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[REVIEW] ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’

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The anticipation of the Dark Knight’s return to the big screen has been shrouded with uncertainty ever since the casting choices were announced. But, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice delivers on character charisma and offers an entertaining glimpse into the inaugural partnership of the Caped Crusader and Man of Steel.

The movie opens with a clever flashback to 2013’s Man of Steel. However, this time, viewers indulge in Bruce Wayne’s perspective as he scrambles to Metropolis-based Wayne Enterprises. Superman is high in the sky battling Zod and his army while causing mass devastation to the city and its inhabitants. Wayne arrives to his building just as it crashes down, which he attributes to Superman’s disregard to human life.

The thick of the plot threads together the separate story lines of Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent until they meet for a colossal battle of super hero delight. While the meandering plot line takes too long to get to the gruff of the flick, it’s worth the wait. The DC power duo’s titan battle only subsides when they identify a commonality that might seem like a weak link to the comic book enthusiast but is an “a-ha” moment for an average fan.

The caped duo then work together to tackle Lex Luthor and his ensued hijinks. Enter Wonder Woman—who some might argue is the surprise star of the movie. Princess Diana wows the audience with her brawn and fortitude, while still managing to be knockout gorgeous.

Ultimately, the concern of Batfleck’s adaptation and Jesse Eisenberg’s overly neurotic acting style dissipate to reveal how well these characters compliment one another.

And, let’s not forget Jeremy Irons playing the beloved role of Alfred. This character is an adaptation from the norm. Irons breaks away from the tough love, foster dad-ish Alfred and plays more of a cynical, older brother, “I can’t wait to giggle when you trip up” Alfred. And he does it so brilliantly.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is an encouraging glimpse into to the new dawn of movies the DC honchos have promised to line up. While it might not deliver on all points for comic book purists, it’s an emotional, nostalgic, and action-packed ride.


Have you seen the film yet? What are your thoughts about it?

Edited by: Kelly Conley

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  • Sincerely_Disappointed

    I disagree.
    Wonder Woman was a travesty. They gave her no content and almost no lines. Bologna.
    While we’re on the sexism path, WHAT WAS WITH THE WOMAN IN BRUCE’S BED!?
    While we’re on the things wrong with Bruce/Batman, WHY WAS BATMAN KILLING PEOPLE!? (There’s no way he wasn’t.)
    The movie feels like it spent at least 30 minutes on useless stuff related to future movies and an additional 30 on the past we already know.
    Plot holes left and right too.
    Lex Luther is supposed to be Lex Luther… yet he was The Joker for all intends and purposes.
    Doomsday was even worse than I predicted from the trailers.
    The “commonality” between Batman and Superman made my eyes hurt they were rolling so hard.
    I’ll say it’s a film with nice shots (sometimes) and some decent effects. The parts that Affleck brings to Batman are surprisingly good. I’d be okay with him continuing as Batman. Alfred was the highlight of the film though. Which is just sad.
    The final few seconds were also so stupid and pointless that out of a full theater (of several hundred) about 10 people even bothered to clap when the credits rolled.
    Just horrible.

    • Ryan Prieto

      *Spoilers ahead*

      Although I don’t feel as passionately as you on some of these issues, I certainly echo some of them.
      First off Batman being a little bit rough with the opposing forces, than he typically was in other iterations. First I was like “Maybe those are rubber bullets…. oh um maybe those aren’t kill shots, surely technology could be advanced enough to… oh um… maybe that is rubber fire, I mean weirder things have happened before… nope… nope they’re dead”.

      Lex was odd and some of his dialogue in general reinforced that. I love the Superman Lex relationship in the comics, but it seemed that this wasn’t really a adaption, but rather something all together different.

      Also some of the editing was a bit wonky which led to some funny moments if you pick them apart to much.

      I was honestly entertained. I know I couldn’t do better and this is what we got, I do wish it was something more though.

      Finally I get that we only have so many story elements through time, and they are all just a copy of a copy of a copy. But the ending that sets up Justice League was far to close to the “world has received the attention from aliens bro so… sequel.” That certain other companies have already done.

      Optimistic view. Hopefully this is the low point and it will only get better. Honestly there was a lot to love.

  • I quite liked most of the film, though I feel like I can’t be objective about it. I agree that Batman killing people was really annoying, but it’s far from the first time, sadly. I really liked all four of the heros – Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Lois – though Lex was annoying.

  • Rachel Wagner

    I thought it started strong but then the plot got very weak and the script full of problems. And I hated the ending or endings I should say.

