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‘Steven Universe’ Return Date Announced with New Trailer

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We haven’t had a new episode of Steven Universe in a while, but a new trailer posted to the official Steven Universe Facebook page this morning revealed that the show will be coming back soon— May 8th to be exact! You can watch the trailer for the new “Steven Bomb” which they are calling the ‘Spring Break Arc,’ here.

These last few episodes of season four really seem to be ramping up the drama as we head for the season finale! There is so much here to speculate on! What happened to Sadie? Whose silhouettes were those menacing Onion? Were they new gems? And finally, who asked, “Are you my dad?”

The names of the episodes in this Steven Bomb were recently revealed as well. On May 8th, we’ll get Lion 4: Alternate Ending; on May 9th, Doug Out; May 10th, The Good Lars; on the 11th, we’ll probably get the answer to my question above with the episode entitled, Are You My Dad? and finally, on May 12 we’ll see I Am My Mom.

The last few episodes of Steven Universe have felt a bit like filler after the incredible Zoo Arc, so I am really excited to get some new episodes that look like they are really going to dive right back into the story.

What about you? What are your thoughts on this trailer? Are you excited for the new Steven Bomb?

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  • Hmmmm, where will this lead to?

  • Yellow

    Great to see it’s coming back, and looks like the emotions are going to be intense. No idea who’s saying “Are you my dad?” Really interested in seeing what that’s about.

  • GONNA BE SO CRAZY GOOD AHHH!!! So excited for more of this show!!

  • I was surprised they posted a trailer like this, I’m really looking forward to the new episodes! The show’s pacing has seemed kind of awkward lately so I hope this pick things back up.