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‘Adventure Time’ Movie will Happen…When Pendleton Ward Finds a Premise

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Back in March, we reported on the news that Warner Animation Group was developing a film based on the immensely popular Cartoon Network series Adventure Time. Now we come to you with an update on the film’s development, which happened to be a piece of news that somehow floated under the radar during this year’s New York Comic-Con.

In a roundtable discussion with Polygon, Advenutre Time executive producer Adam Muto downplayed the ‘official’ nature of the film but was quick to point out that the film is still “in the works.” He also told Polygon that the film would essentially happen once creator Pendleton Ward finds the right story to tell: “[Series creator Pendleton Ward] is working on the premise of it.”

Currently, the show (now in its seventh season) is focusing on telling longer, arc-centric stories across multiple episodes, as exemplified with the season’s “Stakes” storyline. Perhaps an idea for the film may grow from that, even though Pendleton Ward isn’t as heavily involved in the day-to-day production of the show anymore.

Chris McKay and Roy Lee will produce the film, which will be developed in collaboration with Cartoon Network Studios. Pendleton Ward will serve as executive producer and will have some level of involvement with the screenplay.

What do you think? Any thoughts on this update? Are you looking forward to a feature-length Adventure Time movie?

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  • Ryan Prieto

    Dang it Ward!!! I want this while I’m young… ish. I don’t need a well written, animated or produced story, just have Finn and Jake hang out for an hour and a half, be with my two best buds ( who are, in case you didn’t notice, Finn and Jake). (Also if you could make a great film that would be way better… but seriously not picky)

    Sincerely Ryan P.

  • Not a big fan so I’m not bothered, but I am aware of the feeling

  • malik harrell

    please… please… let the gang meet fionna and cake i would like to see them travel to alternate worlds and become friends i would love that and watching them fight as a team! sooooooo coool 😉

  • Mason Smith

    But does an Adventure Time movie NEED a premise? Or a story?

  • Carmine Crincoli

    I wanna see an Adventure Time movie happen in summer 2017! Yes please!!