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[REVIEW] ‘Trolls: Party Edition’ Blu-ray

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If you have kids under the age of five, chances are they’ve been counting down the days until Trolls releases on Blu-ray. Well, that day has come and we’re hear to break down all of the bonus features and extra material you can expect in the Trolls: Party Edition.

Bonus Features ✮✮✮

Travel Through Troll Village – The lead-off bonus feature for the Trolls: Party Edition is a real let down. Basically, Cloud Guy narrates and takes the viewer on a tour of Troll Village, which is a conglomeration of stock promotional footage and concept art. It doesn’t really provide anything new or exciting, except a few tidbits here and there about each of Troll‘s main characters.

The Potion for Stop-Motion – Arguably the best featurette on the disc, we go behind-the-scenes with two members of the film’s visual development team as they walk us through making the stop-motion parts of the film. Surprisingly, any time in the film where we see scenes told in scrapbook or in storybook form the scenes were actually created by hand using a variety of materials, such as felt. The whole process is fascinating and allows you to learn more about the development of the film’s iconic visual look.

Creating Troll Magic – This bonus feature is led by Trolls Production Designer Kendal Cronkhite-Shaindlin as she breaks down each of the phases of creating a scene from start to finish, from animatic to final render. It’s standard stuff as far as CGI bonus features go, but interesting content nonetheless, especially for the uninitiated.

Troll 2 Troll – In this collection of these short promotional sequences, Poppy and Branch debate over little topics such as whether they prefer cats or dogs.

Inside the Bunker – This is another low-effort bonus feature where Cloud Guy gives us a tour of Branch’s bunker. Interesting if you want to know more about the world of Trolls, not so much if you’re looking for more behind-the scenes or making-of material.

Deleted Scenes – This bonus feature staple gives us a few deleted scenes from the film with intros by Director and Co-Director, Mike Mitchell and Walt Dohrn, respectively. These two are able to give a little more info and tidbits about each scene and why they were ultimately cut.

Party Mode – Lastly, we get the whole reason for the “Party Edition” moniker. The “Party Mode” bonus features allow you to view the movie in a new, interactive way and include “Sing-Along!” (the words to the film’s 15 songs appear on screen), “Troll Talk”(on-screen text that allows you to repeat different quotes during the film), and “Hug Time” (prompting you to hug whenever a pink flower appears). There are also four interactive features which can be enabled anytime while viewing the movie or most of the bonus features. By pushing the yellow, red, blue, and green remote control buttons, various effects appear on the screen such as glitter, cupcakes, Mr. Dinkles, and Cloud Guy, respectively.

Final Thoughts

The Trolls: Party Edition Blu-ray features relatively few meatier bonus features that allow you an in-depth view at creating the film. While the ones that are there, particularly The Potion for Stop-Motion, are well done, it makes you wish there were more included. That being said, the Target exclusive version of Trolls does have an additional 20 minutes of behind-the-scenes extras. So if that’s more your style, then definitely purchase that version. If not, then the standard Party Edition will serve you just fine.

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Edited by: Hannah Wilkes

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  • So, who else heard about the news that there will be a Trolls 2? Honestly, I’m kinda looking forward to it. Trolls was cute and had some catchy songs, not to mention the animation was great and I never ‘felt’ such textures before. XD

    • Manuel Orozco

      I’m looking forward to the sequel. Along with How to Train Your Dragon 3

  • Rachel Wagner

    I better get out my scrapbooking tools for this release. 😉