Pixar Rewind: Which Pixar Movie Do You Think Is the Best?

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With the release of Inside Out, the Pixar Rewind series comes to a close. Thank you to all the writers and readers for their contributions to these articles. It was a great series with a lot of interaction, discussion, and opinions.

But now it’s time for us to hear from you! We want to know your opinion: Which Pixar movie do you think is the best?


Be sure to vote in the poll above and let us know in the comments below which Pixar movie you think is the best and why! Ready, set, go!

If you missed any of the articles in the Pixar Rewind series, check them out here:

Edited by: Hannah Wilkes

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  • Fadi Antwan

    If Toy Story 3 doesn’t win this, WE RIOT!

    • Ryan Prieto

      Electronically… right?

  • spoon

    I dont want to vote the newst movie, but honestly i dont like others enough to vote.

  • My vote goes for WALL-E

  • Ryan Prieto

    A personal Favorite is Wall-E… but you know what I have become overly fond of ‘Inside Out’… I have to have some time with the film… especially on home video to fully commit. That film rattled something in me. Besides ‘Boyhood’ it has been a film I’ve contemplated on quite thoroughly. Its so thought provoking, design heavy and emotionally driven I can’t help but adore it. My friends and I have been having wonderful conversations about the film since it’s premiere. Although I have genuine affection for all of Pixar’s movies, ‘Inside Out’ may be the one to steal the title. You can barely talk about it without wanting to give away the whole movie. It is spectacular though. (We totally need a Rotoscopers forum so we can keep spoilers to a minimum for those who are reading these things).

    • Baymax

      Ryan, if you check out the inside out review, I left you a little something. 🙂

  • Baymax

    Inside out will always be the best, despite it only being two days old.

  • Justinianwithabox

    If you would have asked me 3 days ago, I would have said UP… But since Friday, Inside Out has wiggled it’s way into my heart, taking the top spot with it’s charm, inventiveness and heart!

    Now the question is whether after it’s newness has worn off, will it still be my top Pixar movie? Time will tell! But, it probably will stay on top.

  • My favorite is Monsters, Inc. but not sure what I’d say the best is.

    And wow, Inside Out is #1 in the polls despite just coming out? Awesome!

  • Monkey

    Since it is based off of opinion, I picked Cars my favorite movie of all time, though many disagree. I’m surprised Toy Story 2 is so low on the list though as i believe it to be the best of the 3

  • Marier Villarreal

    It’ll be very hard for me to choose. I really like “The incredibles”, “Up”, all “Toy Story” films, and “Inside Out”, but I really don’t know what Pixar’s best movie is…

  • Oswald_Incredible

    Warning: The inventiveness of Pixar has never been higher than for the film “Inside Out.” However, it’s charm and originality eventually fades and then you’re left with a plot that is, quite simply, less compelling than many of Pixar’s other stories. Inside Out makes a bang but, over time, will most certainly rank only average in the Pixar line-up.

  • I really think my favorite so far is Inside Out because the human mind fascinates me and also the story and characters are just so memorable and amazing
    I can’t wait to own it and watch it over and over again!

  • Mahaer Mahmud

    I chose inside out

  • Mahaer Mahmud

    Before I liked up, now I like it second

  • Baymax

    Oh yeah. Sorry 🙂

  • Yuta Nakajima

    Can’t we vote all of them?

  • Dale Key

    Cars 2 is ok. Cars, Monsters U and Brave are good, Toy Story 2 and a Bug’s Life are great. The rest are classics. I voted for Monsters Inc since people are trying to destroy it’s legacy by labeling it as a weaker Pixar film.

  • Omar Lopez

    Personal favorite … Finding Nemo… , love almost all of them, but Inside Out… I didn´t like it at all. =(

  • Manuel Orozco

    My favorite Pixar films are Toy Story 1 and 3, Finding Nemo, the Incredibles, Ratatouille and Inside Out.