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Comedian TJ Miller is First Voice Actor Announced for Disney’s ‘Big Hero 6’ – He’s Voicing Fred!

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It looks like someone finally spilled the beans on the voice cast for the new Disney/Marvel animated superhero film Big Hero 6 and it wasn’t Disney. In an interview from February, comedian TJ Miller offhandedly leaked that he was voicing a character in Big Hero 6 and, from what we can tell, it’s most likely Fred!

Miller didn’t say which character he’s voicing in Big Hero 6, but based on the description of the types of characters he gets cast for, it is most likely Fred. Here’s what he said about it:

Weird people. I play a dopey, teenage boyfriend in “Gravity Falls.” I’m in Disney’s “Big Hero 6,” which will be their big release this Thanksgiving. It ranges, usually it’s the stoner-slacker, or you know, a guy who is very immature. Immature but confident.

As you might recall from our Big Hero 6 character scoop, Fred is an aspiring low-budget filmmaker. He originally volunteered to be a test subject for the the robot experiments by Tadashi, but then stuck around to help the Tech Lab research team with their projects. Fred’s really quirky and weird. For example, in filming one of his movies he dressed up in rubber suit and stomping on cardboard buildings.

Miller isn’t a stranger to animation. He voices Robbie in Gravity Falls, as well as Tuffnut in the How to Train Your Dragon series.

Again, there isn’t any official confirmation from Disney that Miller is voicing Fred. However, it seems like the best pairing since Fred will probably be the comic relief part of the gang, which plays to Miller’s strengths.

Big Hero 6 hits theatres November 7, 2014.

[UPDATE 3/27/14 3:17 PM PST] TJ Miller just confirmed on he indeed is voicing Fred! Unfortunately, the tweet was removed shortly thereafter, but here’s what it said:

It seems likely that Disney made him pull the tweet down, since no other voice cast has been officially announced by the studio. But either way, the cat’s out of the bag. TJ Miller is voicing Fred and is the first cast member for Big Hero 6!

What do you think about TJ Miller being cast as
Fred in ‘Big Hero 6’??


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  • I am just happy that we have some more iniformation about BH6

  • Anthony Raphael

    I know it’s weird but I like his voice, it’s really cool, good choice Disney

  • Sebastian

    I think its funny by Disney to always suit the actor for the character ex Kristen Bell and Anna. And to me it looks like Miller might suit Fred very well. Still excited to see who will be voicing Hiro

    • tt

      also, these days, Disney also tried to match the voice actors’ faces as well. just look at joss lynch and her wreck it ralph counterpart. anna and Kristen. olaf and josh gad. hans and his voic actor. they look extremely similar.

  • Moonie
  • Fadi Antwan

    Awesome! I like it when they use less-known celebrities instead of big names.

    • Biblio-Phil

      Yes! That’s what I love about Disney. They don’t always use the big stars like Dreamworks and other studios tend to do. They use the lesser-acknowledged ones who fit the role perfectly.

  • Brandon Kelly

    FINALLY, I feel like Disney has been hiding more information about Big Hero 6 than what did with Frozen early last year.

    • tt

      actually, no. they hid more frozen than big hero 6. we only had a concept art and voice casts until 3 months before the film. and we already got a footage for big hero 6 last year, concept arts, and a voice cast.

  • Haley TheRadiant

    Ok don’t know him but I’m good about this guy ^.^
    At least we finally got some voice talent showing up for this movie!

  • Wow, I’m unfamiliar with him, but I’m happy that the voice details are starting to be revealed.


    • t

      Yes, classic Disney

      • t

        Which is a shame because I really thought that this film could be good for the Asian community.

    • tt

      what r u people talkin about? the main characters r Japanese……..and theyre Asian………..the only character with a changed race is fred, who was originally inuit. just becoz theres a white voice actor for a non-Asian character doesn’t mean all characters r white -___-

      • I really hope you’re right… wait and see who they cast as Hiro Hamada…

        and BTW

        “Nicknamed Fredzilla, it is revealed that he is Ainu in origin and spent time growing up on a secret S.H.I.E.L.D. base in Japan.”

        “The Ainu (Japanese: アイヌ?), also called Aynu, Aino (アイノ?), and in historical texts Ezo (蝦夷?), are an indigenouspeople in Japan (Hokkaido) and Russia (Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands).”

  • I hope whoever voices Hiro Hamada will at least be Asian American #racebending

    • t

      Hear, hear brother! Asians rock and it’s time for pathetic white people to understand that!

  • Sped24

    Is anyone concerned with the white washing of Fred’s character?

    • k

      I am!

  • lubna

    hey morgan can you tell me what are the upcoming films for disney i want to know more about them

  • James

    Jamie Chung is going to be in Big Hero 6!!!! Come on Disney, just give us a trailer already!