Disney Canon Countdown Conclusion

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So yesterday we did it! We, the writers of the Rotonation, finished our mammoth task of reviewing all 55 Disney animated classics before Moana‘s release. I hope you all enjoyed the experience as much as we did. I thought it would be fun to close out the project with a bit of a summary of how it went and what our experiences were like.

We ended up with 15 different writers contributing reviews with Jonathan North writing the most with 13 articles – including his introductions to each of the eras. I like how each author had a unique style and way for interpreting the animated film. It helped to showcase how Disney can be perfect for logical, artistic, emotional people or any other type of personality. I am particularly thankful for writers who filled in last minute or were willing to take on the less popular films.

Pablo Ruiz said, “I absolutely loved the experience. I daresay we’re all here because of Disney movies so going through all of them was fascinating. Seeing how everyone focused on different things, what people said and commented… It was a blast.”

I am also very proud that we kept the project a celebration of Disney. Even with the less successful films, the focus was to remain as positive as possible. As someone who writes critique on a regular basis I wasn’t sure how this would go down, but I don’t feel the commentary and flaws in the films were glossed over at all. If anything they were discussed in a more thorough and in-depth way as a more careful hand is needed to find both the good and the bad in weaker films like Home on the Range or Chicken Little.

Max Den Hartog said, “I was only able to participate in one countdown post, but I loved doing it and it really gave me different perspective on the movie. Writing the post really had me thinking about the film in a different way and made me see some of its flaws that I hadn’t really seen as much before.

Some people wondered if we should put stars on the reviews, but I haven’t missed them at all. Without a grade I was forced to read the articles and understand the arguments being made rather than focusing on a score. Have you missed the stars?

It was gratifying to see great discussion from all of you especially on more obscure films. Frozen, Tangled, and Cinderella had the most comments, which is probably not a surprise. But after these films are Dinosaur, Bolt, Big Hero 6, Wreck it Ralph, and The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Kelly Conley said, “What I really enjoyed the most about the Disney Canon Countdown was reading everyone’s opinions and thoughts about the films. Everyone had something different to talk about, from the characters to the music to the animation. It was wonderful to see animation fans interact over something they shared in common.

I hope all of you were encouraged to give hidden gems like Melody Time or Meet the Robinsons a try. And I hope the Countdown articles become a resource for future animation addicts looking for insight into all these Canon films.

I would love to hear what your experience has been reading these reviews. Have you been inspired to watch any of these films? Have you thought about them in a new way?

Special shout-outs go to Ryan Campbell for making the graphics for the canon articles and to our amazing editors who saved my butt more than once. It will probably be a while, but if there are other series you’d like us to do put your suggestions in the comments section.

And thanks again for being animation addicts and loving all things Disney!

Edited by: Hannah Wilkes

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Rachel has loved animation since she was a little girl singing songs from The Little Mermaid at the top of her lungs. She currently works in social media marketing and loves to blog and vlog about Disney, Pixar and all kinds of movies in her free time. Her favorite movie is Up and she considers herself quite the Cinderella aficionado seeing every version she can get her hands on. She also loves animated TV shows like Simpsons, Gravity Falls, Star Wars Rebels and more. Follow her on twitter @smilingldsgirl
  • *claps* Congrats and thank you on a fantastic series, y’all! I for one didn’t miss the star system at all – some Disney films have been around such a long time, you can argue to death for or against stars based on how good the movie was or just how influential it’s been, and I just envision that that sort of thing would have permeated the comments a lot. Really, I was here for the discussion points in each article, to read people’s thoughts and experiences in the comments, and leave some comments. Well done!

  • experiment626

    Thank you for all your efforts. That took alot of work to put this all together.
    And now, it’s Pixar time……..

  • Well, thanks to this I can be even more pumped up for Moana coming out this week. I’ll be seeing it on Nov. 26 with a friend for my birthday! 😀

  • Manuel Orozco

    Well I didn’t comment on every movie. But it’s been a tiny bit nostalgic throwback for me! I really enjoyed sharing my opinion on certain movies with others.

  • Dan Siciliano

    Thanks for letting me be a part of this. I really had a good time to share my comments with you guys.

  • I am glad you all enjoyed yourselves, and grew a special and new type of appreciation for the Walt Disney Animation Studios. It was annoying that my account was screwed up in the middle of the countdown (so I missed on commenting a lot of the Silver and Bronze era posts), but you all have such inquisitive writing, and it was interesting reading all of the different perspectives. Brilliant job, all of you.

  • These articles were so much fun going over with and different opinions and also adding in the history behind everything was also amazing to see!!
    This was so awesome guys I had loads of fun with this!! *claps*

  • Good job to everyone!

  • I first started reading this blog around the time this countdown started, so it’s a bit sad to see it end. This series really helped me learn more about Disney as a studios, their ups and downs, their failures and triumphs. I hope that maybe we’ll see the same thing with the other studios, perhaps Pixar or Dreamworks?

  • Rachel Barton

    Even though I didn’t comment a lot on the articles, I loved reading the Canon Countdown and it inspired me to go back and watch some of the films that I had either never seen or hadn’t seen for a long time. It was also really interesting to hear the opinions of a lot of the Rotoscopers writers. It was also well-organized, with a new article every few days – I can’t imagine how much effort that must have taken to do!

  • Jeremiah

    Thanks to the Disney Countdown, I have a greater love of Disney (which is saying something.) Hooray for Disney! Thanks for getting this started, Rachel. You guys are all the best. This site is truly some of the highest quality work on the internet, that you guys bring this to us for free out of the love of animation in your hearts is crazy.

  • k

    I enjoyed this very much. Can you do an Pixar count down next?

    • A Dreamworks one would be interesting as well.

  • Thanks Rotoscopers. I really enjoyed the countdown and learned some things that I hadn’t know before about certain films. I’ve only been here since late August, but nonetheless this is a great site. Thanks and happy Thanksgiving to those in the United States.