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‘Infinity Train’ Mysterious Cartoon Network Short Released Online

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Earlier this month Cartoon Network quietly released a mysterious new short entitled Infinity Train online. Within days of being released the short went viral in the online community, with fans of Steven Universe, Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, and Over the Garden Wall all praising the show and hailing it as Cartoon Network’s next big thing.

The short episode follows a girl named Tulip and her small robot companion as they make their way through a seemingly never-ending train with cars full of puzzles and worlds unlike anything she’s ever seen. The short shows a glimpse of a complicated, well thought out mythology with the potential to be the start of something much greater.

You can watch the short here:

Not much is currently known about this short episode, but speculation is that if it does well enough online, Cartoon Network might opt to turn this into a series. With the end of Gravity Falls earlier this year, and Adventure Time ending in 2018, fans will be looking for a new mysterious show to speculate about and Infinity Train looks like it could fill that gap nicely.

What did you think of this short? Would you like to see it become a series?

Edited by: Hannah Wilkes

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  • Rachel Barton

    Looks interesting! I’d be so excited if it were to be made into an ongoing series, and I’m sure that I’m not the only one who would be an eager fan.

    • Agreed! Count me in for the infinity train hype train!


      There’s a petition online for CN to make this animated short into a full series. It has already 28,924 supporters. Could you pls support the petition? I am among one of those supporters and are really eager to see this short become a full series! Here’s the link: (no money really needed)

  • Kelly J.

    I’d definitely watch this! Love the corgis.

  • k

    Animation outsourced to South Korea.

    • Fluffydips

      That’s all animation right now.

  • Jeremiah

    Holy. Moly. That looks awesome! The jokes are mixed, but mostly great. And the idea of a train with different machinations and worlds in different cars, it’s so cool, so creative, so nerdy, wanty!