• Taylah Fraser

    I thought maybe the Legend of Zelda might be a good idea if they did a real good job at it hehe

    • Honestly most Nintendo franchises would work for Disney in my opinion, but I went with Kirby because he feels the most fitting.

  • Tim Tran

    I SECOND JOURNEY TO THE WEST. But they will have to downgrade lots of materials to be kid-friendly.
    But then again, China has been doing that for years.

  • Manuel Orozco

    I completely dislike this list! Some will not even work since Disney would have to get the rights to some characters. They should still do a remake of Flight of the Navigator.

    • I’m sorry I couldn’t please you :$

      This list is more about what I’d like to see them do, assuming they can get the rights (which realistically is possible with most)

      I’m not sure a remake to that would be great, but the original was fun, so sure why not.

      • Manuel Orozco

        They already had it in development for a few years. It’s been 30 years since the original was released. It’s one of my favorite movies of the 80’s and seen it three times.

  • Jordan Briskin

    Here are some films that I hope to make myself (hopefully at Disney, if they ever recruit me):
    1. An animated musical retelling of the Algerian Jewish folk tale “The Sabbath Lion”
    2. A docu-drama about the formation of Sesame Workshop and the creation of Sesame Street (I intend for this to be a Disney/Sesame Workshop co-production.)
    3. An animated speculative biography of the early life of Echo the African elephant
    4. An animated musical adaptation of the epic of Sundiata Keita (founder of the Mali Empire)
    5. A film of undetermined plot that focuses on the ongoing sixth mass extinction and the importance of preserving biodiversity (inspired in large part by Jim Henson’s “The Song of the Cloud Forest”)

    • I especially like those last three ideas!

      • Jordan Briskin

        Well, thank you.

  • Mitchell Stein

    Just curious, what movie are your referring to when you say “Yes, I know the last time Disney made a movie about a historical figure the studio blew it”?

    • Pocahontas

      • racy1285

        In all honesty they should have never done Pocohontas in the first place. Film was doomed from the beginning with all its controversial elements.

        • Probably not, but there was potential to the idea, they just messed it up.

          • racy1285

            Even if they did it well. The film would have still been criticized regardless because of the controversy.

          • Perhaps, but it still would’ve been something worth looking at instead.

          • racy1285

            And yes with the Terence Malick version. You cant sugarcoat the destruction of so many people. Same would happen is Disney did film about the Holacaust.

          • Yes I agree, you can’t sugarcoat such things, doesn’t mean there couldn’t have been a good Pocahontas Disney film, just means the approach should have been different if they wanted to make it.

  • Many of these sound more like Dreamworks movies rather than Disney. But I’ve been waiting forever for Disney to do a Mickey movie, I’d love that. Three Caballeros could be a fun reboot. I’d like to see a Bone movie but I don’t know about with Disney. I think Beatles fans would hate Disney altering the Beatle’s history to make some family friendly movie, I guess they could always do something inspired by them… I enjoy when Disney does fairy tales, and there are so many amazing tales from cultures around the world. Journey of the West would be cool. But Dreamwork’s has a whole studio in China now so I bet they’re considering it…

    • How so on the Dreamworks part?

      As for Journey to the West, well, that may be true, but I’d still much prefer a Disney take

      • I just see Dreamworks as more the type to reboot already existing characters. Not that there’s anything wrong with doing that, and yeah Disney has done it too, but I’d rather see Disney bring more original characters to life.

        • I understand where you’re coming from to an extent, but Disney has honestly done more adaptations over original films, so I still have to disagree, regardless I appreciate hearing that.

  • Phin68

    I really like the Journey to the West idea. Disney has a knack for turning classic tales into something much substantive than anyone would expect. In other words, I see potential!

    While we’re discussing ideas for new Disney films though, could we get another hand drawn Disney movie soon? Huh, no? Well, I understand Disney. Gotta rake in them CGI dollars, ya know? :S

    • Yes, I fully want another 2D film as well!

    • Mr. Luiginary

      If I wanted to make a western Disney film, I’d combine it with Treasure Planet into a futuristic version of Thunder Mountain.

  • Dan Siciliano

    How about “The Master and Margarita”?

  • surfercharlie25

    There’s actually an animated Beatles movie in the works! It’s titled Meet The Beatles, and I think it’s going to be about the group’s early days. It’s not Disney, but that’s perfectly okay in my book!

    Warner Bros. Animation actually owns the film rights to Bone, and a film adaptation is in pre-production as we speak 🙂

    • Marielle

      Yes! They are both at Warner, if I’m not mistaken. Paul King (director of Paddington) is supposed to direct Meet the Beatles and Mark Osborne (director of The Little Prince) is supposed to direct Bone.

    • I’m curious about that one, but I’d still like to see a Disney take, especially cause I remember once hearing they tried using Beatles songs for a scrapped Fantasia esque movie, (not sure how true this is though.)

      I’m aware of Bone’s current state, though in all honesty, knowing its troubled production history, I won’t believe it till it makes significant progress.

      Anyhow, thanks for reading.

  • Marielle

    I vote for Epic Mickey and Journey to the West. Epic Mickey had amazing visuals. I also wish they would make something set in India and something set in Africa.

    • racy1285

      They are Jungle Book and Lion King hehe

      • Jordan Briskin

        She means that they ought to make films centered around the human cultures of India and Africa.

        • racy1285

          Its called a joke. Notice hehe at the end of Lion King.

  • I totally agree with the Haunted House one the most! It would just be such a fun movie and so unique with a neat story being more closer to the park stories and adding some Disney animation flare, just perfect!! But this was still a very interesting list nonetheless! ^.^

  • I’m glad to see this list make it on the site, but I must clear one thing up on the list.

    I REALLY should’ve paid closer attention to what I wrote in the first “film” I know it was edited, but the fault is mine for not making it clear. By Disney’s Wacky races, I meant a Wacky Races styled Disney film, NOT an adaptation of it, think Bianca and Bernard in an Albatross racing against Cruella DeVil, racing against Penelope, racing against etc.

    Goofy? Absolutely but I think it’s fun idea to mine some jokes from.

  • Braden

    Disney needs to go through with their animated Aida adaptation. I’d also love to see them do Wicked, and Gulliver’s Travels!

    • Jordan Briskin

      Just one little problem: Universal Pictures holds the rights to WICKED.

  • Andriel

    Yes for Haunted Mansion and Epic Mickey and I know this isn’t animated but I would love a kingdom keepers movie series it would be disneys first and would advertise the parks and if they animated the Disney characters how they originally appear in their common portrails with the original voice actors it would be such a sell

    • Andriel

      It would be similar to who framed roger rabbit with the human/character interaction

  • I would love a Kirby and Epic Mickey movies. “Kirby: Right Back at Ya!”, the 2001 TV show already provided a great template on how to make a good Kirby screen adaptation, and would love to see a movie in the same vein. And, Epic Mickey is too good of an idea for it not to be a movie, there is so much you could do with that.

  • Interesting list!

    Bone is actually being made into an animated film by some company.

    • I’m aware of it, but they’ve honestly been saying that for years.

  • These are interesting concepts for animated movies, but for a lot of them I don’t see any reason it would have to be Disney specifically, especially with Wacky Races, The Beatles, Bone, Rudolph, and Kirby. Those sound more like Sony or Dreamworks (isn’t Sony the one making the Bone movie right now?).

    • For Wacky Races I admitted I didn’t make it clear in the list in another comment, but I meant a Wacky Races inspired feature, not an adaptation.

      As for the others here, yes any studio could make them (don’t see how they’re more like Sony or Dreamworks in any regard) but the point is these are movies I’d like to see through the mouse house, largely because I’m curious what they could do with the territory.

      Finally, with Bone, I’ll believe it when I see them actually working on it (Bone has had multiple film attempts)

  • A Morton

    Epic Mickey is the best!!

  • JamScoBal

    Disney should do the Goose Girl

  • A Morton

    Great list! Kirby would be really fun!

