[GIVEAWAY] ‘The Legend of Korra: The Complete Series’ DVD + Art Book!

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The Legend of Korra: The Complete Series is finally available in one place on Blu-ray and DVD! To celebrate the release, we are giving away one copy of the DVD and one copy of The Legend of Korra – Book 1 Air: The Art of the Animated Series to a lucky Rotoscopers reader.

Entering is simple:

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The contest period ends Friday, January 21 at 11:59 PM AZ time. US and Canadian residents only. The winner will be selected via a random draw based on those who enter using the contest widget above. Winner will be contacted via email and will need to confirm their acceptance by Monday, January 23 at 11:59 PM AZ, otherwise the prize will be given to another winner. Thanks to Nickelodeon Home Entertainment for hosting the giveaway.

More info:

For the first time in one collection, fans can relive every exciting element-bending moment from the worldwide phenomenon with The Legend of Korra: The Complete Series, available on DVD and Limited Edition Blu-ray December 13, 2016, just in time for the holidays! With all four books of the fan-favorite series, this 8-disc collection contains every pivotal Korra moment. From meeting Avatar Korra-a teenage girl from the Southern Water Tribe-in Book One, to Korra embarking on a groundbreaking journey of self-discovery and restoring balance to the Earth Kingdom in Book Four, every Korra battle and adventure is now available in one place!


To prep for the release, read our review of the collection here. Also, follow NickelodeonDVD on Twitter.


The Legend of Korra: The Complete Series is available for purchase on DVD, Blu-ray and Digital HD now. You can it purchase here.

Edited by: Hannah Wilkes

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  • Bernie Wallace

    Korra is my favorite character from this tv show. Thanks for the giveaway. I hope that I win.

  • apollo2215

    I think Korra’s fight with Zaheer at the end of Book Three was my favorite of the series.

  • Alex Aguilar

    The Legend of Korra is an amazing series. I love the characters, art and story. However my favorite season would have to be Season 2 because we see the back-story of the first Avatar, Avatar Wan and how his journey shaped the foundation for the future Avatars. Also I enjoyed seeing the unity of family and friends because without them Korra’s mission as the Avatar could have failed!

  • Chris ruiz

    The legend of Korra was a great show. There were so many good things from that show, but the introduction of Avatar Yan had to be my favorite part/character.

  • Hannah Elkins

    My favorite Legend of Korra character would have to be Prince Wu. He’s so sassy and entitled that you have to love him.

  • Jeremiah

    I have never seen an episode, but I assume there’s a character named Korra, so my favorite character is Korra. Yeah. Korra rocks. Love that girl.

    • Trev

      Oh yes, Korra is awesome! And I love it when…she finds that legend. Just amazing.

  • J.J.Song

    Easily Chief Beifong. I first thought she was a decent substitute for toph, but she won me over with her sense law and order and made herself stand out as a successful supporting character. I loved how the show shows nibbles of her past like the relationship between her and her sister, which i could relate to.

  • Chantelle Walker


  • I have a paticular fondness for Iroh 2.0, though he doesn’t appear too often, I was quite glad to see that he appeared in the finale. If I had to pick a more central character I’d have to go with Sato, I just love her personality.

  • Zach Brown

    I’ve seen every episode expect the final two. I refuse to have this series end for me. The tough sociological issues depicted in the series had me hooked. To my unfortunate circumstance I can only stream the series online.
    What struck me the hardest was Zaheer’s character. His and Korra’s scene in the spirit world defined Zaheer as less of a villain, but more of a man who is consumed with his ideology.
    I also gave the same appreciation to Korra’s final scene with Kuvira (whom I believe is the most justified out all supposed villains).
    Korra has had such an impact on me, and yet my peers tell me I’m childish for watching a kids show in my 20s. I look forward to reading the books coming this summer.
    If this giveaway is real I’d love to finally have a use for all this wall space for posters, and finally a reason to use my Blu ray player.

  • Derek Johns


  • I also have never seen an episode, but the show looks beautifully animated.

  • Zaheer’s introduction.

  • Jacob

    Tenzin! Cool character and J.K. Simmons plays him perfectly

  • Naga! I love her sweet personality and steadfast loyalty to Korra. It’s a shame we didn’t see much of her in the last season but I love the sequence in Korra Alone where she helped Korra walk again. That made me all tear up.

  • I love Korra. She was such a breath of fresh air after Aang!

  • Beth Overman

    Lin is awesome!

  • Li Wolf

    My favorite character from The Legend Of Korra is Korra. She’s tough,strong,caring,cool and she never gives up,and I also love her dog Naga.

  • I like Jinora!

  • Danielle

    My favorite scene was when meelo said “yeah dad you’re a terrible teacher” after Korra had wrecked the spinning gates and proceeded to kick wood and yell. My favorite character is a tie between Meelo, Pabu, and Asami.

  • Joey P

    My favorite scene is the very final one of Season 3. After being nearly killed in her battle with Zaheer, Korra quietly attends Jinora’s ceremony in which she is declared a master air-bender and receives her tattoos. The season ends with a single shot of a wheelchair-bound Korra as tears roll down her face. Korra doesn’t say a word, but her facial expression speaks volumes.