  • See I believe this site more than Rotten Tomatoes!! Almost anyone other than RT had a great review! I seriously wanna see this soon!!

  • Still so torn on whether I’ll see this in theatres, but this review made me a bit more excited!!

    • Ryan Prieto

      See it in theaters there are some amazing scenes shot in IMAX. So if money isn’t an issue it is worth checking out.

      • Thanks so much for the recommendation! Hopefully when I have cash on me soon most definitely will!!

      • Manuel Orozco

        I saw it in regular 2D and rather see Captain America Civil War in IMAX

    • Rachel Wagner

      I’d wait and see it at discount theater if you have one.

  • Manuel Orozco

    I have to really agree with this review. BVS wasn’t as great as MOS but it was an entertaining and surprisingly emotional set up for what’s to come these next four years!

  • I guess someone had to like this movie (and Man of Steel).

  • Harith Sami

    I’ve seen it yesterday in my opinion it had great cinematography but the story was paced in an disturbing way and if they removed 45 minutes from the middle of the movie we will be pleased about it because most of the pacing and the running time wasn’t either necessary or fun, and the batman v superman fight is great but after 2 hours of playtime in the movie that can be shortened to 20 minutes and will be good and the doomsday fight was just lightning and explosions for 15 minute, it is all because DC want to build up their cinematic universe in a rushed way without realizing it harms their movie, but the batfleck stuff was really really great and wonder woman too, and some nods to the justice league that some of them were great and promising but other felt out of place but also cool.
    this movie wasted a lot of potential of being a great movie it deserves in my opinion 4/10 … I know why this movie got such a low rating according to critics.

  • Natalie

    I liked the movie as well! I feel like a lot of people aren’t crazy about it because BvS is more of an exposition film. Like BvS is at a serious disadvantage with their multi-hero universe because of marvel, they don’t have twelve years to get the individual movies out first because in actuality, what are the chances that comic films will still be popular by then?

  • I was looking forward to this movie as I’m a HUGE Batman fan. I hated to admit this to myself as I was watching the movie, but I was not having any fun. The film is so dark, serious, and joyless that you feel crushed and defeated under the weight of it.

    Everyone in the movie was angry or depressed in every scene. We see a careless Superman causing utter destruction without a single thought, or care, to innocent victims he’s possibly killing or the damage he’s causing. We also meet an older, bitter Bruce Wayne who’s out to kill anyone who stands between him and Superman. Who is this guy? Not the Batman I’m familiar with.

    There are no jokes at all, and for that matter, no joy or fun in a single frame of the film. Remember the uplifting words of encouragement from Alfred, or the acts of humanity that give you hope and inspire you? Well, sadly those are nowhere to be found in this world. Everything is cold and sterile, and the characters lack the warmth of human interaction that even Christopher Nolan was able to give us in his darker take on Batman.

    If this is the world DC is creating for there characters to exist in, then maybe I don’t want to live in that world. This, unfortunately, left me emotionally exhausted. I have no desire to go back and visit this world anytime soon. This movie left me with little interested in following the upcoming movies in this expanded universe.

    I left the film with many questions. One of them being, “When does Captain America come out?” I was ready to watch a super hero movie that is not only grounded and serious, but also fun. Marvel knows how to ground itself in reality, but they also know how to have a good time in the process. They allow their audience a moment to breathe or to laugh between intense scenes. This is why they’ve been able to create a multi-billion dollar expanded universe. This is a universe I don’t mind visiting. DC and Warner Bros could learn a thing or two from them.

  • guest02

    An unexpectedly great movie. I was not a fan of man of steel or Zack Snyder’s CGI and I was afraid the tone of this new universe would drag down the movie but the tone and screenplay did save this one. I feel I can overlook the horrible CGI battle fest at the end as the build up and pay off to the story is quite good. The world building is good and while there are obvious hints to future events and characters, the build up of the movie itself is very satisfying and doesn’t seem to compromise the movie its telling(unlike some Marvel movies). Ben Affleck is a good Batman but it’s unfortunate there is not much characterization to Superman. Henry Cavill looks the part and gives decent deliverable lines but there is not enough material for him to make much out of it. I am hoping the resurrection storyline will give him more material.

  • MJ Edwards

    I really appreciate the constructive criticism that’s going on. I understand most of it but, for me, the good outweighed the bad. I loved this movie. As with all opinions when it comes to movies, it is a personal preference. It’s the Batman I’ve been waiting for and the Superman I’ve always loved (and the Wonder Woman I didn’t even know I wanted!).