  • racy1285

    If you want a Beattles movie then Disney should adapt “The Fifth Beatle” graphic novel.

    Also on the Wacky Races idea. Does this mean that Lightning Mcqueen and the other Cars characters as well? what about Herbie?Bennie the cab?

    • It’s a nice idea, but I’d rather they just do their own thing with The Beatles.

      Animation wise is what I meant, and sleepy Hollow counts sure, but it’s only a small portion of that movie, I’m mainly looking for a full length horror feature.

      Any one could fit in as far as I’m concerned sure.

      I kinda wanted to avoid Marvel or Lucasfilm choices, plus I’d much rather see the Power Pack in the MCU

      And sure, maybe that could work, never read it, but why not.

      • racy1285


        Well what about Frankenweenie.

        Why avoid them? They actually own them and have a better chance of making them. Power Pack wont work in the MCU. They fit the audience of Disney more. And they already adapted a Marvel property before.

        • Frankenweenie isn’t part of Disney’s canon, but even then that’s not much in the way of horror for them, I’d love to see more.

          Because it’s my list and I wanted to shed light on more possibilities than just easy choices.

          Yes, I’m aware Disney made Big Hero 6, it’s fine, but I don’t want, or even expect them to churn out more Marvel based products. And if a tree and raccoon can work in the MCU, so can they, in fact they can add something unique to that universe so I’m for that.

          • racy1285

            Huh? Of course it is under Disney. They branded it head to toe and the original was made by them as well. Thats like saying the Pirates films arent under Disney because Jerry Bruckhiemer co produced them with his company.

            Well I do. Warners is doing great churning out with their DCAU properties. Disney should do the same. Their animation fits well with the art of the comics.

            Lol horrible example Guardians had a very risque humor and very dark storylines in the comics that could have only work in the MCU. Power Pack is actually meant for a younger audience.

          • I’m not saying Disney wasn’t responsible, I’m saying it’s not a part of their animation canon, as in I’m talking about the main animation studio. But fine they have that, if you must insist, still not much in the way of horror.

            I’m mixed on WB’s DC animated films, but okay Disney can make their own straight to video animated features if you want that, I personally don’t care, I’m mainly talking about the main features, the theatrical films from the main studio, and I’d like to see more diverse projects than just Marvel and Lucasfilm animated features taking up the list, that’s just me, fine.

            And Guardians is a fine example for my point, which is the movies can go to weirder territories, yes the comics may be dark, and mature to an extent, but it’s not like they haven’t been kid friendly, even so, adding a kid team to the MCU could prove to be an interesting addition, Marvel is now adding teens with Spider-Man, so why not go younger and see how that dynamic works, never ruined comics, why would it ruin the movies if done proper?

          • racy1285

            Not insisting just saying you can’t deny it just because it’s a collaboration with another studio.

            Getting touchy are we lol. Just a discussion don’t take it to personally. You have three Disney properties on your list, two video games one of them a Disney creation, a Christmas classic, and a concept stolen from a rival animation studio. If diverse was what your going for it sure didn’t look like it.

            And again I’ll disagree. I think Marvel Studios should stay with the audience Disney doesn’t attract. Let Disney take care of the younger Audience.

          • I didn’t deny it, I just specified what I meant, which again wasn’t that they didn’t do horror, it’s that they haven’t done much in the way of horror.

            But I’m not, I’m just stating my thoughts on the matter, in response to your statement about what kind of movies I should have on my list. Which yes is still fairly diverse, here’s a gag idea, followed by an adaptation of a classic foreign tale, followed by a horror feature, followed by a manga adaptation, followed by a western using familiar characters, followed by a videogame adaptation, followed by a Christmas feature, followed by a western comic, followed by a biopic, and ending with the adaptation of a game based on the flagship character, obviously similarities can be found, but it’s more diverse than adding a bunch of superhero or Star Wars choices, that’s far too easy, and would be repetitive.

