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‘Wreck-It Ralph 2’ Will Happen, According to John C. Reilly

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Wreck-It Ralph 2 is one of those magical sequels to a recent animated Disney film that a lot of people would like to see. The good news is that it might just happen, if we go by the word of the first film’s lead actor.

Cartoon Brew recently reported that, while attending the Galway Film Fleadh (a film festival) in Ireland, actor John C. Reilly let slip that he has officially signed on for Wreck-It Ralph 2.

This news was backed up by a tweet from the Irish Independent, which revealed that Reilly already made the deal with Disney while in Galway and “on the phone.”

Before anyone gets too excited, let me remind you that Disney has yet to make a solid announcement on the existence of Wreck-It Ralph 2. Director Rich Moore is currently busy co-directing Zootopia with Byron Howard, so chances are that Disney may not say anything until the director and the rest of the returning cast (Sarah Silverman, Jane Lynch, etc.) are fully committed and on board. This being said, the reports do suggest that Disney is eager to move forward with the project at any given moment.

The original film was released back on November 2, 2012 and grossed a respectable $471 million worldwide on a $165 million budget. That’s definitely a good enough reason alone to do a sequel, even if it’s done sooner rather than later.

Wreck-It Ralph is currently available on DVD/Blu-Ray and all digital platforms. Listen to the Animation Addicts review and discuss the film here.

What do you think? Are you interested in Wreck-It Ralph 2?

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  • aquapyro

    I was about to say the whole only if Disney or Director Rich Moore say it then its official but you got that covered

  • Max C.

    I just hope they focus more on the game world as a whole this time. Having re-watched it early this year, the majority of the original wasted its ideas on an overexposure to Sugar Rush.

    • Ryan Prieto

      completely agree, they can go so much further this time around.

    • Fadi Antwan

      I LOVED Wreck-it Ralph, and tbh, I would pick a great story over a million video game references any day, and I’m glad the movies wasn’t just reference after reference. That being said, if they can keep the story consistent and smoothly flowing while adding more references, that would be awesome.

  • Ryan Prieto

    I thought the original was a fun romp. My only personal critisism was they didn’t go to as many different game world as I would have liked. That being said I know with Licensing rights and having to design entirely different words based off video games which appear in arcades can be limiting… you ever type something that totally makes you understand something. Never mind, just go a bit further and pay attention to your narrative and it will do great. I also heard (Probably from the Rotoscopers) a great deal of companies actually approached Disney to feature their characters, I’m sure by being a now established and like franchise they can only get more of what they had the first time. EXCITEMENT EMOTION ACTIVATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nathan C.

    Nice to see it moving forward after all. I just hope it utilizes it gaming-centric basis more this time, unlike the original (which was essentially an underdog story in a gaming enviroment).

    Off topic: Disney has ANOTHER live-action adaption planned, and its a prequel to Aladdin involving the genie!. http://www.comingsoon.net/movies/news/462369-aladdin-prequel-genie-in-development-at-disney

    • Briar Rose

      To comment on the off topic part of your post: Another live action movie???? About the Genie this time (which as the article says could lead to a live action Aladdin)??? Why??? I don’t mind the occasional live action adaptation (101 Dalmatians and Cinderella are great. I love them!) But for crying out loud, spread them out and in the mean time, go back to the drawing board (literally) and think of some original stories first. Then I wouldn’t mind the occasional live action adaptation (so long as it’s done right!) every now and then, but this is crazy! Is nothing sacred?

      • Ryan Prieto

        I heard about this and I agree I think this is some shaky territory. One you would be replacing and simultaneously trying to channel Robin Williams. I half expect this to be just a high profile rumor, although I believe it to be true. I would rather this particular franchise have some time to have us disconnect from that which surrounds it. That being said the premise is some what interesting, I don’t quite agree with the execution just yet.

        • brandon

          Alright guys, this is getting SUPER off-topic. You’ll have the chance to talk about this when the article comes out today, so please keep this discussion on this comment thread to a minimum and focus on the actual topic.

  • Finally, my favorite Disney feature from recent years is getting a sequel, the potential was there.

  • Harith Sami

    I heard people talking about the director who wants to add online and console video game ….. will someone charge his phone in the arcade ?? (that would be ridiculous)

    What do you think of that ?

  • Harith Sami

    Thing I hope for the sequel
    1) bring Mario
    2) use famous video game characters to be one of the main characters
    3) expand the world of video games, enough whith sugar rush
    4) make the villain more threatening not only to the arcade but to whole world of video games.
    5) what about phone and consoles video games….. touch screen arcade games ? meh..
    6) It should be set to be after the first film in a long time
    7 extra) Toy story crossover ?!
    Do you like my fan-made logo ?

    • Marier Villarreal

      I really like it! It’s a good logo.

  • Iftekhar Ahmed

    Now that King Candy has been erased, who will Alan Tudyk voice this time around?

    And as far as video games characters go, just get the entire cast from Super Smash Bros 3DS/WiiU in the movie. That would be the perfect Nintendo fanservice!

  • I mean I’m really excited for this don’t get me wrong, but what else could be added on? Visting other video games? New villain wanting to change? Idk but I am quite excited!

  • Katie

    I love Wreak-It Ralph but does it really need a sequel. It ended so well. I’m treating this like I’m treating Frozen 2. Cautious but hopefull