    Her entire identity up to this point has been to become a great avatar. But now that she can’t fight or use her powers anymore, her entire self-image is shattered. Even Jinora’s striking resemblance to Aang is symbolic in this scene; it’s as if Jinora is the avatar now. Korra is being replaced. The airbenders and Korra’s well-meaning friends take up the task of fighting evil and keeping balance in the world, all while sending a clear message to Korra: “Take it easy. Focus on getting better. We can take it from here.”

    For Korra, this is devastating. She’s forced to consider the possibility that she can’t fulfill her role as avatar anymore… or even scarier, that maybe the world doesn’t even NEED an avatar anymore. This is Korra’s lowest point. And in my opinion, it marks the first time in the series that Korra is forced to grow and change as a person in order to survive. This scene puts Korra’s character in a new perspective for me, and takes the series as a whole to a higher level of storytelling.

    • You win.

    • Love this detailed response! Thank you for sharing! <3

      • Joey P

        D’aaaaaw, thanks. 🙂

  • Dan

    Korra speaking with avatar Aang at the end of the first season really struck a chord with me.

  • PhantomStrider

    My favorite scene is in the final episode of season 4 when Korra is fighting Kovira within the Colossus. She explodes through the manhole and duels against Kovira in one last bending fight to decide the fate of Republic City.

  • Kevin Brewer

    So it’s a giveaway for the DVD edition not the blu ray? That’s sad. I got the blu ray edition and I love it 😍

  • KayJaye

    Really love Lin’s character. She’s a badass like her mother.

  • Eric Angel

    My favorite scene is probably any scene with previous characters, like when Korra meets Iroh in the spirit world, Zuko, and Toph in the swamp. Seeing how the characters from the previous Avatar’s journey is really nostalgic and fills me with happiness. It reminds me of how great the previous adventures were, and how much more different and interesting Korra’s adventures are.

  • Alex Sanchez

    My favorite scene is when Bei Fong motions to Korra that she’s watching her and Korra imitates the same gesture to mock Bei Fong.

  • Linda Rautenbach

    Favorite scene, end of season 3 when jinora gets her tattoos. I cried like a baby.
    The last episodes of all the seasons is all brilliant, and of course i Korra my favourite, and I ship Korrasami!

  • Naota

    My favorite scene is when Korra meets Toph in the swamp the nostalgia came kicking in

  • My favorite character is probably Asami.

  • Caitlin McLeod

    My favourite character has to be Asami Sato! Followed by Bolin and Pabu.

  • Casey Pick

    End of season three, the flying fight scene with Zaheer. It’s tragic, in a lot of ways, but I’ve also never seen a female character portrayed as that physically strong in a natural, powerful way. I’m still amazed every time, and grateful that Korra broke so many molds, including showing women as truly muscular and unashamed.

  • Lindsay Ravenell

    I love Korra’s pro bending start with mako and bolin. It really got her to settle down and start focusing more.

  • Ronald Oliver

    My favorite character is definitely Korra!

  • Anchoritic

    I unfortunately didn’t get to watch the whole series during it’s initial run (which is something I hope to soon amend). Based on what I’ve seen so far, Lin Beifong is easily my favorite.

  • Courtney

    Hard to pick a favorite character. Both Korra and ATLA are so great at developing their cast. I’m going to say Lin but ask me again in a week and I’ll probably say someone else.

  • The final shot. I ran around the house giggling like a little school girl for 30 mins..

    • Joey P

      You filthy shipper…

      JK I’m right there with you.

  • Mitchell

    Korra is my favorite character.

  • lindsay bade

    Asami is my favorite

  • Bree

    My favorite scene is the origins of Won. It was really interesting to learn about the creation of the first avatar

  • Tra Veti

    I am not to sure yet who my favourite character is, but my sister’s favourite is without a doubt Varrick. I asked her why and she said, “Because I love ‘im.” And then I said “Why is he really your favourite character?” and she replied once more with “Because I love ‘im,” giving me an expression of ‘that explains everything.’

    And in all honestly I thin that is it. Whenever Varrick sets foot into frame she smiles like crazy, pretty much already laughing. “Don’t you just love him, isn’t he funny, oh my gosh don’t you just love Varrick, he is such a loser,” she giggle after each seen he is in. No one can make my sister laugh like Varrick. You just lose yourself in the scene, forget everything and just be and smile when he is around. I know Varrick is just an animated character (I wish the whole Avatar world was real), but if my sister found a partner like Varrick I would be so very happy. I WOULD APPROVE.

    I only discovered you guys a couple of months back and I love your work (I check every day). Keep doing the THING! Your thing… 😀

  • Jessica Sue Sprick

    My favorite scene is in the finale of season 1 when Korea runn

  • Jessica Sue Sprick

    My favorite scene is in the season 1 finale where Korra runs off in tears because she no longer has her full Avatar powers, and she feels powerless because she can’t do anything to help the people who got their bending taken away by Amon, even though she had finally defeated him. Then Aang shows up and reveals that she had brought him to her and that Korra had finally unlocked her spiritual side. Then he says, “When we reach our lowest point, we are open to the greatest change.” and he restores her bending and gives her the ability to restore bending as well, This scene has stuck with me,. Because I struggle with self confidence, and other things, this scene has touched me , and helps me have a positive outlook when things get me down.

  • Jesse Jacobson

    I would have to say my favorite character is Varrick!! He is so multifaceted going from comedic relief, to villian, to hero! Plus who doesn’t love the line “Zhu Li, do the thing!!” 😂

  • Jesse Jacobson

    Also it says the contest is over in the link but the article states we had until tomorrow :/