            And fair enough, you can disagree, as can I, but here’s my thing, kids still watch Marvel movies, there’s a reason Marvel gives the characters cartoon shows modeling the films, so to say Marvel attracts a different audience is kind of wrong, especially considering Disney Animation Studios has a reputation of being the animation studio for families, not just kids, so in that way, I’m not sure why Marvel can’t make a Power Pack movie on their own, it’s not like they didn’t make them cannon in their own comics.

            Long story short, I appreciate the different opinion, but my list is made up of what I personally would like to see Disney take on, you may disagree, but don’t be too hurt if you find I disagree with your idea of what my list was missing. Thanks for reading 🙂

          • racy1285

            Then why end your statement with ” I dont care” as if this entire discussion is an insult to you or something. Im just calling it how i read it. Making it simple by pointing out their genre still doesnt make your list diverse. I could easily do the same with a Star Wars property or a Marvel property. In fact each member of the Avengers films can be separated by genre. Iron Man”Corporate Action Drama” Captain America”World War 2 film” Hulk ” Horror movie” Thor”Fantasy Epic” etc. They are still part of Marvel Comics at the end of the day. Just like how each things on your list are part of their Properties. I would say they are even as far as diverse goes.

          • I didn’t end a statement with “I don’t care” though. The closest was “I personally don’t care” but that wasn’t even the end of that statement, it was a response to me not really having an interest in DCAU style movies being done at Disney, not sure how one reads that as being offended, but okay.

            As for diversity, considering a majority are not Disney owned properties, while also resulting in different approaches to each story, I’d say that’s pretty diverse, I love Marvel, but the Power Pack for example, would feel like another Big Hero 6, which is fine, but I already liked that movie a lot, I don’t want another one in just a few years, so again, that’s why I avoided Marvel choices, same goes for Star Wars, too obvious, and filling the list with them would feel repetitive. If you prefer that, that’s fine, but this is my list.

            In any case, I’m sorry if this list, and/or my comments bother you but it’s all my opinion, I suggest we drop it before we repeat ourselves and make a mess.

          • racy1285

            That’s up to you if you want to drop it. I don’t know why you want to insist that your list offends me. When I have stated many times already your list doesn’t bother me. Im only giving my opinion.

            You sound like your trying to paint me as a villain or something. If that’s the case then kindly point out any sentence I have written to your comments where I was so angry and offended by your list. I will gladly go over them to you word by word. Deal?

          • This honestly all seems to be in your mind, I’m not painting you as a bad guy, I just responded to some of your comments, and then you brought up how I was taking this personally. Anyway I’m not interested in anymore of this, so let’s drop it okay?

  • Number 10 NEEDS to happen.

  • Raphael Howard

    I think Disney should adapt the Brothers Grimm story “The Six Swans” (or Hans Christian Andersen’s version, “The Wild Swans”). It has strong and brave female protagonist, and explores an interesting brother-sister relationship (a subject which I don’t think Disney have fully explored yet). In addition, the wicked stepmother from the story could be adapted into a terrific villain…

    • Jeremiah

      Love it.

  • Rachel Wagner

    What a great idea for an article. Well done!

  • Tory

    I think Bone is a bit too dark for Disney. From what I remember the series was a comic feature in their Adventure magazine back in the 90’s but was pulled within the first few chapters. As for Kirby……i’d rather not have a movie. Video games and anime very rarely translate well to movies when it’s made in the US.

    One movie I do hope for is a Studio Ghibli and Disney collaboration movie.

  • pretto

    How about “The Castle of Llyr”? 🙂

  • I’d love a Wacky Races-esque Disney film. A car chase or racing movie would be nice.

  • Jeremiah

    They already did Haunted House. (It was goshawful, starred Will Smith.) A better adaption would not be amiss, though.

    Not sure about Journey to the West. It sounds like that would have a lot of cultural themes. Every time Disney touches those, everyone throws a fit.

    Love the Epic Mickey and especially the Bone idea. Beatles could be fun, really depends.

  • Giovanni Francesa Campos

    Most of the list make sense. Except “Wacky Racers”, why? Because it belongs to the Warner Bros properties, the Disney’s biggest rival.