see more originality from them and a lot less sequels. I seriously think that Disney has the severe case of the sequelitis and they really need to be cured as soon as possible.

  • Omg all these ideas are incredible and hope we get spot on like last time like you said about Anna’s hair!! I’m so excited to see what they could possibly do with the sequel!! :DDDD

    • I’m really excited too! Hope some of these ideas end up in the final movie! 😉

  • Bob Smith

    To comment on what’s been listed here, Anna doesn’t need powers, Elsa doesn’t need to lose hers, one comic relief character is good enough, and Elsa doesn’t need a love interest. Actually, I’m especially hoping that Elsa doesn’t get a love interest because that’s something that’s never driven her character and would just feel forced.

    Otherwise, I just want the sequel to be good, whatever it may be about.

    Personally, I’d like to see the main characters fight some powerful villain, especially the sisters since they’re capable of doing so. I doubt that will happen, but I can still hope, right?

    • Manuel Orozco

      I agree Anna doesn’t need powers or have Elsa lose hers. Olaf’s role as comic relief needs improvement but his symbolism of childhood innocence was pretty clever enough. And yes a powerful villain and this time let’s have the gloves come off. One we know from his/her scene that she/he will stop at nothing to destroy our friends. Maybe this sequel will be good or better. How to Train Your Dragon 2 entertaining or Despicable Me 2 entertaining

  • Rachel Wagner

    All of these would be interesting but I am just excited to see the 2 sisters working together and understanding each other better. It’s a dynamic not often seen in animated films with sisters.

    • Manuel Orozco

      I’m with you as ususal Rachel. I’ll accept whatever happens as long as slight improvements are made and Elsa and Anna are given more screentime together.

      • Rachel Wagner

        Yay! Let’s get those sisters back!

        • Manuel Orozco

          Yeah and with Olaf’s Frozen Adventure half hour special coming up this December on ABC, it’s going to take a little more reconnecting process here and a bit of holiday spirit might just be what the doctor ordered.

          • Rachel Wagner

            Agreed. Cant wait for that!

          • Manuel Orozco

            Don’t know if I’ll watch it yet but we shall see

  • All of those ideas seem pretty good. Not worried about it. WDAS has an excellent record.

    • Manuel Orozco

      This decade so far they do have a nice record. The only thing I’m majorly worried at the moment is if Hans will come back to have his revenge on the girls.

  • David C. Matthews

    My big hope for the Frozen sequel is that they give it a better title than just Frozen 2!