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Animation Addicts 135: ‘Trolls’ – We Will Not Be Trolled

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The internet trolls are out to get us, but the Rotoscopers will not be stopped! Welcome guest hosts: Chad Lewis of LewToons YouTube fame, with RotoWriter and YouTuber Rachel Wagner!


  • Main Discussion.
  • So many emotions in so many movies!
  • I’ll never EVER be happy!
  • I ‘felt’ it! – Lisa Frank Character designs.
  • Who are all these trolls?
  • Overcoming horrible teaser trailers.
  • Bridgett and Roller Rinks.
  • “Oh, that my life were a music video” – Chelsea.
  • Can we just talk about Justin Timberlake for a while?
  • Can we talk about Mumbai Musical for a while?
  • Another tangent: Captain Underpants!
  • MySpace references in Toy Story.
  • Let’s drive back to the 90’s for a second: Animated Musicals.
  • We Rate It!
  • Voicemail: Daniel L., Josh K., Mystery Man, and Christian.
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About Chelsea Robson

Chelsea Robson, Co-host of the Animation Addicts Podcast, studied studio engineering and is a singer/songwriter and is know as "The World Traveler of the Podcast." She speaks fluent Portuguese, loves being outdoors, hiking small mountains, riding horses, and talking about human nature.
  • Rachel Wagner

    Great to be on the podcast talking Trolls!

    • Ryan Prieto

      We love us some Rachel! Fantastic Episode.

      • Rachel Wagner

        Ah thanks so much. Made my day

    • Marielle

      Great remarks about Inside Out, Angry Birds and Trolls. The trilogy of emotions!

  • Rachel Wagner

    I was thinking JT had been nominated for Social Network but turns out I was wron

  • Ryan Prieto

    All in all I thought the movie was okay. Which honestly has me worried for Dreamworks. I want them to go further. But if you look at the films in their future line up, arguably, they don’t have a great deal of substance. Which honestly is fine, just not what I want. I suppose we will see how it shakes out. Side note ‘Hair Up’ was a fantastic song, and probably my highlight of the movie.

    • Fadi Antwan

      I cannot express how tired I am of those cringy “comedic” animated films by Dreamworks and some other American studios. We seriously need more sophisticated material! Box office returns are beginning to refelect this too. Btw Dreamworks just laid off 170 additional employees from animation and studio departments, so it’s really not fine.

      • Ryan Prieto

        I couldn’t agree with you more. They really need to find a new direction. I don’t know what kind of leadership would take them out of this funk, but I hope it comes soon. There is however a market for those kinds of films, those that follow the surface level trends. They don’t speak to the ages, but they do make money. It seems like that is what DreamWorks is shooting for. It is difficult and expensive to navigate the world of entertainment, and not everyone survives it. Maybe one day DreamWorks will find its own John Lasseter and brain trust. I want them to be around, hopefully they are just in a funk.

        • brandon

          They aren’t really in a funk so much as they are in a transition period. I mentioned in the Trolls WYSK that the next few films will occur as DWA closes out its deal with Fox and switches over to being part of Comcast/Universal’s film units. They’ve done just fine without a central ‘John Lasseter’ figure or a brain trust of some sort, but they won’t really find a new voice until they are at Universal.

          Personally, I find that Trolls is far more interesting and experimental than some may take at face value. Yes, I understand that you guys want the next HTTYDKFPKubo and preferably fast, but you might find that an easily-dismissible film like Trolls could be doing a lot of cool, unique things in animation that are worth taking notice of.

          • A lot of people have blamed it on the marketing of 20th Century Fox. These next two years will be interesting to see how the transition takes place.

          • Ryan Prieto

            As always Brandon, you make some really great points in here.I would love a full article on just this topic. I suppose I just want them to be more celebrated than they are, which I can agree is not a great way to look at things. I quite enjoyed Trolls. I just look at all of entertainment and see that there is a great deal of entertainment out there, and it is all competing for our attention, It is the nature of business to “transition” from success, to less successful times. Just looking at Disney, there post WWII creations had them in a creative, and financial slump.

            Although I may seem drab, I do feel DreamWorks, will remain somewhat successful, they certainly have an entire foundation of talent that creates quality content. I have just hit a point with them, which does not elicit excitement. I know I am just one person, and by no means dictate their box office returns. I just want a bit more depth. I will keep watching their films, and supporting them, I only criticize because I love.

          • Marielle

            People give Trolls have a lot of hate, but I thought it was much more innovative than Storks, Angry Birds and Secret Life of Pets. Trolls has a unique visual identity (such cool textures), a story that I felt was novel (like a weird fairy tale with made up characters and no allusion to existing fairy tales) and a different type of music (not full-on musical like Moana, but not a straight-up rehash of songs like Sing). The glitter fart jokes were dumb though 😛

          • Ryan Prieto

            I think the hate is, as in most cases, just internet hyperbole. It was at worst fine. I would support the visual innovation you’re talking about. I think the story content is where it does not hit the same heights. I have a great deal of positive things to say about the film for sure, I just I won’t have the need to ever watch it again. Not the fairest of standards to hold any piece of entertainment, but there it is.

            P.S. I appreciated the majority of the musical integration. But the major standout had to be ‘Hair Up’. People should go check that track out.

      • They had another layoff? I know they had some in 2013 and 2014, but generally thought they were over. People wonder why most people like Disney and Pixar, and claim there is some sort of bias, but it’s because every other studio is giving us these “comedic” films.

        • racy1285

          Studio Ghibli gives us comedic films? Yeah “The Wind Rises” was really hilarious.

          I think you guys are exaggerating on Dreamworks Animation business and creative end. The success of Their tv shows on Netflix has made up for their films lack of success. I thought their Reboot of Voltron is some of their best work.

          As for the layoffs. That was more restructuring from the new owners. Happens all the time with mergers. Even happened at Pixar , Marvel, and Lucasfilm so relax.

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  • Dylan H.

    This was a really good episode. Great guests!!

  • racy1285

    I dont get the criticism for the cover songs. People call “Lilo and Stitch” a masterpiece when the music for that film was nothing but an Elvis Presley greatest hits album. So I guess Kubo must have suck then since that film did a cover of a Beatles song.

    Sorry but cant help but feel the Disney bias was all over this podcast this time.

  • David K

    I have to disagree with the songs like “the sound of silence” and “true colors” as being bad and annoying. These songs were actually good. Songs were good, comedy was good. The script was a little weak though.