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‘How to Train Your Dragon 3’ Delayed Again as DreamWorks Struggles

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how-to-train-your-dragon-2-image-1Yesterday, we announced that DreamWorks is struggling, cutting back on the number of films it makes while closing a major studio and laying off 500 employees. The studio is currently in the middle of a huge financial crisis, with Mr. Peabody & Sherman, Rise of the Guardians, and Turbo underperforming and causing a combined loss of $153 million. These financial problems are causing massive schedule changes for the struggling animation studio, and now How to Train Your Dragon 3 is delayed yet again. 

Although How to Train Your Dragon 2 was critically acclaimed, it failed to generate the revenue the studio was hoping for, and the anticipated sequel was already delayed until 2017. With the intense financial crisis the studio finds itself in, the third installment is being pushed back yet another year, and we will not see Hiccup and Toothless again until 2018 now.

Other projects are in jeopardy now. Mumbai MusicalMadagascar 4 and Puss in Boots 2: Nine Lives & 40 Thieves were previously announced, and were slated for 2017 and 2018, but following all of the unfortunate news that DreamWorks has been having, none of these films have been rescheduled. B.O.O.: Bureau of Other Worldly Operations was already put back in development in November 2014.

DreamWorks Animation Chief Executive Officer, Jeffrey Katzenberg has stated, “The number one priority for DreamWorks Animation’s core film business is to deliver consistent creative and financial success. I am confident that this strategic plan will deliver great films, better box office results, and growing profitability across our complementary businesses.”

Are you disappointed that How To Train Your Dragon 3 was delayed again? What do you think will happen to the other films that haven’t been rescheduled?

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  • This is really starting to freak me out. Does anyone think we could actually lose Dreamworks for good, at this rate?

    • harith

      🙁 sadly …yes !

      • hellosanfransokyo

        I really hope not, but it’s all pointing in that direction. Hopefully they stick around long enough to do Dragons 3…

        • Katie

          I was worried about the same exact thing. However, when I thought about it, I doubt they’ll ditch Dragons 3. Dreamworks knows that people love the franchise, and, if you ask me, to not complete the trilogy would be a very bad business decision. Both the Dragons films have made over $500 million (Dragons 2 over $600 million), which is certainly not terrible (although slightly underperforming from what they expected for Dragons 2. I’m a firm believer that that is all due to a bad publicity department, though…).

          People want Dragons 3, and I’m sure they will give it to us. We also have the Oscars coming up, where Dragons has a very high possibly of the snagging the title of Best Animated Feature. Hopefully, things will start turning around for Dreamworks.

          • hellosanfransokyo

            I sure hope so. That picture of Hiccup was my exact reaction to the delay.

    • Fadi Antwan

      No, I don’t think we will lose Dreamworks for good. Surely someone will buy it if it comes to that point. It’s too valuable to just disappear…

    • Guest

      After the last few flops and Katzenberg STILL in the big char? I certainly hope so.

    • rbrtck

      At this rate, yes–not immediately as they have assets that they could sell off, including other businesses they own and the studio facility itself, but they can’t keep losing money like this. Something has to change, and it probably will, one way or another. They have to slash budgets and are trying to do that, they have to be more consistent with the quality of their movies and they know this, and if their fortunes don’t change (either from the changes they’ve made or pure luck) and they cannot diversify further, then they’ll need to lower their expectations and actually close a sale of the whole studio to another company.

      They’ve been trying to do the latter for a while now, but with no success because they wanted more, and now their bargaining position is even weaker. The Hasbro deal was never going to happen, but in retrospect they should have taken the SoftBank deal, since they did offer a lot more than DWA was worth (in terms of market capitalization–the number of stocks multiplied by the market price). I don’t know what happened there–either Katzenberg wanted even more money and believed that Penguins of Madagascar’s upcoming release and projected box office performance would get him better offers (in hindsight that sure hasn’t worked out!), or he wanted something else that wasn’t offered, such as a high executive position in SoftBank with a shot at eventually becoming its CEO (yeah, right, but that’s the kind of thing that he would want).

  • Harith

    they’re scared of “toy story 4” 🙁 the third “toy story” is the reason that the first HTTYD didn’t succeed in the box office, still i’m looking forward to the third movie, even if dreamworks animation is struggling !

    • Max den Hartog

      Well the original HTTYD was quite a success actually, it made $217,581,231 domestically and $494,878,759 worldwide, not to forget that the film came out in March of 2010 and TS3 in June of 2010 so even if the film didn’t succeed, TS3 couldn’t have been the reason why.

  • Jed Johnson

    The best hope they have is selling their properties to another studio. It will give the above movies a better future, to be sure.

  • Jed Johnson

    Am Oscar win for HTTYD 2 would be a nice incentive for other studios to take notice. Given their track record they need all the victories they can get. Plus it’s genuinely deserving of all the recognition it’s getting.

  • Sebastian

    This makes me so mad and sad. And with the company called Dreamworks I repeat DREAMWORKS I just wish they would never had distributed with Fox in the first place they should have stayed with Paramount cause back then they did not have the same problem with marketing and that was before The Croods came. When Dreamworks have made great movies this happens and I hope this won’t change their original storytelling to cash grab movies like to much sequels. For all these people at Dreamworks who are in need of help stay strong and I hope you get new a job soon.

  • Matthew

    Dreamworks wouldn’t have this problem if they actually made good quality movies. HTTYD 1 and 2 are the only good animated films I’ve actually seen from dreamworks.

  • Monkey

    Dreamworks is probably just gonna cash grab with a new Shrek.

    • Nathan C.

      They kinda have to at this point. =/

    • hellosanfransokyo

      We better not have another SHREK ON EVERYTHING age. Ever.

  • This just sounds awful for the company, I mean really bad :'(

  • And que the angry fans from around the world. Including me. I do not have the Toothless icon just for anything people! HTTYD is the only franchise I still care about from DW…. except maybe KFP but even their chances of a third film release is starting to look bleak. I always wanted to be a script writer for the company but if they keep laying off people looks like my only chance at getting in the big time without sudden firings will be at Disney. Ironic since half of my family worked there for a couple of years already.

  • David Kang

    The next DreamWorks film is HOME and I think it depends heavily on this film. From the looks, it looks like another classy DreamWorks Animation feature film. I hope HOME would bring back DreamWorks into a better state. HOME looks amazing!

  • Justinianwithabox

    Firstly, I think they need to lay to rest the Madagascar and Shrek franchises. They have lived past their primes… But I am highly disappointed that HTTYD3 is delayed. * insert sad Toothless here* 2018 feels SO far away!

  • DreamWorks dragon fan

    Httyd is my life.. I hope DreamWorks can make it…

  • JakeTheSnake

    OH NO!!! I really wanted to see HTTYD 3!

    By the way, please stop milking Madagascar.The first two films were enough.

  • Danielle

    My daughter is toothless #1 fan she has his stuffed animal and she even sleeps with him. What a disappointment..