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Will The Doctor be joining ‘The LEGO Movie Sequel’?

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The LEGO Movie was a smash hit, that included several cameos from Milhouse to the Green Lantern to Dumbledore. Now, another cultural icon may be joining The LEGO Movie Sequel: the titular Doctor from Doctor Who.

Recently, director Rob Schrab revealed that they were negotiating with the BBC to be allowed to add the Timelord to the sequel.

In fact, the Doctor has already crossed galaxies and into the LEGO world before, appearing in the LEGO Dimensions video game, along with his own LEGO set.

We can presume that the current Doctor (Peter Capaldi) would be represented in The LEGO Movie Sequel. How big of a role he will have still remains to be seen.

The LEGO Move Sequel is hitting theaters in 2018.

Would you like the Doctor to have a larger role in ‘The LEGO Movie Sequel’? Or are there other characters you would prefer to see?

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  • Eric Faulkner

    The bigger question is “Which Doctor would you love to see?”

    • Marier Villarreal

      True! With so many Doctors Whos, who knows which one will be in the sequel XD

      • Ryan Prieto

        It would be so great if they all made a cameo, not all of them have to talk. It would be a great moment if the 10th Doctor, voiced by Tenant, was killed, as a gag, like getting smashed by accident or something, and then he regenerates into the 11th Doctor voiced by Capaldi (although that would be a complete dream.)

        • Katie

          I can just imagine the Lego character saying “I don’t wanna go”

          • Ryan Prieto

            That both makes want to laugh and cry

      • Katie

        The character is the Doctor… not Doctor Who. “Doctor Who” is the show title.

        And out of the thirteen Doctors, I would guess they would go with Capaldi, since he’s current. However, I would love to see four, ten, nine, or eleven. Especially ten (My personal favorite. David Tennant is amazing).

        My question is… will we get any companions? Perhaps a cameo (I’m voting for Rose Tyler) ?

        • Benjamin

          I love the Doctor Who who had the question marks on his coat because it made it crystal clear that he was Dr Who!

          • Katie

            I want to say that was the Seventh Doctor- Sylvester McCoy.

            What they should do is have this constant gag where he keeps almost dying and regenerating, until he goes through all thirteen of his forms.

  • Katie

    I’m a complete Whovian, and I would actually go see this if the Doctor was in it. It would be fantastic… absolutely fantastic.

    • Ryan Prieto

      I see what you did there, you earned my seal of approval.

  • Iftekhar Ahmed

    What if… maybe, just maybe, he’s the surprise villain of the movie?!