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Release Date for ‘How to Train Your Dragon 3’ Pushed Back

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how-to-train-your-dragon-2-image-1DreamWorks Animation has just announced that the third and possibly final film in the popular How to Train Your Dragon franchise has been pushed back by an entire year.

Back in 2012, two years after the first film in the series had been released, DreamWorks said that the third movie would be in theaters on June 16, 2016, but now with this update, we won’t see our favorite viking and dragon duo until June 9, 2017.

There were no reasons given as to why the release date was being pushed back, but we can hazard a couple of guesses.

HTTYD2 struggled to take flight at the box office. While the film was well received, being considered “Fresh” on Rotten Tomatoes, it did not make as much money as the first film did domestically (making $174 million, while the first had made $217 million.) Worldwide however, HTTYD2 made more money than its predecessor, and has finally crossed the $600 million mark this Labor Day weekend.

Director Dean DeBlois may also be working out the story with his team. Series composer John Powell has hinted in the past that there might be four films in the series, or that the third film would perhaps be broken into two parts (much like Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.) While this news is  by no means guaranteed, it is possible that DeBlois is looking into various story arcs and considering this possibility of a fourth film.

DreamWorks also confirmed that some of the major actors will return for the third installment. This includes Jay Baruchel (Hiccup), America Ferrera (Astrid), and Cate Blanchett (Valka.)

Well, hopefully this extra year will ensure the preservation of such an awesome series.

What do you think about the extra year before the third film is released?

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  • Ella


  • brandon

    I think, if anything, this release shift actually demolishes (at least for now) the possibility of a two-film split of Dean is being granted more time to formulate a story.

  • brandon

    Also, I think another reason (a lot more credible than even box-office numbers) is the fact that it originally would have gone toe-to-toe with Pixar’s Finding Dory.

    • Alissa Roy

      Didn’t even think of that! But that probably makes the most sense!

  • tt

    Hope they stop at trilogy. Coz that’s when classics start to live forever. But knowing DreamWorks, that might not be the case…

  • I think I saw in an interview that Dean wanted to make it a trilogy but Katzenberg wanted it to be 4 films because there was so much story to tell. So I can see the extra year being added for story reasons.

    • Ch-Ching….

      If by “So Much Story to Tell”, you mean, “Katzenberg sees so much MONEY to be made”…. Then yes…Jeffrey wants 4 films.

      • Yes, I got that impression too…

  • Sebastian

    This will save HTTYD3 from Finding Dory

    • Nathan C.

      My thoughts exactly. As good as HTTYD2 was, I knew it wouldn’t stand a chance against Finding Dory.

    • susoka Yuki

      DreamWorks: we will dominate this year in animation with httyd3 and no one is on our way.
      WaltDisney & Pixar: Finding Dory comes out in 2016.

      DreamWorks moves httyd3 to 2017.

      DreamWorks: we will dominate this year in animation with httyd3 and no one is on our way.
      WaltDisney & Pixar: BAM! Toy Story 4 comes out in 2017.

      DreamWorks *explodes*

  • Jaclyn Cullen

    Disappointing but I’m sure it was not a rash decision. As a few have pointed out, I think that the reason is most likely a combo of the probably-disappointing-to-the-Dreamworks-suits box office this summer (buzz definitely fizzled kinda quickly…sadly) coupled with the fact that it would’ve been facing off with Finding Dory.

    So many projects seem to have been bumped around for the 2015-2017 seasons that I have NO idea when anything is coming up anymore, haha


    But reading throught this article .. well, I’m still disappointed.
    I just cannot wrap my head around the fact that this beautifully animated movie with stunning visuals, breathtaking music, thrilling story and loveable characterd had difficulties taking off, I mean .. serously? What’s wrong with you guys? (yup I’m biased, deal with it)
    Anyway. On second thought, this might be a well-thought idea, considering the bumping-heads-with-Finding-Dory issue. Though I still think DA has nothing to worry about. The HTTYD fandom is one of the most faightful, loyal fandoms I’ve ever been in. Maybe they were just a little surprised by the low box-office numbers at the start.

    So I’ve made my peace with that, but I will not tolerate the splitting of HTTYD in two parts !!! NO NO NO I hate this freaking trend, and that nearly every book adaption has to go through this!! Ugh!! If you wanna make a fourth movie, okay. If there is so much story to tell, I think it would be great and I bet the fandom would go nuts seeing this confirmed. But FOR THE LOVE OF ODIN DO NOT SPLIT THE THIRD MOVIE IN TWO PARTS, PLEASE. This sounds way too much like ‘The second movie kinda failed in our opinion, so we need to make up the money we lost with it.’

    I also think a trilogy would put a nice touch to the franchise, but trilogies are simply .. classic. And there are not many really successful animation trilogies, right? (Right now I can only come up with Madagascar.) Four movies might be too much again, I don’t know.

    If there’s really so much plot to cover, okay, give us the fourth movie, I’ll put some money aside. But please: No splitting in two parts, and no more pushing back release dates!!

    .. I love those movies, don’t make me wait so long >o<

    • AnimatedMadness

       “FOR THE LOVE OF ODIN DO NOT SPLIT THE THIRD MOVIE IN TWO PARTS, PLEASE!” X-D this comment, I will admit, made me laugh out loud. However, I agree. They should wrap it up in a trilogy. I hate it when they split the last chapter of a movie into 2 movies. Nowhere near as good. I mean, look at the Peter Jackson LotR trilogy. The final film was unbelievably awesome AND it snagged a ton of Oscars that year. Harry Potter, nope. It felt too long, too dragged out. Especially having to wait a year for the next one to come.

    • Brier Rose

      I totally agree with you, they SHOULD NOT split the third movie into two parts. Fourth movie, fine.
      Third movie in two parts,NO WAY!!!!!

  • k

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    20century fox doesn’t have plans to show HTTYD2 in Japan as of this moment don’t know why don’t care, so we’re asking them to reconsider.
    So if you please, thank you.

  • Haley TheRadiant

    I think its smart and safe for the movie, I mean it makes sense why and I would be worried about money now and story later, since they obviously have now a great story for the third one

  • George Comerci

    It makes sense, Finding Dory would’ve crushed it.

  • Ella

    can we talk about

  • Stephi

    I have to say I was worried that a movie was made in such a short time. While they already have advanced things like art and 3d models, stories need time to be worked. “How to Train Your Dragon 2” is a beautiful movie on many levels and I really excited to see how the story continues c: